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The Era of the Climate Coach

Just when the old idiocracy meter is pegged, there’s more room for the needle to swing. (more here) “$9.9 million will be used to hire climate coaches for all secondary schools in the L.A. school district.” Even the sci-fi writers who drop acid to “get out there” couldn’t come up with this stuff. It’s all there in the article.

Job openings in LA for those of you with the proper racial and gender (or genderless) qualifications. The schools view a chick with a stick as a chick. No need to remove your courting tackle to become more attractive as a job applicant.

It’s all part of a move to de-fund the police. On Wednesday, the LA School Police Management Association reacted by issuing a statement warning that getting rid of police will make schools less safe for students and teachers.

What a plan! It’s very progressive.


Going on a date in 2021


View – and a Different Latitude

A view from a beach bungalow – Hạ Long Bay, Vietnam



Above: Mother and daughter demanding to see their relatives alive during the military dictatorship, Avellaneda, Argentina, 1982 (don’t cry for me, Argentina…)

The truth is that anyone who disagrees with the dictator must be muzzled or disappeared. A disarmed public helps that happen.


Historical Interlude

Russian Civil War : American troops in Vladivostok Russia, marching past the building occupied by the staff of the Czecho-Slovaks. Japanese marines are standing to attention (far left). Vladivostok, August 1918.

Official names of European countries in 1914. By 1918, some of them changed.


This Photo is here – because of a needed morale boost

You may feel marginalized and alone, but black guns really DO matter.


Why Bother?

If the morons expect you to wear a mask.


And because it’s Sunday

20 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon (Extra)

    1. +1 on the morale boost. Nice EOTECH. I’m currently running a HOLOSUN 512.

      Finally out of the deep freeze here in DFW. 74 degrees out, ran errands in shorts and t-shirt. Headed out to the man cave directly. We were lucky, our power stayed on, no burst pipes. However, there were so many breaks, the city (Arlington) got literally hundreds of calls for emergency water shut off (What do you mean you don’t have a wrench for your street valve?). Our water pressure was down to a trickle. Plumbers here are now like roofers after a hail storm, except there aren’t enough of them.

  1. I think Einstein had a quote about idiots, and we’re living it.

    Didn’t do much bike riding in 2020 – not much point in going places that are closed down or under idiot inspired regulations. Maybe 2021 will at least have SOME places I can go.

    1. Hey, don’t be giving the current faux administration any ideas. You watch, next week there’ll be an EO renaming the United States as “The Kingdom of America”, with Biden as our Supreme Potentate.

      Climate coach, huh…just great….morons must continue in their quest for more idiocy while professing their moral superiority. Maybe showing them the black gun (some seriously nice hardware there) to boost their morale might help them take a pause.

      Nice bar room, but the mask…gag. So nope.

    1. Yeah. But in the new Amerika the men offer them balls, which are kept in the womyn’s purse. Or the person who self-identifies as “womyn”.

  2. Your opening picture…disgusting. Just me stating the obvious, but it really grates seeing what the Dems have done to our venerated Capital Building purely for some whacko effect, with no end in sight. If the Founders were alive…now that would be a morale booster.

    1. And all done overnight. Almost like all 6-10 miles of reinforced mesh panels, their concrete bases and all that razor wire, including the setup for security entrances, was ready to go.

      Which, to me, means that months, years ago this was all planned.

      Love to see a semi or a bunch of people with blowtorches or both just destroy sections of the wall. Nothing else, just destroy it.

      And then time how long it takes or how short it takes for a mile or more of Der Wall to be replaced. My feelings? They’ve got at least twice as much on standby and are ready to roll with a whole outer ring and are looking for the reason to do so.

        1. But it has, DRJIM.

          “Mr. Biden, TEAR DOWN THAT WALL!”

          Of course, but if somebody said that, the secret police would haul them off to a federal facility somewhere, charged and convicted of domestic terrorism in secret, with an uncertain fate.

  3. We always had a lot of fun as kids when the tide was out.(CC)
    Didn’t Argentina win the World Cup in 82?
    I think AR pistols suck. Shall not be infringed and Moron is definitely the right term.

    1. Tide pools are a source of wonder, even for me, today, who has seen a lot of them and waded through them.

  4. Haven’t ever shot a conventional AR pistol. Have to put that on my to do list. Have shot a Keltec PLR16 and that was quite a lot of fun. Took an entirely different technique to be accurate with it and my oh my the muzzle blast was certainly inspiring.

  5. “—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth”
    Day 31 of the coup and the government is still barricaded behind barbed wire and troops.
    Democracy in action?
    Democrats in action.

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