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The Democrat Party is cracking at the seams and their iron grasp of the elected faithful in Congress may not hold through the end of the year. Is the only reliable political establishment in America that which has been recently established by Donald Trump?
The Jeb! wing of the Republican Party has been tossed out because whether or not you want to admit it, they were “With HER”. And when Donald Trump was elected president, they joined with the Democrats to marginalize President Trump.
Now we know from a number of sources including Donna Brazil that the DNC was simply a mechanism to launder campaign funding, to strangle Bernie Sanders and assure a Hillary Clinton victory. What many on this and other blogs have asserted for years including FBI corruption in a number of scandals, not the least of which included not investigating the Uranium One Scandal, the Seth Rich assassination, the Clinton Server Scandal, and so forth, is now headlines. 
Just a year ago, the Democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton was considered invincible.
Communism was considered invincible. Then the fall of the Berlin Wall started a domino effect that brought down six Soviet satellites in quick succession, and soon after the Soviet Union itself. Though communism’s failures were widely understood, no one thought it vulnerable to street demonstrations. In East Berlin in 1953, Hungary in 1956, and Czechoslovakia in 1968, it had demonstrated a willingness to crush dissent brutally. Moreover, for decades on end, the members of communist-ruled societies had displayed a remarkable tolerance for tyranny and inefficiency. They remained docile and even outwardly supportive of the status quo.

For all this submissiveness, it turned out that millions had been willing to revolt all along — if enough others would also revolt and they felt sufficiently sure of escaping punishment. But no one knew exactly what needed to happen to set off a successful uprising. In retrospect, all it took was a few thousand demonstrators calling for more freedom and a regime that signaled that it was afraid of overreacting. People standing on the sidelines suddenly found the courage to join in, and the East German revolt started feeding on itself.
These are the questions I have for you, dear readers:
What are Democrats to do? Who is their standard bearer? What does their Party stand for?
What are Jeb! Republicans to do? Who is their standard bearer? What does their Party stand for?
Bernie Sanders, a communist/socialist wants to bring those broken principles of government to the USA – but they’ve never worked anywhere – ever (see above) What does Bernie’s movement stand for?
Donald Trump was never really a Republican. He was and remains a proponent of limited government and a populist. Is he the only viable political solution in the USA? 
The questions are not rhetorical. 
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24 thoughts on “Some Political Questions

  1. POWER!!! There is but one easy answer to all of your questions in my opinion. That answer is POWER for the politically connected of any and all of those groups. The people are but their minions to serve them and their desires.

  2. LL,

    In answering your questions, there is the conundrum of "when the DEMs bring enough illegals and make them voters, what makes the DEMs think that these new (presumably Latin) voters will vote for old white people (like Pelosi) and help preserve their power? When they can instead vote for fellow travelers of their Raza?

  3. LL,

    So your questions:

    Democrats will continue their coalition of single issue advocacy and attempt to obstruct Trump. However, as is being seen lately, they will eat their own when the mid level functionaries like Hollywood types, feel the need to be out in front (of the camera). The standard bearer right now is Bernie because he has the largest grieviance and grieviance (not misspelled, rhymes with deviance) But he will be too much more senile by 2020. So the coalition will find a new leader like the REPs did following the 2012 failure. Their party stands for a mish mash of single issues that will sell their soul for their agenda. However, that still leads to the aforementioned eating of their own

  4. Question 2:

    Rats leaving sinking ship
    Slink into the sewer in DC and keep a low profile meanwhile not supporting Trump
    Say they were always on his side anyway

    Standard bearer? McConnell, Ryan, Romney, JEB!, ….
    if you mean who is the loser that thinks he can win? they are losers, who thinks that they can win?

    What does their party stand for? See Bernie, more of the same.

  5. LL,

    Who gets elected? same as it ever was. The white horse rider saves the day and then we don't need him anymore. The quislings in the middle forget what led to a decline and jump to the free stuff guys.

  6. So the point is keeping and walking the tightrope of work or free stuff so that the middle wants to work enough to call the freeloaders freeloaders and the 47% Romney spoke about stay at 47% and no more. But lifting the economy where 98% want work and loafers going to loaf if tough when you have a lofers lobby.

  7. And Millennials think communism would be great. Idiots.
    Where else can you get a bunch of people who whine about white privilege and rich people; and that is all they field as candidates (for the most part).

    I agree with keith moore on question 2. My thoughts were Ryan and McConnell, too. All the RINOs disgust me.

    And that is all I have to say, sorry. Be safe and God bless.

  8. I am attending a meeting on Wednesday "One year with Trump". The question to answer by looking at CNN is hard when trying to answering what is achieved? I saw one interview where the person said "Trump has delivered what he promised", What are the key results benefiting the US middle class? A new Tex reform,on its way. Obamacare, no. More to the US Armed forces, yes?, less support to women and abortion, yes. Less money to EPA, yes. Less support to IS in Syria than Obama gave, yes. Growth in the economy and job creation, yes. The US has become a lot like the socialist countries and the modern Russia with Oligarchs. The big bucks rules with the politicians and the middle class are the looser and pay the bill. Maybe Trump can change some of it but I doubt. The people being attracted to politics like Clintons know their way towards the money and how to profit on it. Similar to the ones that saw the opportunity and joined forces with the Trump team having their financial records unwillingly published these days like Wilbur Ross having business together with Putin's son in law. If there is any difference between today's US capitalism and the old socialist economy it must be the names of the people but the content look very alike and the consequences seem to very much the same. Orwell wrote "All animals are equal but some are more equal". The middle class must pay the bill, work harder and see how the money people become richer when they sponser the politicians towards the future they shape. Hopefully the time left with Trump will reveal more of the humbug politicians are involved in and future politicians must get back to what the real values are when you serve the country.

  9. Saul Alinsky and his rules for radicals worked great for the Democrats in their battle against the 'nicer' Republican rivals until President Trump came along and shoved them down their throats.

    He uses a couple of them very well: "Little Marco", "Crooked Hillary", "Pocahantus", "Low Energy Jeb!" etc.
    "Ridicule is man's most potent weapon." There is no defense. It's irrational. It's infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions.

    "A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag." Don't become old news.

    "The major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition." It is this unceasing pressure that results in the reactions from the opposition that are essential for the success of the campaign.

    He has also called out the corrupt mainstream media and their "fake news" for what it is – "Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it." Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions.

  10. Politics clearly hasn't changed one whit since the days of the Caesars. The people demand bread and circus and the politicians work hard to deliver (at the expense of those who work and earn). When politicians flay the sheep instead of shearing them – the whole system collapses.

  11. Don't rule old senile Bernie out in 2020, Keith. Power is to be had with this grievance, deeply held by millions and millions of duped useful idiots who still will flock to the banner. It worked for the aged and senile Ayatollah Khameni when he ousted the Shah. His lieutenants were more than able to lead the charge, with pictures of the Ayatollah in his youth on their banners as they charged into the fray.

    Bernie is still a force to be reckoned with. As old and beat up as he is, even if he croaks, they will stuff his body and prop it up in 2020, with their slogan 'Weekend at Bernie's' having much more meaning for this sequel.

  12. A "Weekend at Bernie's" scenario? There is that age old appeal to communism and to old communists.

    There is a solution, Fredd. Get Aunt Sally a job as Bernie's personal chef.

  13. The Donald shattered their dreams of getting enough of the Great Unwashed over the border and voting (illegally) and ushering in the vision of LBJ's Great Society.

  14. What good questions.

    The Democrats clearly stand for Spirit Cooking and not just the books, either. So now that Satan's discarded his toy, the Old Crone, they can have a newer model. Chelsea Handler, Madonna, Katy Perry, maybe Beyonce.

    The Jeb!ites stand for a deep leather chair at the club, a fine single malt and everything that the Democrats stand for. Their leader is Hillary. After all, they voted for her.

    What do the Berners stand for? That's easy. Burning Man.

    Will people wake up and kick these goons out? It happened in the SovBloc, so maybe there's hope.

  15. If there were a Working Class Party, President Trump would be the leader. Most politicians are from the professional class with a sprinkling of old wealth doing the Noblesse Oblige shtick. The working class loathes the professional class and the professional class looks down on the working class. Who comes out on top? Damned if I know.

  16. Agree with WSF- And I'm thinking the 'Independents' are the new Republican party, WRT smaller government, lowering taxes and a strong military.

  17. The Dems will keep doing what they are doing. To do anything else would be an admission that every thing they have done up to now is BS, and that cannot be allowed to happen.

    The JEB!'s don't care who is in power as long as they get to be in the club.

    The Bernie people are against "The Establishment", while conveniently ignoring that the establishment is what provides their heat, light , gas, cell signal, and welfare check.

    LSP mentions the SovBloc. LL, are you familiar with this author?–

    I very much enjoyed this book–

    The money line from his chapter on the invasion of Czechoslovakia (from memory) "We in the Officer Corps knew that for the next ten years, we would never make the mistake of invading a country with a higher standard of living than ours".

  18. Yes, I'm sure that every person who attended Burning Man felt the Bern for Sanders. That's a foregone conclusion. That would include the trust fund babies in Hollywood (many of whom did not vote for HER).

    Jeb!'s followers are the entitled who receive "welfare for the middle class" from the government and are on the tit. There were a lot of well paid pundits who rode those slimy coat tails. George Will comes to mind.

  19. There are a lot of working class people who used to be Democrats but were betrayed by that Party and they've shifted to Trump. Witness the "Blue Wall" that Mr. Trump breached to win the election.

  20. The Grand Old Party types are very suspicious of the limited government and strong military types. Many of those people did not graduate from the Ivy League, none of them are Bonesmen, and they can't be trusted.

  21. Naw, not a chance. When things go bad (which they will), all roads will lead back to me.

    I've got a compound to build in Kerrville, TX. I can't be spending time in Leavenworth or Rikers Island, not in the business plan.

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