Some things Serve to Perplex

Charlize Theron


It’s Still Not Too Late

To be Biden’s running mate.

Democrats with knowledge of the process said Biden’s search committee has narrowed the choices to as few as six serious contenders after initial interviews. Among the group still in contention: Sens. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Kamala Harris of California, as well as Susan Rice, who served as President Barack Obama’s national security adviser. Advisers have also looked closely at Florida Rep. Val Demings and Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, both of whom are black, and New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, a Latina. Hillary isn’t black enough, apparently, and being a lesbian doesn’t apparently check a ‘box’ anymore. Always a bridesmaid, never the bride.


The New Waiver


US Navy Base, Norfolk, Virginia

Your tax dollars at work.


It’s a good place for a trail breakfast – 14,336 feet elevation.

La Plata Peak, Colorado – overlooking the Roof of the Western World. I’m going to try and get back there this summer. Hopefully nothing gets in the way of that happening. Being in a place like this is a Sunday Sermonette all its own. The air is rare, dry and clear and you can see forever.


The Democrat Party is built on the concept of grievance and division. It’s the very opposite of  e pluribus unum (out of many, one).


Don’t Mess with Ma Deuce


You need to remove the windshield

I realize that advice is obvious, but if I didn’t write it here, y’all would have reminded me that was the next step. It’s not my Jeep. Mine is a beat up ’48 Willys with no windshield…


    • He doesn’t pull punches in an age when pulling punches is just about all that we have outside of The Donald.

    • Most of the submarines of Submarine Squadron Six (Norfolk) must have been at sea, patrolling the vast, dark regions of Neptune’s domain.

  1. Been on the Nimitz, the Midway, the Halsey, the Missouri, and the Iowa. Hopefully someday I can get to Camden to see the New Jersey, and Norfolk to see the Wisconsin.

    The first time out here we took a drive down to Manitou Springs and then took the cog railway up to the summit of Pike’s Peak. Got out of the railway carriage at 14,000+’, took three steps, and had to grab on to one of the strategically placed hand holds! I’d never been much above 8500′, and didn’t know how hard the altitude clobbered you at 14,000′. Wonderful view, though. It was July, and 90something when we got on the train. It was 40something at the summit, quite a shock, but our DIL had insisted we bring heavy jackets, so we were OK.

    Sheriff Clarke is a Patriot and honorable man from what I can tell. I admire him quite a bit.

    And when Ma Deuce speaks, everybody listens…..

  2. I recall some years ago Teresa Heinz Kerry, who was born in Mozambique, was dog piled for stating that she was African American. I bet most of those critics couldn’t find Africa on a map.

    • Given that most of them can’t find their asses with both hands, no, I doubt that they could find Africa on a map if there was a gun to their heads/

  3. I like the photo you took of Hillary on election night ’16, really captures the spirit of the thing!

    All for Sheriff Clarke.

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