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What are the odds?


I had an argument with an idiot at a gun store and wanted to post a picture. For any of you that think that an M-1 Carbine is just a shortened M-1 Garand.

The M1 Garand fires a .30-06 cartridge – a rifle cartridge. The M1 Carbine fires a .30 carbine cartridge, essentially a pistol round.




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    1. Touche’…I’ll wait for Juan Williams to deny that was ever stated by his lefty media pals on tomorrow’s The Five. Truth is a tough pill for them to swallow.

      1. John (Swiftboat) Kerry is a giant, human, turd. And he was wrong about EVERYTHING as was corrupt, creepy, senile old Joe Biden. His long and enduring friendship with Hanoi Jane speaks volumes about Kerry’s character.

        Peace in the Middle East – at long last. But it will prove illusive if the Harris – Biden team takes over and starts another war there for the sake of the Beltway Bandits.

  1. Had a chance to use the carbine back when I worked at a prison.
    I’m now at an age where, if I need to carry rifle and ammo, that would be about all I could work with.

    1. The carbines are ok. I might have more than two. It’s still a pistol round in a rifle, but it works.

      1. I’ve read numerous places where a 30 carbine round is fairly similar to a 357 Magnum. With modern hollow-points it’s said they can hold their own in CQB.

        My dear departed (damn boats!) Marlin 1894C in 357 is “A pistol round in a rifle”. The extra barrel length gives it a bit of extra muzzle velocity, and with proper ammo can be quite a handy defense weapon out to ~50 yds. I used to ring steel at 100yds all day long, or until I got tired of it.

        1. An 1894 in .44mag with 265 gr Hornady flat points is capable of dropping two caribou with one shot at seventy five yards. (From experience)

  2. I have an M1 Carbine – fun to shoot. At 71, I prefer AR – 15. Weight is a bit more but not much. I also built an AR-10. Big difference. Granted, it could reach out 1000 yards, but I cant see that far.

    1. Though I don’t own a Mini-14 at present, I think that Ruger did a good job taking the M-1 Carbine concept and adding a much better cartridge that works well with the concept. That’s not to say that I am opposed to black rifles. It’s just that the Carbine and Mini-14 makes a nice ranch rifle or a nice basic defense rifle.

      I can get into the weeds, being a gun snob, but you shoot what you enjoy shooting.

      1. Not too long before I switched from prison guard to computer programmer, the prison sold off the carbines and replaced them with bolt action hunting rifles with 3 round magazines – and the Mini-14 was available at the time. But….the hunting rifles they got were sold by a sporting goods store run by a relative of the associate warden.
        Just before I left, they got rid of the hunting rifles and got Mini-14s, so I was at least able to run a few rounds through during qualifications. I liked them.

  3. Wow. That must have been some idiot.

    Back sometime in the 90’s, there were boat loads of surplus M1 Carbine parts coming into the country. More than one surplus outfit offered kits, less receiver, sold separately. As I had my FFL, I assembled several carbines for customers. Still have all my tools and modest stash of parts. The two carbines I built for myself went down with the canoe.

    Launching lead down range with my Trapdoor 45-70 rifle is great fun. Yes, it resembles mortar fire at distance, and the “hang time” is almost long enough to take a bite from your sandwich. Fully extended, the rear sight is graduated to 2000 yards.

  4. My dad had a M1 Carbine and 30 Caliber Italian made revolver for a few years. He shot the same load for both. He used the Carbine as his deer rifle until the late 80’s when they changed the deer hunting calibers and allowed 223/5.56 chambered rifles. He got a Mini-14 and quickly changed the barrel to a bull barrel with a 1:8 twist. He had some guns that I wished he had offered to me. I liked the M1 Carbine but the pistol was a single action and I was not impressed with it.

    Long distance shooting has a lot of factors; wind, humidity, temperature, barrel temp, and it requires optics that usually cost four figures. Then there is the issue finding a place to shoot it. When I lived in south Georgia I had access to a private 1250 meter range. When I moved to NE Atlanta the closest long distance range was 2 hours and it was only 900 meters. I sold the gun after 5 years of little to no use. The guy that bought it had his own scope and I have the 4-15×50 sitting on top of a 6.8SPC. It is too much scope for that AR but I have it dialed in at 100m with the two hash marks hitting 230m and 480m.

    1. I recently came into a .50 BMG (Armalite 50) rifle, given in trade for work I did and may buy a second one, possibly a Barrett. It’s changed my long range shooting projects. I need to put a new scope on the AR-50. I have one Schmidt and Bender PM2 and may buy a second one for the AR.

      I shoot on Bureau of Land Management land where it abuts the Navajo Rez in Northern AZ. I shoot on government land but my point is that I have the range because the land isn’t being used. Scrub land. Before the AR-50, I was shooting at 800M. Now, farther, but you’re right, a lot goes into it and wind can be an issue.

  5. The M-1 Carbine was issued to tankers and rear echelon types as essentially an easy carried self defense weapon. While it was likely used in an assault role, that wasn’t the intent.

    I’ve put a few rounds through one back in the day. My reaction, meh, but it functioned flawlessly. The beat up well used M-1 I went through Army Basic Training in 1963 was the best weapon I’ve ever used. The worse was the M-14s we were issued later. Lots of arguments about the M-14. Maybe it matured into something decent but the ones circa mid 1960’s were a piece of shit.

    1. The M-14’s that the SEAL Teams use are excellent.

      The M-1 Carbine was also issued to officers.

    1. A 1000m range is more than long enough. Since anywhere I shoot here near the house is “my range”, it works. Most places you can’t do that.

  6. What an idiot. Totally different action, totally different cartridge. I mean, they don’t even look alike! The only thing the same is the M1 designation, but it’s Rifle, M1 and Carbine, M1, much like there’s an Medium Tank, M3 and Light Tank, M3 (that would be the Grant/Lee and the Stuart, respectively.)

    Just because it’s a gun shop doesn’t mean the person working there has a friggin clue.

    Dumbasses abound everywhere.

    As it goes, the .30 Carbine round is good for what it does. Better than a pistol, not as good as a full-sized rifle round. Combine it with more modern bullets, and it turns an okay cartridge to a pretty good one. For relatively close ranges and man-sized or less targets.

    Regarding golf and long-range shooting, haven’t done either. Would like to have the money to try, but…

    1. I’d be willing to sell my body to super models for guns and ammo, but sadly, there aren’t any takers.

  7. Ah, and now we get down to the “fiddy.” Of course I could never afford to shoot one, but still, cool.

    Saying that, have you looked at ammo online? Non existent. I thought everyone stocked up last time around, apparently not.

    1. When you think of how expensive each round is, it’s important to realize that you don’t rattle them off like 5.56, so it becomes dollars per hour, not round.
      I can’t afford the property to shoot them on 🙁

      1. In the West there is a LOT of government land that is open use (including rifle ranges of your own design). I think that Arizona is something like 75% government and tribal land. Nevada is even more. Utah is close to that number as well.

  8. I remember a book about the inventor of the Carbine. He was in jail for murder. Later he went to work for a major gun manufacturer. Had a habit of bending 80 P spikes when he was working on a complex problem. Designed a 22 cal machine gun that used a cloth belt. The book is good read if one can be found.

  9. many a dead german would resent the characterization of .30 carbine as a pistol round even though it does nominally fit. japs and latins and many other third worlders as well. i have one and a Blackhawk to match. it still makes an effective combo….LOVE that top one, lol and so true. just my little dead end road has hunters of course, a marine, two army vets, a navy gunners mate and a bona fide Vietnam ranger sniper and he still shoots. this dead end would be Antifa’s dead end.

  10. Speaking of guns AND golf, the closest I have come is and egg shoot. 200 yards, 5 chicken eggs, 5 shots from the bench, no sighting shots, in 10 minutes.

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