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At Minneapolis PD

Minneapolis PD, 1867-2020

46 officers put in their papers for early retirement. 14 police officers quit. Everyone else is looking to lateral to another police or sheriff’s department if anyone will take them. The common theme is, “you’re on your own”.

So maybe the city’s problems are solved. They can hire social workers to respond to 911 calls the way they have said that they want to.

What could possibly go wrong?

And to the progressive folk who live in the city, I hope you enjoy watching property values decline and insurance rates skyrocket.


CW, The Older Years

A shameless plug for CW at the Daily Timewaster


St. Lucia

I’ve stayed here at the Ladera Hotel on St. Lucia. The hotel is very nice, as are many resorts on the island. But the island itself has a lot of very poor people (ghetto island in many respects). Best stay on the resort property if you visit. Not that it’s difficult to hang out and not leave.


Nothing Has Changed Since Day One 

This is the message of your Sunday Sermonette

Go ahead, take a bite.


Free States vs Not Free States

Where do YOU live?



With the coming of riots, which followed murder hornets, and will be succeeded by flesh eating zombies, you can go back to Corona if you’d like. Stay thirsty.


Somebody Else riding a Ducati Diavel

You can do a wheelie in fourth gear without much effort.

19 thoughts on “Sunday Sermonette

  1. Come on now….lets be realistic. The left REALLY doesn’t want to disband and eliminate the police.
    What they actually want is to REPLACE the existing personnel with people THEY hand select so they can have their own ‘brownshirt’ enforcement squad to go after the people they don’t like while turning a blind eye to the sins and crimes of those who support them and their politics. It will be the exact same prejudicial and biased application of the law that we are currently seeing in places like St. Louis, New York etc. where the DA’s who got elected thanks to the massive financial support of Soros are now refusing to charge/try the looters and rioters who were arrested while simultaneously persecuting anyone who had the balls to oppose the mobs. The classic application of ‘special treatment for my friends and the law good and hard for the rest’.

    1. Do you mean to say that the governors who want to enforce lock-downs when there is no good reason would want to eliminate the people who would imprison the people who defied them?

      Most police officers are Republicans…

        1. Yes, even there. I can’t speak for all of NYPD, the port police, etc., but I’ve worked with NYPD quite a bit over the years, David Chong, Police Commissioner at White Plains (former NYPD) is a dear friend of long standing, and the people I know are all Trump Republicans. David was undercover with the Ghost Shadows when I was undercover with the Hessians, quite a while ago now. We’d call each other with war stories and strategies. This is long before he became the head honcho. He was at Tower 2 when it collapsed, nearly died.

  2. Dan is spot on, BTW. It’s OK to have corrupt cops, as long as these scumbag cops are THEIR cops. See how this works?

    St. Lucia – nice looking property. Surrounded by dirt poor population. How long would this property remain sparkling clean once the police are defunded and blend back into the population?

    That’s a rhetorical question. The obvious answer is that NO sane society will eliminate their police, as the results of that would be the complete annihilation of polite interaction between people. The big people will treat the little people like a baby treats a diaper. Of course, little people can make themselves much bigger with the help of an AR-15, lots of banana clips and gobs of rounds on hand.

    1. That property is located in the Pitons (what’s left of an extinct volcano) and you can look down on the ghetto from there, or you can look out to the blue Caribbean.

      The progressives have a problem. Firearms and ammunition have been roaring from the shelves into private hands as in the days of Old Obama. Even Fox News Host Greg Gutfeld, who used to be somewhat opposed to having his own firearm, bought one and came out and said so because the mob destroyed everything at ground level on the NYC street where he lives. He saw the shop owners trying to defend their property get stomped down and some killed because there were no police present to defend them.

      Getting rid of the (Republican) police and getting rid of privately held firearms are a goal of progressive politicians. You can’t have that Orwellian dream, “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face— forever.” with police officers who are both Republicans and constitutional adherents. You need compliant police who will disarm the population for you.

  3. Can’t blame those cops for getting while the getting’s good. The left wants either no cops or those that will toe their line. I’m acquainted the chief in Kansas City, and even if I’d never met him I’d know he’s a good man. First he came from the ranks. Secondly, some groups want his resignation. That tells me he’s doing okay.

    1. If the progressive movement and ANTIFA wants to be rid of your police chief, he’s definitely the right sort.

  4. Yesterday at Ontario, Cal airport I watched as a sedan pulled up to pick-up passengers. The lone person in the car did not pull into the white curb where there was plenty of room. Instead she stopped in the lane. So traffic back up.

    The adjacent lane was blocked too because the driver walked wide circles around her car while her passengers arrived to the car. Five passengers arrived but not in a bunch. Not even close to one another. About every 20 seconds another passenger walked off the curb out to the car. The passengers already at the car made a big show of greeting each other and walking wide around the car (still blocking both lanes).

    Finally the last pax showed up. Now two of the girls got back out of the car and convened at the trunk. The last pax was carrying several posters. They slipped out of her grip and spilled across the asphalt. I could not read what was written on the posters. They were BLM and the garden variety of signs carried by agitators in their ‘peaceful protests’. I don’t know if these gals had flown in for a protest or had returned from.

    Silver 4 door sedan Plate # 1TSNZ181

    1. What a bunch of dirtbags. I’ll pass the plate on to somebody who can work it up.

  5. The Left must win now. Four more years of President Trump and they will be years getting back to where they are now. Shillary’s loss set the stage for the Left and the Deep State to become allies.

    They had a high point during the Vietnam War and then sunk during Nixon/Ford.

    Going back further, they were on a roll during the Great Depression/FDR until Pearl Harbor. Even Eleanor, who got her orders from Moscow, pitched in to defeat Hitler.

    1. They took a heavy hit when Trump was elected and has since exposed the pervasive rot in the Deep State.

      The difference between then and now isn’t all that different. Alger Hiss, a confidant of FDR and later involved in other USGOV activities was accused of spying for the Soviet Union in 1948 and the deep state aged the case and ran the statutes of limitations for espionage. He was convicted of perjury in much the same way as Attorney General Eric Holder was during the years of Obamanation.

      Four more Trump years will embed a solid conservative majority in the Supreme Court for forty years and the Left can’t have that. Whatever we’ve seen so far will be foreplay unless the Republicans hold both houses of Congress.

    1. Those who can leave, will. Those with a lot of brutality complaints, health or psych issues, will tend to stay and be promoted.

      Everyone familiar with police work will tell you how that works. Minneapolis is toxic now, and will remain radioactive for many years as the city tries to destroy what’s left.

  6. I like the look of that pool a lot. But don’t get me wrong, Lake Whitney’s good too.

    Minneapolis will enjoy it’s new justice system. Don’t say Sharia.

    1. The hotel is nice, the infinity pools in the rooms are very nice as well, and aren’t duplicated at Lake Whitney – but there aren’t stripped bass in the infinity pools either.

      The AG, Keith E. is a Black Muslim and it’s interesting that Big Islam doesn’t acknowledge the American Black Muslim movement as legitimate. Thus, progressive Muslims like Rep. Omar (D-MN) and others are at odds with Keith Ellison. I don’t think that Black Muslims kick cash up to the Middle Eastern Imams, and they don’t worship the black meteorite either, so how reliably Muslim are they?

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