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One Take Away

…From Thanksgiving was speaking with my son-in-law, who is a patrol supervisor at a Southern California metro police department. He sad that a full 50% of calls they receive are fentanyl overdoses and suicides/attempt suicides. Those numbers are shocking. Of course, they all go down as “Covid 19 related deaths”. Fentanyl, an opiate, is all but legal in California.

There is an undercurrent of desperation associated with masks, lock downs, lost employment, hard drugs that are legal now in the Worker’s Paradise, etc. Of course, the mainstream media would never cover it because California is so progressive.


If you want to be a Patriot

You need to live your life like a patriot. That is the brief Sermonette message-of-the-day. No windy treatise on the wickedness of donkeys or the people who love them. No polemic on Marxism or the religion of the redistribution of wealth.  Just a brief reminder by way of encouragement to talk the talk and walk the walk.



Military News

I follow events in both US and other militaries because they reflect the will of nations.

A great deal of national treasure is devoted to military affairs and you can divine priorities (political and otherwise) by watching pieces being moved on the chessboard.

I noticed that Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth is getting a reason for being (here).  I’m a big fan of the C-130 aircraft. It’s a success story. The fact that the US Navy has a base at Fort Worth, TX is interesting, and the fact that it is the new home of the C-130 is interesting too.  Jobs are retained and expanded in Ft. Worth as the military rewards the ‘right’ congressional district.


After Thanksgiving


Do you Remember the ObamaNation?

It shouldn’t surprise you that Creepy Joe intends to replay the miserable, failed years that he participated in directly.

Of course, the massive voter fraud that apparently tipped the table in favor of Slow Joe is still being examined. But four more years of Donald Trump would mean that the global elites wouldn’t have their finger on the scales of American politics. And you know of the tantrums they threw in full public view for the past four years.

Without America compliant and submissive, the “Great Reset” won’t go anywhere. Sure, the elite globalists can plot and scheme to create an end to national currency and implant every citizen with an RFID Chip without the US – but it really doesn’t work when people get to vote for what they want.

Look at BREXIT. While it’s true that the Euro Globalists really hated Trump, they were far more annoyed that the British voted to leave their beloved EU. And they are working hard to reverse that – the plague, you understand. It’s all about slowing the spread and getting everyone to have their shot. Will the one-time shot turn into a monthly inoculation? I know, that’s conspiracy crazy talk…but we do need to slow the spread.


Fun with Maps

Romania is very similar in shape and size to the Brazilian state of Paraná.


The progress of settlement of the contiguous United States from 1770 to 1890.


Life Expectancy Map Of The World, 2019

Keep working to beat the odds. No, you can’t beat the clock, because it will win — but work on the odds.

US Pension Funding Gap for State Employees


It will be interesting to see the numbers post-plague.


The Truth — It’s out there — Maybe?

You can only find the truth if you’re not afraid of what you’ll find. Thus ends this Sermonette.

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  1. I enjoy your maps. The bane of my existence these days are my ambulance crews following their gps on their phones, instead of actually thinking about where they are going.

    1. There are a lot of places where the GPS doesn’t give accurate readings. Arizona would seem to be one of those places – particularly the Phoenix Valley. I don’t know why that is. One of my daughters might attribute it to space aliens. I don’t take the explanation that far.

  2. Woohoo! Thanks for the mention of the C-130! The 136th is a good unit even if they didn’t want me 30 years ago.

    An old C-130 Pilot

    1. It’s a venerable old aircraft (much like the B-52), continually reinvented, and as valid today as it was in 1954 when it first rolled out. Thank you for your service to the nation.

  3. Re: finding the truth. What’s your take on Air Force Lt. Gen Macinerney. Is he legit ? He has got some really wild stuff out there. Delta attacking CIA facility in Frankfurt. Chinese Software in voting machines . Obama/Biden treasonous phone calls. He is either a nut job or war is at hand.

    1. General McInerney’s claims, do sound bizarre, but McInerney is not crazy. He is very intelligent, highly rational, and each of his words are very calculated.

      If I was going to do a voting machine hack, the first place that I would go is the Central Intelligence Agency, because that’s one of the things that they do. The nation has invested huge treasure in figuring out how to do that, so that we could influence elections outside of the United States. Sure, it’s a secret (was a secret) but an open one. The global elites weaponized the FBI and to a lesser extent, CIA, in the 2016 election. That’s not a conspiracy theory. It’s solid fact. To extrapolate that they would go to CIA for advise and possibly help in the 2020 election is not far fetched. As I wrote, that’s where I would go if I was looking to hack voting machines. They’re the professionals when it comes to rigging elections. In fact, that’s a big part of why they exist. Clandestine and covert actions (outside of the US) are always ongoing. Using them for actions inside the US to influence/change/defraud an election is simply an extension of what was started in the run-up to 2016. I don’t think that there is anything far fetched about it.

      Obama/Biden treason – yeah, well how is THAT a conspiracy theory? Again, there’s a lot of solid, proven, multi-sourced fact.

  4. I take it that population standout in New Mexico was the Hopi (etc.) ?

    I’ve always though the Pueblo people were the only really civilized New Worlders at European contact. Sure, the Aztecs were “civilized”, but they were also vile savages.


    1. “Savage” is a matter of interpretation. The Cherokee Federation considered itself a civilizing influence, and by all accounts it was. Enlightened in its way.

      The Arabs felt that the Crusaders were savages.

      Rome felt that the “barbarians were savages”.

      Who knows what the space aliens think of us?

  5. And where is all that Fentanyl coming from? Well, the ChiComs. Almost like they are attacking our country using chemical weapons. Hmmm.

    Personally, my feelings are, well, drug users? Let them die. No more saving them from overdoses with Narcan. Want to self-slab? Go for it. Just don’t expect the rest of us to give a damn.

    As to the Obamination, why oh why won’t he just go away, far away, like down an abandoned mineshaft far away. I’d help push…

    As to the truth, yes, the truth is out there, oftentimes staring us right in the face. What’s sad is there’s a constant Greek chorus of ‘our betters’ telling us the truth isn’t the truth. The more ‘our betters’ freak out over something, the more you can guess what they’re freaking out about is the truth.

    A good friend of mine, unfortunately married to a whackadoodle lefist scum of a woman (apparently the sex IS that good or something) is fond of saying “The truth will set you free, but first it will really piss you off.” Very true words these days.

    1. War is Peace
      Freedom is Slavery
      Ignorance is Strength

      Sure it’s dated but they still use it.

      There is a saying and I don’t know whether it’s true or not, but, the crazier a woman is the better the sex is. I think that may apply to VP-in-waiting-Camela.

      1. I would agree with your last comment. Not the Cameltoe part though, as I have never met her. Many is the time, in my younger, and also my not so younger days, that I have been surprised to wake up and not find myself dead.

        1. MikeW – look at our friend Wild Bill. He’s been married more than a few times. His sixth wife (I think sixth) Linh had a stolen handgun in her possession that she was going to use to kill him. She stole the pistol for that very purpose. Now, they continued forward from there for a few more years until they parted ways. But she wasn’t nearly as crazy as the Chinese whore (for readers, she was literally a whore) that the married in San Francisco.

          I recall Wild Bill asking me to look into the Chinese woman. I said, “Don’t marry her. All the other whores who work with her say that she’s a psychopath and seriously dangerous.” So what does he do? He marries her. And lives to regret it, but he did it for the sex, which he said was olympic.

  6. I like this sermon for several reasons:

    It’s not too long, thank God.
    It features C130s, always a plus.
    It’s patriotic and attacks Obama and the Creeper, double plus.
    It uses visual aides, viz: A map of Texas which also mentions Canada.

    Good pulpit fireworks all ’round.

  7. you say act like a patriot. they would be shooting by now. patrick henry, great speaker that he was, also raised a militia company and marched on the gov’s house to demand their powder back. backed his talk with walk. but we would be vastly outnumbered by local and state police, for now.

    1. They stood on Lexington Green, armed in defiance of government decree. I’m not saying that we do that now. We’ve done it at times recently. There was significant resistance to tyranny before it came to the Declaration.

  8. So are those fentanyl-overdose calls racially distributed the same as the local demographics? Or is there a group that is “over represented”?

    I’m guessing that whites are disproportionately represented in that pool.

  9. And it wouldn’t surprise me if 99.9% of the street Fentanyl was made by the Chicoms, and smuggled into POLA. The building in San Pedro where one of my radio clubs was located also had the offices of the Port Police, a completely separte sworn agency from the LAPD. They gave us a talk at one meeting after 9/11 about how things had changed. Even back then he told us how clever the drugrunners were about smuggling. In some cases, the cargo ships had “blisters” welded onto the hull as storage compartments for the drugs. In other cases the drugs were hidden in areas of the ship that were extremely difficult to access, and were typically inside jobs.

    I’m always leery of having bases get too big. I don’t think putting that many eggs in the same basket is a good idea.

    The search for The Truth usually has many twists and turns. Is The Truth Out There? I hope it is, but remember…..Trust No One…..

    1. The Chinese are behind most of the fentanyl, though it is produced in central Mexico. Opiates are grown in Gurrero, and even more in Guatemala and Honduras.

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