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Sometimes Ziehan hits very close to the mark. Sometimes he nails it and at other times he puts this sort of thing out – big Russian ambitions to recover and restore the old Warsaw Pact. Maybe he puts this out to sell books or subscriptions?

He’s predicting a Russian push through Poland – see the black circle. Or maybe the Poles are concerned about it? They’re poised to sign a more detailed status of forces agreement that would allow for the US to base theater nuclear weapons on Polish soil.

I like the Poles a lot. I don’t blame them for wanting top-tier US divisions and airpower based there. But let’s face it, the Russians are finding it difficult to do much other than bleed in Ukraine, and try and feed a near-starving army. If Putin wanted to finish what he has left, the quickest way. to do that would be to feed them to the Poles.


Meanwhile in the US…

A new poll found that more Americans want to see President Joe Biden out of the White House than want Russian strongman Vladimir Putin out of power.

Sixty-two percent of respondents to the survey, conducted by the Democracy Institute for Britain’s The Express, said they do not think Biden will be re-elected in 2024.

But given the path of succession, do Americans and whomever else really want to see the Ho take the levers of power? Or Pelosi?


Hunter BidenNational Treasure

(link) The United States Secret Service (USSS) has been paying more than $30,000 per month for a Malibu mansion near first-kid Hunter Biden’s rented California home, according to new reporting from ABC. The property, rented at market value by USSS on a 0.7-acre lot along the coast with “gorgeous ocean views” is described as “a perfect retreat for discerning clientele,” ABC reported.

The taxpayer-funded USSS outpost also reportedly features “six bedrooms, six bathrooms, a gym, a tasting room, a built-in barbecue, a pool, a spa, and a spiral staircase that leads up to a “castle-like tower to the master retreat with wet bar” to make for “resort-style living at its finest.” How nice.


  1. Hunter Biden. Maybe the Secret Service is entitled to some perks having to guard that piece of shit.

    • They don’t stay at the residence of a protected person. I’m that they have rooms at a Fairfield Inn and eat at the local Sizzler. 8-hour shift rotations. One person inside, one person outside. Hunter’s crack whores come and go, the staff cleans up and he produces “art” at a million a pop without reimbursing the taxpayers because that’s how a crime family works.

  2. Wait until the November elections, and when the GOP takes control, then elect Trump speaker. Once that’s done, impeach Biden and Kamala, and voila, the abomination that was the “election” that installed Biden and the radicals in power is cured.

  3. I suppose the resort was selected because of the tower feature for over-watch of said Reprobate. Likely get catered meals and laundry service on top of this grift. My neighbor has an old camper for sale, it should make it out there. Park it in the driveway of The Great Spitball Painter…cost $5k, add a monthly stipend for Door Dash from In-n-Out Burger. Problem solved (in the short term). Another lost soul who thinks he’s all that because his daddy slithered his way through DC to the Oval Office. (I see Weird Uncle Joe has taken up Trump’s helo Presser tactic to add credibility to his useless persona…what a bum copycat, totally unimaginative).

    62% huh – Either the other 38% are stupid or the pollster didn’t want Joe to go off script in anger on national TV because the number is probably more like 92%.

    Time spent…wisdom. That said, lunch is done so gotta back at the current project before the Spring snow dump hits.

    • Closest In-N-Out is in Thousand Oaks. Food might be cold by the time they got it. BUT…since this IS the USGOV, I’m sure they could have In-N-Out set up one of their mobile kitchens on site…

      • I’m sure there is a chef, a butler, and a full kitchen staff on top of the $30K/mo. According to Brandon, he’s the smartest man in the world. No more snorting parmesan cheese off the carpet for the Smart Guy. There will also be a doctor and ambulance on call in case he or a crack whore OD.

    • I must have too small a circle of friends and acquaintances. Hmm, or maybe I don’t. Where is this 38%? Nobody I speak to thinks President Biden is doing even a marginal job.

    • Tower feature for “overwatch” ha-ha. I’ll just bet. We had an incidence of that locally a few years back. One of the neighbor women of above average appearance had a tendency to sunbathe nekkid in their fenced-in back yard. Then a crew moved in to paint a nearby communications tower. Hubby came home one afternoon and said, what in the hell do you think you’re doing? She said, are you blind, I’m working on my tan. He sez, I can see that, and so can THEY as he pointed up to the tower. There was the painting crew all lined up on the top platform with binoculars.

      That about the kind of overwatch you had in mind, Paul? I’m pretty sure the SS agents watching Hunter would get an eyeful of something too.

      • Assuming they have the 55 gallon drum of eye bleach handy, but could be they want to keep tabs on his world renown painting in case they want to buy one. Altho, this could be Hedonism-Cali where anything goes…gotta launder…err…spend those tax free Ukrainian/Russian/Chinesium millions somehow.

      • Something similar on that kind of overwatch: a sorority had a tanning area on the roof of their residence, which was taller than the buildings surrounding it….but not taller than a large dorm about 5 blocks away. The local SWAT group liked to check firing angles from the top of that dorm roof very regularly during warm weather.

  4. Not the first time. I recall USSS leased a 1000′ square ft gardeners shed from the Clintons in NY as a base. The lease exactly matched the Clinton mortgage payment.

  5. The big mistake is thinking the spineless, go along to get along republicans will do anything. They talk the talk, but never walk the walk. Even if the repubs take back the house and senate, nothing will change. The swamp will continue.

  6. Sidebar: I’m poking the dog…sent emails to Roy Blunt and Lisa Murkowski because of their asinine and reprehensible support statements of Ms. Jackson, who is obviously an evil woman playing a part to further undermine our Republic.

    Useless “time”? Maybe. But directly voicing my opposition to their idiocy in supporting a “soft on pedophiles” SCOTUS nominee makes me feel like I’m actually doing something. I did tell them God is watching. Forewarned…whether they care on not He gets the last word.

  7. Jacksons confirmation was already a sure thing within minutes of the nominee announcement. 11/11 split in the senate judiciary, every dem votes yes and it goes to the full senate. (A tie means she advances.) If every senate dem (50) votes yes, she’s in. Dems always vote in block with no defections. Doesn’t matter how many repubs vote no, or even if a few vote yes (Romney and Murkowski). Even if it came to a 50/50 tie, Harris is the tie-breaker. It was a done deal from day one. The only saving grace is that she’s just another far-left, radical, progressive liberal activist judge replacing the same…still 5-4 (Roberts is a liberal.) Just hope Thomas holds out for a few more years….he’s getting up there in age. Repubs could have stopped it, but they don’t have the cojones.

  8. Whoa, I knew some people as a child, in Oxford, who were involved in Katyn. Notably Lord Ponsonby, RIP. Such appalling atrocity.

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