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Garlic Cheese Toast

It’s good with spaghetti, but it’s also great as a snack on a Sunday evening.


Is She Too White?

Yes, I know, she’s painfully white. Impossibly incorrect.


The Royal Navy

British Warship HMS Excellent (below)

She was built as a hopper barge at Armstrong’s Low Walker Shipyards in 1887 for their own use, she was also built to allow heavy guns to be fitted for test purposes.

The Royal Navy purchased the barge in 1901 and renamed her HMS Excellent. The photo shows her in 1907 fitted with a 9.2 inch naval rifle, mounted.


Building Permits

In 1991 a steelworker named Albert Dryden retired from his job in Butsfield, County Durnham, and decided to build a bungalow for his elderly mother in a leased patch of countryside. His application for a building permit was rejected on the grounds that the structure would mar the landscape. Dryden went ahead and built the bungalow anyway, sparking a huge row with chief planning officer Harry Collinson.

Dryden was ordered to dismantle the property under supervision by Collinson on June 20th. Their legal battle had drawn the interest of the media, and a dozen journalists and cameras turned up to film the supervised demolition. When the cameras began rolling, Dryden calmly approached Collinson, pulled out an antique pistol, and shot him dead. As shocked news crews captured Collinson’s final seconds, Dryden peacefully surrendered to police.

Alfred Dryden was sentenced to life in prison and never expressed remorse for killing the planning officer. He was something of a cult hero in jail, and in October 2017 he was granted parole after suffering a heart attack.

(Pictured: a still showing Dryden firing the gun at Collinson)


Truth in Advertising?

15 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Post

  1. Doomed, I am, three ways. First, per, 99.99% Caucasian. Second, surname is White. Third, intact hetrosexual.

    I’ve though about self identifying as something else, but the world would just laugh at me.

    1. I went with the 25 year old black female persona in the hopes of getting the promised half a million dollars in reparations for having been oppressed. Then I’ll re-self identify as a white man once I have the money in the bank.

          1. Suggesting that skin pigment equals race is itself racist. It’s just like suggesting that men shouldn’t engage in woman’s sports

  2. Being a self employed contractor for 25 years, I waged many a battle with building inspectors. I never shot one, at least not just yet.

  3. I can attest that a real cowgirl doesn’t think about what color anything is unless it’s cattle related or her horse, or what color to paint the old barn…she’s to busy working the ranch, getting dirty during the long days, and maybe having a decent meal before turning in. Normal people do the same. Only the nasty weak-minds that seem to be coming out of the woodwork think the opposite.

    No more permits for us, done building things that “require” one, the last being the garage. Luckily I know our inspector and treat him as a professional, so had no problems despite the whole process getting out of hand and that county department having way too much self-described control over private property construction that isn’t a residence.

  4. Where I grew up in Kommiecticut, there was a guy in nearby East Windsor named Ed Thrall. He was a strict Constitutionalist that had very little use or respect for any level of government. He was also something of a genius. On his property, he built a huge dance hall (it is STILL standing decades later) out of scavenged demolition material, on a foundation of old truck tires, and without a single permit or inspection. Needless to say, the town never let him open it, levied taxes on it, and tried to have it torn down. They sent the state police as muscle. Ed came out to meet them in his tricorner hat and opened fire, shooting over their heads. Unlike what would happen today (Ruby Ridge anyone?) the troopers got on the bullhorn and said, “Now Ed… you better knock it off. We’re coming in!” He was arrested and went to jail for a while. In order to send a message to the town that he would do as he pleased with his property, he invited the KKK to hold a rally there. I don’t know if he was a racist, but what better way to piss off local officials? Below is a link to the Hartford Courant story after his death. There was no in between, he was either loved or hated. I remember my Dad was amused by his antics.

    1. Americans…most Americans, don’t like being pushed around. Government can be smart and reasonable or they can be bellicose and nasty. We’ve seen examples of both. Thanks for pointing this out.

  5. That first one obviously has a job, so yeah… too white for today’s world. Having a job is just a way to impose White Supremacy, after all.

    HMS Excellent – that’s just the sort of little yacht I would like to own.

    The posters might be true, but I like those things.


    1. Ultimately all “employers” must be destroyed if you read Marx. They’ll just leave Coke for last, I guess.

  6. I like that one about Sequoia NP. “There are bugs – and they will bite you on your face”

    I think I’m going to send that to my State Senator as a suggestion to replace that motto they use, “The Sunshine State,” on our license tags.

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