Who makes the BEST pick-up truck?

This is your chance to weigh in with your opinion. I drive a Ford Raptor (2014 with the Steel I-beam frame and the big-ass V-8 engine). I hate where Ford went with the bi-turbo, aluminum unibody. And who wants to spend $80,000 on a pick up?

Maybe the most renowned pick of of all time is the Toyota Hi-Lux with the diesel engine. No, of course you can’t buy them in the US.

I’m sure that your opinions will vary.


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  1. I swear, if you COULD get a Hilux here, there would be a line out the door for them… And you’re right, big V8 with lots of torque wins every time over a smaller biturbo (plus more stuff to break in the back of nowhere)… Re the other, good points!

    • Toyota doesn’t want to release a vehicle on the American market that will go 750,000 miles. Ticks me off.

  2. Hmmm. I have to say, my fleet ’08 One Fiddy’s been a workhorse and very reliable. No complaints, or very few — like, why didn’t you make the ball joints serviceable, “Ford”? BUt really, been a great truck and running strong at 272k. Still, I like the Raptor and could use a 4×4. Maybe a used ’13 Raptor, steel instead of today’s aluminium rubbish?

    Joking aside, I’ll be looking at another fleet 150 next year. Hey, they work.

    • What about a diesel engine instead of a gas engine?

      The only reason that Ford lasted 272 miles is DIRECT divine intervention, not necessarily available to us sinners.


  4. Fords and Rams are huge out here. Chevy’s not so much….

    Everybody I know here who has a work truck has a Ford.

    “Car and Driver” did a test on the Big Three pick-ups, and the Ram blew everybody away.

    Ford was #2, and the Chevy was described as a “$70,000 kick in the nuts”……

  5. My ’07 Silverado is past 170K and going strong, requiring only routine maintenance. Drive whatever pleases you.
    Okay Spike. Take that canned crap over to the guy who likes Natty Light and then get me some good beer.

  6. I have a 2000 C3500 Chevy 8′ box, single cab and I have 263,000 miles on the original engine (5.7, 350cid)and auto tranny. It has yanked trailers back and forth across the country 7 times. I can’t say enough of praise about it. Oh, I do baby the bejeebus out of tho… I like a A-10 wart hog, when I was in Kosovo we loved it when one loitered above us when out in convoy or patrol, nobody screwed with us, cuz’ they knew the whisper of death was as close as a breath away.

  7. My Dad was a Ford guy. Hubby is a Chevy man. I don’t have a preference as long as it works and does what I need.

    I love the Wart Hog. May it forever fly.
    I do like the ammo one also.

  8. Just turned over 219k on my 2006 Ram, first Dodge I’ve ever owned (long may she run).
    Owned a number of Chevys and liked them but I have had to replace every 350 turbo hydramatic transmission at around 80k.
    Never have owned a Ford truck.

  9. I usually run the wheels plumb off my trucks, or move on at about 250K miles, whichever comes first, and whatever the book says for recommended maintenance intervals, I do twice as often.

    Except my one and only Dodge. That gem went down the road at 75-K, and I should have give up way before that. Way.

  10. Up until 2008 reconditioning and making sales ready used trucks was part of my management duties. Domestic, we spent an average of $800 on Fords, $1,500 on GMC/Chev, and $2,000 on Dodges.

    Imports, $200-300 on Nissan, about the same on 4cyl Toyotas, and around $1,500 on V-6 Toyotas with T-100 the worse.

    Weirdo that I am, I’ve owned three 84-86 Mitsubishi Might Maxes. They are about 85% of what a Toyota or Nissan are, at 50% the cost. The numbers work for me.

    Best full size truck, IMO is a 1999 F-250 7.3 Diesel 4×4, manual transmission and manual hubs.

  11. In the mid 80’s Toyota had diesel in their truck. The transmission was the weak link as it would die somewhere between 200 and 300 thousand miles and replacement parts were unobtanium. The tranny also had a unique bolt pattern. The truck was a slug getting up to 60mph in a quarter mile but it got 30mpg no matter if you drove it city driving or on the highway. I broke the secondary shaft in the tranny on the one I had at 240k miles.

    Toyota’s made in the past 25 years are prone to frame rust and until the 5.7 the v8 was a gas guzzling wimp. I am done with Toyota.

    I have had better luck with Fords. I inherited an 04 Ranger that refuses to die. I don’t need a truck often but the Ranger meets my current needs. When I retire fully in a few years I will probably buy a truck that can pull a 5th wheel trailer.

  12. Had an ‘88 Toyota 4×4…great pickup, but nowhere near a Hi-Lux. The Top Gear boys (BBC) tried to kill one — torched it, crashed it, dropped stuff on it, sunk it off a beachhead…still ran. Tougher than snot.

    Have a ‘99 Dodge 2500 cummins…354k miles and still going. The newer 2010 2500 hd diesel is even better, at 185k it drives nice and pulls a horse trailer like nothing. Before getting the 2010 looked at them all…can’t justify 65k for a pickup. I would get a Chevy, but only if it’s a C20…will still run if the Chinesium EMP hits.

  13. My well loved 02 Silverado 2500 HD with LB7 Deisel may be down for the count. 285 k and looking a little ragged. Best truck I ever had . Would tow anything I tied to it. Front Brakes lock up and get hot, and only time or bleeding will loosen. Been throwing parts at it in three different shops. No joy.
    My bride is ready for a new one , she may get her way, but I get attached to my old stuff.

    • I feel much the same way. When they reach a certain age and are well beyond the point of profitable resale, they become “project vehicles” and the daily ride status is taken by a newer rig. But the project vehicles, given time, love and some cash, can take on a new luster.

    • Master cylinder may be the problem. Bleed hole not being uncovered to release pressure. Might be a mis-adjusted pedal rod that is the cause. (No slack to allow the m/c to vent.)

      • Other possibility is bad hose(s), where the internal is degrading, blocking fluid from returning from the brakes. Brakes get hot, pressure increases, problem gets worse. Mechanics tend not to think that hoses can start disintegrating internally. If it’s not leaking, it’s okay, is the thought.

  14. I have only had Ford trucks. The last new I bought was an 04 f-350 SD with 6.0 power stroke.Great truck that I put 335k on without any real issues. I’m done buying new and have been driveing a 61 f-100 with a 292 and 3 on the tree. There’s a lot to be said for simplicity.

  15. My first was a ’68 F150.
    Then a ’94.
    Now i’m still driving my 01 Ranger.
    For what I do, I prefer the Ranger, but they screwed that up.
    Trump seems to favor the F150 in his Rushmore speech.
    Here in Michigan it’s the rust that kills them.
    My neighbor/friend Mike just bought a new F150.
    His previous F150 had a rack leak and everything was rust underneath.
    Exterior looks good and you’d hardly know it had cancer.

  16. I used to think that about the twin-turbo ecoboost, but they’ve been using them for a pretty dang long time now, and I’ve had no experience of nightmare maintenance stories developing from them. Seems like it’s a pretty bulletproof motor. When you consider that the modular v-8 / v-10 engines in the Ford trucks spent 10 years or so blowing spark plugs out of the heads because some imbecile designed them with too few threads, that’s not too bad.

    All the American trucks are pretty good, but all have problems. Chevys have bad frame rust problems, in climates where that is a problem. Fords have plug access issues and crack/ rust exhaust manifolds like we the people. Dodges have valvetrain issues and if you scratch the paint in the Salt Zone, the body falls off in 6 months. The biggest problem with Dodges though, is that QC is all over the map nowadays. You get one built on a good day, you’re all set for a quarter million miles, easy. Bad day, 60K and out – after constant problems.

    I would not ever recommend air bag suspension in any vehicle ever, FWIW.

    Toyotas are nice, but not very truck-y. Also kinda complex, and repairs when needed are pricey. For example, a chipmunk gets a seed into the emissions air pump? $2500. At least the frames don’t melt anymore, after that insanely expensive recall nightmare.

    Forget the Titan, it has a very poor reputation.

    I think that’s everybody who actually make a real pickup.

    Modern emissions diesels are crap. Wait 15 years until they figure out how to make them work, or buy a pre-emissions used diesel. Right now, they have all the giant regular maintenance costs diesels have always had (oil change? it takes 3 gallons) and no longevity to make up for it.

    If I were going to buy a new pickup today (for the price of 2 nice houses in Oklahoma) I’d probably get a Ford. Of course, I’ve never bought a new car, and expect to die w/o doing so.

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