President Trump 

President DJ Trump called on President Slow Joe Biden to resign in disgrace. Then we’d be left with Ho and Pelosi waiting in the wings.

Those who control Biden, a puppet at best, are destroying our national sovereignty, security, and fight against the pandemic by opening the borders, while simultaneously harming our energy independence and economy. He has weaponized the federal law enforcement bureaucracy against political opponents and turned the military senior officers into political indoctrination and social justice activists. We are only 7 months into the Biden presidency, and the damage is profound and accelerating. It’s hard to imagine what will be in a year or two or three at this pace.


Never trust a friend who leaves you saying he’ll be back – Old Vietnamese saying.


US State Department Advisory

The  State Department on  Sunday told Americans in Kabul that their best chance of survival is to hide.

“The security situation in Kabul is changing quickly including at the airport.  There are reports of the airport taking fire; therefore we are instructing U.S. citizens to shelter in place,” the U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan said in a statement published on its website on Sunday.

Today the Taliban takes over #Kabul just thirty some days after Biden claimed it was “highly unlikely” and that we “will not see” what we are seeing.


Meanwhile, Back at Home – Job Opportunity?

31E Internment/Re-settlement Specialist


The Army National Guard is actively recruiting for a job position called “Internment/Resettlement Specialist.” People as young as seventeen years old are eligible for the gig, which includes “Search/Restraint” as “Some of the Skills You’ll Learn,” according to an Army National Guard job posting with a job location listed as Washington, D.C. Meanwhile, military documents show that the military can detain civilians here in America, including U.S. citizens. A leaked U.S. Headquarters of the Army document entitled “INTERNMENT AND RESETTLEMENT OPERATIONS” describes an official category of detained person called “civilian internee.” A Department of Defense Directive published below discussed “civilian internees” and made it clear that military detainees can be U.S. citizens.

—  WSF you’d better hurry up and claim that bunk next to the stove for yourself and Banner. I have a hunch that it’s going to. be in. demand.

Department of Defense DIRECTIVE Number 2310.01E issued on August 19, 2014 states (emphasis added)“Subject to the requirements of the law of war and this directive, POWs and unprivileged belligerents may lawfully be detained until a competent authority determines that the conflict has ended or that active hostilities have ceased, and civilian internees may lawfully be detained until the reasons that necessitated the civilian’s internment no longer exist.”


  1. We basically told our own people -“hey, good luck to ya” I am sickened by it all.
    And the slide is definitely quickening as we seem to be frozen by the constant daily barrage of dung. All planned I’m sure. LL- do you have any former colleagues still in that hole?

    • There are no old friends of mine in Afghanistan, including Afghans – that I am aware of. But the situation makes me furious and ill all at the same time. We have become a shameful nation, Hoss. And the American people as a whole, with Jo/Ho in charge as puppet rulers seem happy with the situation.

      • Biden is Mr. MAGU…Make America Grovel & Useless

        And he and his Circling Mouthpiece are on vacation, having ice cream.

        This is despicable at all levels. Time for a Constitutional reset.

    • City of Brass (Kipling):

      (excerpt) …They said: “Who has hate in his soul? Who has envied his neighbour?
      Let him arise and control both that man and his labour.”
      They said: “Who is eaten by sloth? Whose unthrift has destroyed him?
      He shall levy a tribute from all because none have employed him.”
      They said: “Who hath toiled, who hath striven, and gathered possession?
      Let him be spoiled. He hath given full proof of transgression.”
      They said: “Who is irked by the Law? Though we may not remove it.
      If he lend us his aid in this raid, we will set him above it!
      So the robber did judgment again upon such as displeased him,
      The slayer, too, boasted his slain, and the judges released him.

      As for their kinsmen far off, on the skirts of the nation,
      They harried all earth to make sure none escaped reprobation.
      They awakened unrest for a jest in their newly-won borders,
      And jeered at the blood of their brethren betrayed by their orders.
      They instructed the ruled to rebel, their rulers to aid them;
      And, since such as obeyed them not fell, their Viceroys obeyed them.
      When the riotous set them at naught they said: “Praise the upheaval!
      For the show and the world and the thought of Dominion is evil!”
      They unwound and flung from them with rage, as a rag that defied them,
      The imperial gains of the age which their forefathers piled them.
      They ran panting in haste to lay waste and embitter for ever
      The wellsprings of Wisdom and Strengths which are Faith and Endeavour.
      They nosed out and digged up and dragged forth and exposed to derision
      All doctrine of purpose and worth and restraint and precision:

    • They might give you a pick and shovel and send you into the mine to dig for your coal… and once you’re done, they might allow you to keep a few pieces?

      • Probable outcome. Some vapid “woke” PFC will get stabbed by that pick and WSM will immediately have a fatal accident. Banner, meanwhile, will be at Sisty’s being spoiled.

  2. I thought I was too old to see CW II. Not anymore. Things ae going downhill so fast, it is going to get ugly fast, real ugly. CW II is going to make the first one look like a church picnic!

  3. Dagnabit. I do not want to have to fight. But they’re making me. I just wanted to be left alone, just wanted to die a quiet death.

    National Socialism is here. Yay.

  4. The Left sure does like “shelter in place”, as if that ever works without an arsenal they don’t want anyone to have. I think they just want to make it easier for THEM to get on the planes, by keeping suckers away from the airport.

    I am surprised we aren’t hearing more reports of where they’re building the camps. They’re gonna need somewhere for their “specialists” to work.


  5. Noticed that “field of dreams” in the picture. Baseball in camp? Not fooling me…probably has rocks all over it.

    Trump’s been poking Sleepy Joe and his pals all last week. This latest debacle…“there won’t be helicopters pulling people off rooftops” – translation: “We’re pulling out, you’re on your own.”

    If that’s not grounds for removing The Hologram from office…but yesterday’s post suggests no one will step up to do the deed.

    • The Republicans are as deep in the swamp as the Dems. The only apparent difference is that the Dems abjure the American flag and the Reps wrap themselves in it.

      • Underneath 90% of them are cowards and nudges and thieves…so no surprise this is the result. As you said yesterday, they are all one team fighting against our Constitutional Republic.

        Unless something wakes them up it’s gonna get ugly.

  6. In the past, when camps have been set up, the “internees” went through an initial selection process at intake.
    Those who had useful skills, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, cobblers, classically trained musicians (the elite required their entertainment and entertainers were told “Monkey, shut up and dance”), jewellers, gold smiths, mechanic, welders, policeman, medical personnel, and such were directed to barracks for future use.
    The ” internees” without what were considered useful skills, teachers of all stripes, poets, university professors, bankers, insurance salesmen, lawyers, judges, and in general those whose efforts were not tangible in nature were sent either to the ovens or sent to labor gangs for the slave labor pool.
    The term “Useful Idiots” takes on a new meaning when hoping for that bunk next to the stove or an extra ration of potato peel soup.
    Young women were useful, and got a pass for the labor gangs.
    Some of the elites running things had proclivities that saved some young men and boys.
    Things have not changed much with our betters.

  7. Yes, terrifying. But will the same people who blundered so badly in Afghanistan be competent enough to lock us all up? Terrifying again, but maybe that’s within their skill set.

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