There are lessons that we all learn. Sometimes they make their way into popular consciousness through film. And here, it’s the subject of the Sunday Sermonette.

Hunt your enemies down, run them to ground,  “crush your enemies. See them driven before you. Hear the lamentations of their women.” But don’t hate.


Protesters for Hire?

Check it out

It’s a growing trend in an era of grievance politics. Business opportunity for y’all?

I ran with a rough crowd at work. I’m not sure that it was the roughest on the planet, but it was rough.

I had a boss once who was giving me a lot of grief. I had a friend who had a VERY pregnant wife who looked as if she was about 17 and she agreed to go meet the bosses wife and plea for help with her medical bills from the “baby daddy”. The boss’ wife was sort of a crone and I knew what the reaction would be. The plan worked perfectly. The girl only visited the crone wife once with a credible story of how she and the boss met. Then she vanished. Crone wife made boss’ life a living hell. Boss was distracted a lot at work after that and left me alone.

Because I had an in depth understanding of the activities of said boss, he had knocked up a lady at work who was about 5 months along. So his ability to maneuver through the rocks and shoals of this “revelation” was exceptionally difficult.

She was sort of a protester for hire. Sort of. Except that I didn’t ‘hire’ her. She didn’t take any money from boss’ wife.

Protests-R-Us  is another site on the internet where you can hire protesters with masks to show outrage and terrify your competition. The price list is included there on the website.


Manned US Space Flight

We’re back in business with business and NASA is merely a customer. I love old NASA for who they were, but this is the way forward. Soon the Big Beautiful Space Force will be hoisting their manned spacecraft aloft. Seize the high ground.


A Fallen Tree

Fallen trees make for good fishing platforms and docks. The fish also like to shelter near them.


Old Europe

The Chinese Plague interrupted my life. I used to travel quite a bit and especially loved summer dining in places such as these. Dinner can last into the early hours of the morning. And then you sleep in. Until somebody calls you on the phone, and you realize that you need to get back to work.


Where do YOU live?


Winding Roads

Reminds me that they are built for motorcycles to zoom along.


Last Week

As I was canoeing around, I noticed that a fish escaped from the stringer of an angler who had done well, and landed a fine mess of trout. The fish floated, and I hate to see a fish caught, and then die, unused.  All of a sudden, there was a bald eagle, flying low, who scooped up the floating trout and carried it to a branch to tear into it.  It didn’t take long until he returned to fishing. It’s nice to live in a place where you see eagles.

A morning on a canoe, means that you can be part of the silence.

Eagles are emblematic.


  1. Protests-R-Us is quite disturbing. And sad.

    Lots of nice photos though, that make me wish I was there.

    God has blessed us all today, I pray.

    • If you believe the promises, you and hubby could make bank as protesters, working for the Protesters-R-Us companies.

  2. My motto has always been, “Italians may forgive, but never, ever forget” No need to hate. Just hang out and wait for karma to do the job.

    • And if they’re standing on the brink in a rain storm, a hearty shove followed by the ubiquitous “where did she go?”

  3. “I had a boss once who was giving me a lot of grief.” You sure are a devious soul… Oh, to be out on my canoe taking pictures of Bald Eagles and having a line lazily strolling behind you. That is an experience I miss being stationed in Germany, the quaint little bistros and restaurants tucked in small alleys and byways and sitting un-rushed to enjoy meal and friendship and a nice little unpretentious wine…

    • Admit nothing, deny everything, demand proof, make counterallegations, find a scape goat.

  4. Oh, winding roads and motorcycles…

    I had had my DL for maybe 3 months and was driving up South Tropical Trail on South Merritt Island, a very windy and scenic road (or it used to be) and came upon a full-sized pickup truck with an engine displaced into the cab due to the moron on a big, fast bike plowing into said truck at over 120mph combined speed. The cops were literally picking up bleeding bits and chunks and putting them in ziplock bags and handing them to the medic/coroner.

    A pretty damned sobering sight.

    Now, doing SouthTropTrail on a motorcycle at normal speeds is/was a sensory treat. Lots of citrus, avocados, nice views.

  5. “The fish floated, and I hate to see a fish caught, and then die, unused.”

    I do too. Hate it.

    And now I want to get down to a fine, easy-evening-early-hours night in old Europe. Is there such a thing in Texas? I feel there must be, somewhere, perhaps South West? Hmmm.

    • No, you can’t beat old Europe in the summer for those long sultry nights. Sorry. If you find a place, let me know.

      • The river walk in San Antonio right now is probably the closest right now … there is even a Irish pub… as the touristas have not returned yet.

        • The River Walk has a number of great local destinations and I have been to that very pub with one of our fellow bloggers. I know that place you’re referring to well.

  6. One of the most impressive things about the Dragon is that it even looks good!

    Am I the only one who noticed their new SpaceX spacesuits did NOT have name tags on them? I found that strange, and a bit unsettling for some reason…..

  7. Drifting silently downstream in a canoe, going around a bend and surprising a herd of deer getting their morning drink – brings back smiles.

    At least on Tail of the Dragon, you no longer compete with semis and logging trucks.

    I liked Skippy’s version of that last line – ‘Hear the lame things of their women’.
    Yes, some people say I have a strange sense of humor.

    • People think that I have a strange sense of humor as well, Frank. I think that it’s important to be unique – not eunuch.

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