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Worth Considering

Captain Silas Soule (left), ignoring threats against his life,  dared to testify against the ‘BRUTAL AND COWARDLY’ acts of Colonel Miles Chivington and his men at the at the Sand Creek Massacre. Capt. Soule was promptly murdered in Denver after his testimony.

Not exactly by the Clintons, but their spiritual predecessors.

“I am not a big war chief, but all the soldiers in this country are at my command. My rule of fighting white men or Indians is to fight them until they lay down their arms and submit to military authority. They are nearer to Major Wynkoop than any one else, and they can go to him when they get ready to do that.” – Col. John Milton Chivington (at a peace council in Denver, a month before the raid.)

After the peace council, Black Kettle, leading chief of around 163 mostly Southern Cheyenne, had led his band, joined by some Arapahos under Chief Niwot, to Fort Lyon in compliance with provisions of a peace parley held in Denver in September 1864. After a while, the Army asked the tribes to relocate to Big Sandy Creek, less than 40 miles northwest of Fort Lyon – for their safety.

It’s always easier to attack a “peaceful” encampment of mostly women and children under the protection of the army, in winter. Black Kettle flew a U.S. flag, with a white flag tied beneath it, as had been directed by the army.

Military Action: At dawn on November 29, 1864, approximately 675 U.S. volunteer soldiers commanded by Colonel John M. Chivington attacked the village of about 750 Cheyenne and Arapaho Indians along Sand Creek in southeastern Colorado Territory. Using small arms and howitzer fire, the troops drove the Indians out of their camp. Later testimony held that most of the Indians killed, died as a result of howitzer fire (exploding shells – shrapnel).

Chivington’s report detailed heroic actions against hostile tribes, recommending medals. (It reminds me of Wounded Knee.)  Not all of his officers saw it that way. White traders were present with the Indians and came under fire from the US Army as well. Together they told the story that led to Captain Silas Soule’s assassination. It seems that there was a faction in the Army who didn’t like what Captain Soule had to say.


Yeah, I thought so


Essential Business in the Mall


What if Dead Voters had been Republican?

Nevada election shenanigans …more here.

“It’s important to understand first and foremost, how insecure this system is. We have over 600,000 mail-in ballots that have been counted—those are votes that are official in our system. We also know that we have unclean rolls—ballots that have been mailed to dead people, to people who have moved out of state, and people that got a dozen ballots in their homes, etc,” Laxalt said.

“This confirms a number of suspicions that we have already had. The idea that no one would have figured out how to manipulate the system by voting multiple times is insane. It goes against every possible signal that the Democratic party was sending from the early going. They did not care who knew that they were going to steal the election.”


Europeans are close


Austrian and Spanish Collaboration

Gets you this armored infantry fighting vehicle

Austro-Spanish collaborative IFV, ASCOD 2

I just hope that they didn’t spend a lot of money on them.

Is €845m a lot of money?

I heard that the British were buying some of them this year, but it may have been the Ulan that they were referring to. One can but hope.


There are Rules


What Democrats Demand

Masks, for everyone, always …more here.

Whatever happened to “my body, my choice?”


Mateba Model 6 Unica .357 Magnum


      • Like, what – so they’ll know when it’s over, and it’s safe to leave the vehicle for a pee?


        • Maybe. Have you ever tried to urinate in an IFV going cross-country? No, I doubt that anyone has. If you did, your squaddies would see that you never did again.

          You could sing in the Vienna Boy’s choir after that though. (mentioned this because I’m a glass-full kind of guy)

  1. Hickenlooper named his Denver establishment “The Wynkoop Brewery”, should have called it “The Chivington” as weasels need to stick together. (Last of the Dogmen, one our favorites movies, she gives a good thumbnail of what evil occurred that day.)

    Too bad the Art Object wasn’t a replicator, apparently takes a bit to get there (altho it’s now been removed by some thieves)…a 2-cheeseburger meal with large fry and beverage would have been welcome.

    Covid store- No surprise, good old fashioned American business owner trying to put food on the table. How is that any different than Spencer Gifts? “Masks Galore”, my new online shop and possibly the newest Hipster Bond movie.

    Earp is spot on, but didn’t AOC say we’d be dead in [now] ten years, so who cares?

    That last pic…really exceptional dutchman in the walnut tabletop.

    (Sidebar – the Blog works fine on my iPad but pics don’t show up on Windows…may be my machine as it too did yet another auto update, probably to include x-ray vision on the camera to see thru the black tape.)

    • I think that the doomsday clock is down to six or seven years now. We’re definitely living on borrowed time.

      I should start a mall store – MASKS-MASKS-MASKS with the latest plague fashions. But you know if I did that, they’d shut down the mall so that people couldn’t get in to buy mandatory masks.

      • Too many projects and [apparently] not enough time. Crap.

        Would patrons to your establishment be required to wear masks inside? An online store is necessary, plus a strong social media presence, otherwise no one will know you exist. (maybe that’s why we don’t “do” social media.)

        PS. Did a refresh…all good.

        • The only way you won’t DIE is if you have an old rag surgically attached to your face. Any rag will do, naturally. What MASKS-MASKS-MASKS will do is to make that filthy piece of fabric “woke”. Since Hollywood starlets aren’t making movies anymore, I thought that I’d start by giving them masks to wear over their nether regions as panties, then certify them, package them without washing, and peddle them. The Scarlet Johanssen (red), The Alyssa Milano (brown and filthy), etc.

          We could do the same thing with politicians, out for a quick buck – The Maxine Waters, The Nancy Pelosi, etc. I tell you, this idea is progressive.

          • If I have a Starbucks inside it will have signs around certifying that the beans were picked by slave labor and that the slaves were all under fifteen years of age. I’d also sell t-shirts certified to have been made by Chinese Muslim slave labor. It will calm even the most liberal heart to know that the same system that mined the cobalt in their car batteries in Africa was behind everything we sell in MASKS-MASKS-MASKS

          • You could hire AOC for the merchandise sales position, she hates capitalism but sells her gear at a premium, and people love her for it.

          • We’d need to retail her over-priced line of clothing, blasting the rich. The sweat shirts are prized by communists who don’t mind paying 5X retail for her slurred words, etched across a shirt.

  2. As someone who had ancestors at Sand Creek our family lore has a different side to the story.

    Without getting into the whole whites displacing natives from their land, Black Kettle was playing on both sides. Young natives would conduct raids and ambushes then slink back into his camp for protection. Sort of a Cambodia/Viet Cong sanctuary setup on a small scale. Found in Black Kettle’s camp were horses and mules with iron shoes and fresh white scalps. This enraged the troops and they “gave back” Indian style.

    I researched this event in detail for a paper written as a high school senior. Part of a history class requirement, our papers were submitted to a statewide contest (sponsor lost in the fog of memory) where I received an honorable mention. At the time one ancestor who was present at the event was still alive and I was able to interview him. He was a teamster contractor hauling supplies for Chivington. His only comment as to Chivington’s character was that he paid his bills fully and on time.

    The Colorado militia’s history is spotty at best. Their performance in the battle of Glorieta Pass was a high point and the Ludlow massacre a low. Sand Creek probably falls in the middle.

    • History is often a matter of perspective. The US Army slapped down Chivington like an unwanted stepchild for his conduct. The dog soldiers that he was after were not in Black Kettle’s camp when he attacked with artillery.

      And after that, is it any surprise that Black Kettle ended up with the Cheyenne on the Washita, looking to scalp Custer?

      • “History is often a matter of perspective”

        Too true. What is personal family history passed down is far different than “official” history, whatever that is. Another episode my teamster fore bearers were peripherally involved in was the Milk Creek Massacre near Meeker, CO. They had few problems with the natives as they were well armed and shot first – not a soft target.

  3. In 1868 Black Kettle was killed at the Battle of Washita by forces under the command of George Custer. I don’t know if he was flying a flag this time.
    The seats in the back of that fighting vehicle look a lot more comfortable than the ones in the 113s we had.

    • The seats do look nice. But when you’re wearing all that gear, it’s tough to get comfortable. And how do they keep those really nice seats from getting ripped up in the first outing? IFV’s are bumpy and you know that the fabric will tear.

  4. Still no images here, either.

    Tried all the Usual Suspects; cleared cache, restarted Firefox, rebooted the PC, and nada.

    The Mateba was carried by Togusa in Ghost in the Shell. I’d like one in 454 Casull, please…..

    • The Matebas are pricey. Some are chambered for .454 Cassul. The more common are .357, but that works just as well IMHO.

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