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I have to admit some surprise that the American Propaganda Ministry are broadcasting a bad end to the Afghan war on their outlets. Normally they spike a story like that and it simply doesn’t exist outside of a few blogs or maybe even Fox News.

A friend texted me the other day that the corpse and whore who rule us were told in a briefing that they could have another Iran hostage crisis on their hands if they didn’t order an evacuation of the Embassy. The Ho is rarely in the White House, though she has an office there. She was invited to the briefing and there was a discussion of an Afghan Czar and people looked at her.

Many years ago, I was an “Afghanistan expert”, which meant that all advice was ignored once Big Army took over the war. A continuation of the useless war was a path to riches for retiring generals who wanted to work for Beltway Bandits and needed a continuation of the glorious cash flow.

My son-in-law returned from there with a 100% medical disability. So adding insult to injury there is that.

Now the ignominious defeat.

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  1. Sorry if I upset anybody with the following comment. As a disclaimer I will state up front that I am still, despite all these years, a believer that had we been left alone, to conduct the counterinsurgency how it should have, and was being, conducted, in South Vietnam, we would in all probability, have won and, in fact, we were winning before Big Army arrived. Afghanistan, like South Vietnam, was always, and should have remained, a Special Forces (and I mean Special Forces and NOT Special Operations Forces) and intelligence war, with Big Air Force, Big Navy, and Big Army, air support. It was not, and never should have been, a Big Army war. There was no need for them to be there. However, they could not help themselves and had to get involved. As Larry has said elsewhere there is big money for the politicians, big business, and the Generals, involved in having a major, long running, war. Special Forces Major Jim Gant, and no I do not know him nor have I ever met him, although I have mentioned him in a comment here previously, wrote a book entitled “One Tribe At A Time: A Strategy for Success in Afghanistan”. He hit the proverbial nail right on the head. With Afghanistan being a tribal society, notwithstanding their urban elites trying to discount this, one family, one village, one valley, and one tribe at a time was the only way to go. Big Army did not like this, however, so Gant got shafted. Yes, I know they claimed that his dressing like a local, having booze in his camp, and having a woman living with him, was not on. But, what else was new and who really cares. The same thing happened in Vietnam and, in my experience, is not detrimental to fighting the war. Of course, the woman in Gant’s case was a Westerner and not a local, and a journalist to boot, so this had the armchair warriors frothing at the mouth. Still, enough of my ranting.

    1. MikeW understands how wars like that must be conducted. Big Army is useful if you’re crossing Hitler’s Atlantic Wall and pushing across Europe. They can do that with an endless logistics train an endless budget and an endless number of soldiers. Big Army in Viet Nam was a dismal failure. Big Army in Afghanistan was a dismal failure. Most Army officers have jobs that sound glamorous but are actually routine. The same can be said for many bureaucrats in the intelligence establishment (spy game).

      They endure the unforgiving boredom by creating myths and giving each other medals that don’t mean anything. As I look up at my I love me (long time) wall, I have framed hardware. I have five full rows of ribbons (some represent medals). One with a V device means something. I guess so do expert rifle and pistol (the Navy gives you medals for that. You only need to shoot well once to have the medal.). My point is that NONE of that bullshit goes to winning wars in Viet Nam, in Afghanistan — and look what we did to Iraq because we were too weak to shoot looters.

      I have stories, most of which do not break the ice here. As with the named Major Grant, no good deed goes unpunished. Grant’s story is the story of many successful leaders in the American military.

      I think of LT Erik Prince, who separated from the Navy in 1995, founded Blackwater. He currently has a net worth of $2 billion. Too smart for the Navy.

  2. Well Travis has gone on to his reward so he doesn’t need to watch this. Read somewhere the Taliban have taken Kandahar. Given that corner of the world’s history and tribalism, doubt the Taliban hold much for long. Let us hope China is the next country to mire themselves there.

    Maybe the Afghani and Irish have something in common. Won’t unite to fight for something but will unite to fight against anything.

    1. The Russians weren’t ruthless enough in Afghanistan. They learned from the mistake and depopulated Chechnya, which you can do if you’re Russian. They replaced the population with Great Russians – who are not Muslims. Problem solved.

      I’m very sorry about Travis. I’m dealing with my damaged veteran at this point to the extent that I can. My daughter is stellar.

      Lots of blood and treasure were left there for absolutely nothing. Just like Viet Nam.

      1. but much of it ended up in cheney, rumsfeld and others’ pocket. even obamma had seven or eight phony contracts in the lot to the tune of nearly a billion, as did just about anybody in the”club”, even in-laws.

        1. It’s important to include your crime family in the scams.

          I don’t post a lot of Hunter Biden’s naked antics here because I am trying to keep it clean – most of the time. Selfie videos of the President’s son smoking crack, banging whores (no videos of him porking Kamala – YET), and bragging about how much cash he rakes in for the Big Guy are emblematic of a larger problem, and why the SWAMP (including Republicans) feared Trump at such a visceral level.

    2. I reflect on the 1842 Retreat of the British from Kabul and ask, “Does anyone read history”?
      Then I think, “Maybe they do and they want the same results”?

      I read Gant’s Paper and the book.
      It is hard to argue with success unless you desire failure.

      Best wishes for your SIL, and Bravo Zulu to your daughter.

      Note to self:
      Tit for Tat does not appear to be an appropriate strategy for dealing with people who keep goats in harems instead of herds.
      The only long term way to make certain this nation of vipers does not raise up out of the dust to bite our heel is to go all Scipio Africanus on them…have you ever met a Carthaginian?
      There’s a reason for that.

    1. Our leadership would not. be out of place in a freak show bar scene on Star Wars, LSP. No Jedi mind trick is required with the Walking Corpse or the whore.

  3. We never should have been there long term but it was more palatable to our political leadership to try nation building in Afghanistan rather than bomb the crap out of the Taliban that were supporting Bin Laden (regardless of what side of the border with Pakistan they were on) and then destroying the Saudis that really funded 9-11. If drug money funding the Taliban is a problem then go to the farmers raising the poppies and say here is x amount for raising anything but poppies, you raise poppies and we have B 52s and B1s loaded with napalm and don’t ask for our help putting out the fires.

    If we wanted to nation build then one tribe at a time was the way to go but who in their right mind would believe that we would stick with it for the two generations that sort of thing would require. The US just does not have the national will to do something like what worked for Germany and Japan anymore.

    China might be ruthless enough to make it work.

    Apologies to everyone, I am feeling old and bitter tonight for all the lives wasted in the “War on Terror”

    1. The people who flew in the airplanes that struck the WTC, Pentagon and were headed for the White House were not Afghans… They were Saudis. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM), who was behind a lot of it is Pakistani. OBL was found hiding in Pakistan in the relative open.

      I realize that the Afghans were an easier and far more convenient target than the Wahhabists living in our allied Saudi Arabia, but don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining.

      1. I lived and worked in KSA for 10 years and they are not our friends. After 9-11 they were dancing in the streets and blaming the Jews. My hatred of the Saudis is beyond words. Nuff said.

        1. Your president has arranged to buy oil from them (again) rather than supplying our needs with American production – American jobs, American wealth building, etc.

  4. If you go to fight, you fight to the teeth and claws. ROE is unbridled release of everything. As the Mongols taught the Muslims, “I will make a desert and call it peace.”

    This… this… peacekeeping bullshit is just that. Bullshit.

    And anyone could see that the ‘pro-American’ government wasn’t going to last 10 milliseconds.

    I feel sorry for the true patriots and innocents (if there are any in Afghanistan) that now are royally forked. But, well, what do you expect when you have DNC leadership.


    1. It’s what we have become, Beans. We are a nation defined by the very poorest who have a cell phone, a flat-screen TV, and a car. Go to a university and see how many of our best and brightest young people can find Afghanistan on a map. You can even keep the country names on the map.

      There are people as vacuous as the Ho who think that voting for an Indian woman for VP is a great idea just because of her plumbing. And they reproduce. And they have driver’s licenses which means that they can serve on juries.

      1. “who think that voting for a half-Indian woman from a notorious slave-owning family for VP…”

        There, fixed it for you.

        The only reason she was made VP was because everyone else, EVERYONE ELSE, who ran for Pressy as a Dem was a direct and more-alive threat to Biden, and to whomever is running Biden. Gee, such a great VP candidate that she dropped out of the pres race before the first caucus. (Makes me think the fix was in for Biden and she was chosen at that time, based on pre-caucus polling, and probably the fact they have a stack of dirt on her that will drop as soon as she becomes a potential threat, like they did to Cuomo and… the other Cuomo (as his reporting star fades rather rapidly…))

        1. CNN is putting some daylight between themselves and Jr. Cuomo. I wonder what he’ll do for a living after his career in “journalism”? Fitness trainer, short order cook, consulting business with big brother?

  5. Yeah, it’s too bad about the Afghans who were actually our friends, but most of the rest of them will deserve what the ChiComms do to them.

    It is indeed hilarious watching the Ministry of Propaganda contradict themselves with full outrage, as well as all the governments of all the other Western nations.

    It’s also hilarious that apparently, no Western nations have actual government “expert” advisors who could see what would be obvious to a sort of slow 12-year-old – i.e. that the whole place was gonna collapse like a house of cards as soon as we split.

    Oh well. More fun with bad decisions and short attention span.

    I suppose all the people we have fucked over as a nation through the years can have fun watching us destroy ourselves here at home now, which is fair.


  6. I don’t have the intellect to describe what I feel about what we did in Afghanistan, so I’ll tell you this.

    I kept it for years, a cartoon from New Yorker or maybe Playboy, whatever, circa 1973 or 74 or thereabouts, anyway it was not long after Kissinger served dessert to Nixon and called it peace. Some fat cat and his rich bitch wife at the breakfast table and he says to her, “Wonderful news from Viet Nam! It’s all over but the shooting.” Smedley was right.

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