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The Obama-Biden Plan

Barack’s White House had a love affair with Iran. It was a dangerous thing because the shot callers in Iran are evil men who wrap themselves in the vernier of faith. They use religion as a mechanism to control a population and bend them to their will.

I am most profoundly thankful for President Trump’s reversal of fortunes for the Iranian mullahs. They’re waiting to see whether or not they can get their man (Biden) back in the Oval Office to do their bidding.



I guess we should have some more religious commentary on the Sermonette, but you’ll have to settle for this map.

And this:

Matthew 13:28


The Soviet Union Ends

Soviet Troops leaving Afghanistan May 1988

Modern Russia is not the old Soviet Union. I realize that many Americans don’t understand that and work hard to keep the old Cold War going. But in many ways it’s apples and oranges.

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  1. i think russia could have been a powerful ally today instead of a potential foe had it not been for the dim’s fake russia hoax. putin seemed to be reaching out but trump had to snub him or give the dims ammo to crucify him with. i feel it was an opportunity lost. putin will never forget.

    1. I don’t know what Putin thinks. My sense is that he understands the situation that you explain (above). There may come a time when the US can find greater rapprochement with Russia. That won’t happen before November 4 and we see how the legislature and executive stacks up.

  2. So what are you suggesting, Biden will collude with Iran to swing the election? If perchance it actually happens you think the media will gnaw on that bone for four years.

    As correct “Covid” is on the semi’s grill, I’d change it to “government lockdown”….that is what killed everything, not Covid. Years ago Michael Savage wrote “The Enemy Within”…that enemy is no longer hiding who and what they are…time to winnow the weeds among us, send them packing on Nov. 3rd.

    1. Oh, and as a rule shorter “sermons” are vastly better than their long-winded counterparts.

      1. I think that Iran, China, drug cartels, and Europeans will collude with Biden’s handlers. Biden himself is an empty vessel. There are a lot of never-Trump types who see an advantage in going back to business as usual to include the Beltway Bandits who make their livings on supplying war materials. Hillary would have been good for them. Endless war is profitable.

        1. Camperfixer: I was going to quote Kanoshians 5:56 where it says, “Though shalt not bring a skateboard to a gunfight”, but I thought that might be over the top.

          1. Oh, I don’t think it’s over the top. Over the top would be printing that verse and plastering it all over town in the wee hours.

          2. I like that Kanoshians verse…relevancy is critical to a proper spiritual journey.

            As for Biden et al, the lot of ’em are getting nervous and desperate, reaching for anything to get back to their “old normal”. Maybe Hunter could kick in a few of his ill-gotten mil to sweeten the pot.

          3. I think that Hunter has spent his money on blow, limos, hookers and strip clubs. The media has been told, “hands off Hunter” and they meekly submit.

  3. I agree with Camperfixer here in that “lockdown” would be a better brand on the semi. I see that here in Kansas the state health department has been cooking the figures to show that counties that mandate face diapers are doing better than those that don’t when it appears the opposite is true.

    1. Had a friend relate their buddy went to the emergency room for an injury (minor). Was required to be tested for Covid. Negative. Tested him again. Negative. Told the nurse to stop with the Covid crap. Her response: “But we need you to be positive so we get our $10k!” I kid you not.

      Part “follow the money”, part “steal the election”, part “we like our self-appointed powers”.

      1. I’d just tell them to mark me positive – the scam will continue until the money stops.

    2. I tend to connect the lockdown to the plague. I don’t know that you can draw them separately. The plague, for some, is lethal, as is the flu, but not for most. It has become a farce for most of America. But the lockdown was political gamesmanship.

      1. They are – as you say – tied at the hip – Plague first…Lockdown second. A few weeks (initially prudent) became more than half a year, unabated until Nov. 3rd. Then flu & cold season will kick in bring another layer of idiocy that historically was considered normal…wrought with more hyperventilating hysteria from the “afraid” bunch.

        Wheat/Chaff winnowing.

          1. Experts in certain arenas are usually wrong by a mile…if the weathermen and economists switched places the result would be the same. Was predicted to be 68 here yesterday, hit 91. Same today. Calling for 27 and snow Tuesday. Any doubt it’ll be 80 and sunny? Friday’s Unemployment went a percentage point better than predicted by the experts. Winning is not for the feint of heart.

            Weird year (orchestrated by an intentional virus release on both sides of the pond). Yet, still, 4th Quarter could show promise depending on Nov. 3rd. (hopeful thinking anyway)

  4. When Putin continues to poison his competition, the chances of a positive US-Russian relationship are low. Russia needs another revolution to cleanse the stink that is its current political configuration.

    Of course, look at the stink of ours, who am I to point fingers?

    1. I don’t know if Hillary Clinton killed more people than Putin. It would be an interesting head-to-head match up.

      And is the Russian legislature filthier than ours? Maybe a toss-up.

        1. Not a major faction. He ran the whole organization. Then it folded and they have the FSB and the SVR in its place, and the GRU remains – military intelligence.

          Remember, Howard, when the KGB folded, USGOV went in and copied EVERY RECORD they had. We paid to play. The KGB archives fell into US hands.

  5. Modern Russia is not the old Soviet Union. I realize that many Americans don’t understand that and work hard to keep the old Cold War going. But in many ways it’s apples and oranges.

    We had 40+ years of indoctrination – Russia is the enemy. I doubt most people over 35 care to relearn.
    Question? Was Barry S raised Shia or Sunni in Indonesia?

    1. Barry Soetoro was raised Sunni and attended a Sunni school. And while I realize the difference between the two sects of Islam, I also realize that Young Barry isn’t all that different than old Barry.

      And he had a tranny-nanny that used to put lipstick on him and dress him up like a girl. It’s no wonder that he grew up to be the twist that he is. Communists, Muslims and trannies.

  6. At least in California, deaths are now reported as, ‘COVID-related’. That phrase is open to wild interpretation although I see it as perhaps an attempt to assuage some of the heat caused by cooking the books.

  7. I like the crowns-on-horns thing.

    Maybe if the bone spur on my forehead gets big enough, I will get in on that action.


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