People won’t be held accountable for the Covid Scam

They’re continually creating new narratives hoping that smoke and mirrors will deflect the public from the truth.

Dr. Fauci and Birx aren’t in prison. Wow, they’re as Teflon as Hunter Biden.


The Chain

This should be playing while the machine is running…but that’s just me thinking of Rumors back in 1977.


Bullet Points

* Stalin called the farmers, “the enemies of the people.” By expropriating them, the state took control of food production. Then 7 million Russians were starved to death. Now, 100 years later, the World Economic Forum is opening the “war on farmers.” Notice the similarities?

* The National Archives (NARA) is only the temporary custodian of a president’s old White House archives until all of those records are transferred back to the president once his presidential library is built…all the classified papers are returned to former presidents.

* Conflict of Interest -Democrat Rep. Kathy Manning, D-N.C., scooped up thousands of dollars in semiconductor company stock just one day before voting to pass a bill providing massive subsidies to the sector, new disclosures show. One of the companies is already planning large-scale investments made possible due to the legislation. Manning and her husband purchased up to $30,000 in Micron Technology stocks and up to $95,000 in Nvidia stocks on July 27, the new disclosures show. The next day, Manning voted to pass the CHIPS Act, which will help expand semiconductor manufacturing facilities in the United States while providing the industry tens of billions of dollars in subsidies.

* “Little by little, one travels far.” -J.R.R. Tolkien

* Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping trial – One female FBI agent admitted last Friday during testimony that she slept in the same hotel room, and the same bed, during a training weekend with FBI target Barry Croft. And… she smoked pot with him. The FBI planned the Whitmer attack, organized the attack, paid for the attack, recruited local men to join in their planned attack, and apparently f-ed the main suspect to keep him on track. File it under, “just doing their job.”

* President Trump declassified documents the day before he left office. The records relate to “Crossfire Hurricane,” the controversial spy operation against President Trump, his 2016 presidential campaign, and other Trump associates, and have yet to be made public by the Biden Administration.

It turns out to have been a panty raid…

* Mcdonald’s dropped the ‘beyond burger’ made of plant and soy fake meat. I don’t go. there enough to know that had been an option. Maybe they’ll roll out the Bill Gates-engineered meat next?


What is a Stock Tank good for, Riverrider?


How do you feel about Jerry?  (pictured below)




Percent of Americans who reside in the state where they were born.



Names of some Finnish municipalities (current and former), translated literally to English.


How does this correlate to UFO sightings?



  1. Jerry, the 4-wheel drive of the animal world. Sure footed, intelligent, and stubborn. They will never overeat and founder. If you can shoot that lever action out of the saddle extra bonus points.

    Water tanks for our dairy cattle were off limits for myself and 5 brothers. “Those cows make us money, you 6 haven’t shown any return yet!”

    • I was taught as a child not to shoot from the back of a horse (or mule) and haven’t ever done that. Yes, it works for Hollywood, but it’s how you run a horse and make it gun shy.

  2. Meteorites… I guess we know what happened to the Clovis culture now; somebody in space really hated those guys.


  3. “Beating Hill”…the new name for CapHill, “Viper Lake” is the cesspool that is Congress…’cause we’re taking a beating from these snakes of the Nations Capital. More accurately need to call it “DumpsterFire-TrainWreck-BankRobbery” but those weren’t on the map.

    RR’s morning delight: More importantly, what brand is the stock tank, looks like a nice one? The photographer must have paid her a few shekels to step into a frigid stock tank on the deck.

    Jerry looks suspicious of what’s downhill. If you flipped the two pictures we could assume Jerry was getting a better look. x2 Fhubert…good backcountry pack animal if you can avoid the trail-side yard sale when they decide to get spooked at…a bush. Best take the rifle out of the scabbard when dismounting.

    That’ll be next from the Earth First-People Last lunatics, no bacon…just to torture us some more.

    • Not ALL MULES were created equally. They can be trained, but it takes patience – a mule whisperer… I had an American Saddler/Morgan who was a wonderful horse – big and strong – but he spooked at everything. He would run deer down, which means that chaps were a must or you’d end up with no Levis and torn-up legs. A discarded soda can was like a snake to Big Red, making him difficult to ride. When I was a boy, we had Morgans and they seemed steadier than Big Red in just about all situations.

      Back to mules, I like them.

      • Had a friend who hunted exclusively with mules, preferred them to horses. But like you say, they were well trained and knew the routine.

        • Mules are on average, more cunning than horses. If you make what they’re doing fun for them or a game for them, they take to it a lot better than if you don’t — a lot like people.

          • None of our critters were gun shy, why I can’t say. My Dad joked they would look over his shoulder and call his shots.

            Every horse we had was trained by my Dad not to shy. He would start with a stout halter tied to a hitching post then start with a large piece of canvas flapping it around their head and belly. He would do this daily. Usually by day three the horse would be shy proofed.

          • The floppy piece of canvas is an interesting training technique. I’ve never seen it done or talked about, but maybe I just didn’t move in the right circles. We had a buckskin mare named Fawn. I think that somebody shot between her ears once because you’d have to have hold your reins tight if you fired anywhere near her. One shot and off she went. I saw that happen more than once. She also hated hauling dead animals with a passion. Even if you hoodwinked her and put deer blood in her nose before you loaded the deer, she knew what she was carrying and at the first opportunity – off she went. Not the best hunter.

          • A strong fight or flight mechanism, they are sensitive animals. Like WSF’s experience level, MrsPaulM has forgotten more about horses than I’ll ever know. Good to learn from the best.

            The tartp- A good training method, as is walking them over it. Training requires patience, something lacking in many people today.

  4. i think jerry looks well armed…..suddenly feeling thirsty….the meteorite thing is creepy. or could it be that the terrain favors discovery of said meteorites?…foochi said he doesn’t understand why we wouldn’t give up even more or our freedom, lol…. i like finland, those names are hilarious. i can’t pronounce anything in finnish… or the promise there of constitutes entrapment, game over…. found out my new-ish neighbor was on a big city bomb squad. good to know. i’m almost going to feel sorry for the orcs when they come.

  5. Stock tanks. My mother told me about swimming in them as a young girl when she visited the family ranch where her mother was raised in west Texas. IIRC, the tanks were (still are) about 40 ft in diameter, walls are concrete, about five ft high and 12 inches thick. I saw them in my youth as well, but did not go swimming.

    Jerry. I’ve ridden horseback a few times (my horse) with a rifle in a leather scabbard (have no experience with mules). Slim lever actions lend themselves well. Mine was a M 94 30-30. I decided to carry it on the left side, butt forward, lever up, running down under my left knee. The angle was a compromise between not interfering with the reins and out of the way if my horse threw his head around chasing a fly. Also was a decent angle to draw with my right hand. Draw, then dismount so if the horse spooks, he doesn’t take your rifle with him.

    I never fired a shot around any horse. Doing so would have been a last resort.

  6. I like “Predator Bay”. But Beating Hill being just down the road a piece from Big-Stick-Ville is excellent.

    Some YT commenter called Herman Francis says: They say that if you ask a finn to teach you finnish you will be friends for life. Because that’s how long it’s gonna take to learn finnish. This is probably true.

    What Finnish sounds like (even though this is just gibberish from a Swede):

    What Finnish is used for: to scare off bears.

    For people who famously drink to excess, they are terrible at drinking games:

  7. Having led a sheltered life as far as exposure to drugs go I can’t attest to any of the before and after pictures…except bacon. That one I can attest to as being completely accurate.

    Finnish Municipalities. Paul M has it, maybe we need to start doing that to US cities. Kinda set expectations for us citizens. I can see a veritable host of big green signs with new city names on freeways heading into towns all over the country.

    Very little experience with horse other than my sister’s 17 Hand high Tennessee Walker, great horse and smart as all get out. Did his best to keep me, a very novice rider, out of trouble. Shooting from horseback (or muleback) sounds like one of those things that are better just talked about.

    • Well, growing up in PA we did have Blue Ball and Intercourse. Those Colonials named them innocently enough, but the double entendre stuck, bolstered by tourism. ( a few moons back LL had a map of oddball town names per state)

  8. Uncle just tide the young mules ,with hobbles, to a post when he went dove hunting. Plus one on the floppy piece of canvas . He always had mules in his dove field . Broke to ride , pull a plow or wagon. A try SUV.

  9. I don’t know about the coke and the crack, but I’ve FELT like the guy in the alcohol photo. Now on the other hand the bacon pictures are 100% accurate.

  10. after exhaustive research i have determined that frosty the snowman is a white nationalist and must be banned. now they(the atlantic) are equating rosary beads to white supremacy, so why not frosty? do i get any virtue points for that? maybe i can hate myself enough to earn a spot by the stove in the gulag? the new amerikan dream?

    • You just have to learn to despise yourself, everything around you, all of your friends, your ancestors and your nation. Once you’ve done that, you’ll come to admire Brandon and his regime.

      • PS – Resist the urge to wear black face and hang with the homies on the worn out porch furniture and drink Colt 45.

        • oddly enough i have hung out on worn porch/yard furniture and drunk colt 45 with the homies, but that was 45 plus years ago. they were good peeps. we worked side by side in the tobacco fields when i was a youngin’.

  11. Horses and mules ‘can’ be trained to be shot from, but it’s a lot of work! The maps are always interesting, educational, and sometimes downright funny!

  12. When I was in junior college, one of my ag classes took a field trip to an outfit that raised Limousin beef cattle just north of Lincoln, CA. To train their show bulls to lead, they put a halter on them at a young age. A short rope went from the halter to a heavy leather belt. The belt was fitted loosely around the neck of a donkey, sort of like a draft collar. The donkeys were ornery enough to make the bulls follow along whenever the donkey wanted to go somewhere.

  13. I don’t know much about mules, but Jerry looks pretty competent.
    I recall the Boraxo hand soap tins featuring the 20 mule teams.

    Charles Darwin wrote: “The mule always appears to me a most surprising animal. That a hybrid should possess more reason, memory, obstinacy, social affection, powers of muscular endurance, and length of life, than either of its parents, seems to indicate that art has here outdone nature”.
    I have encountered numerous burros at Grand Canyon and in Leadville, Oatman and Big Bear:

    Charles Darwin wrote: “The mule always appears to me a most surprising animal. That a hybrid should possess more reason, memory, obstinacy, social affection, powers of muscular endurance, and length of life, than either of its parents, seems to indicate that art has here outdone nature”.

    Faulkner has some amusing stories about mules.

  14. BTW, if Birx “The Scarf Wearer” was your doctor, would you go to her?

    Not on your life. WHY do these types always look creepy? Look at The Fowch Mengele. Same thing.

    • Would you go to Dick/Rachel Levine for medical advice? He/She/It is an admiral, head of the national health service…and that’s a lot of national credibility in one chubby tranny

      • Not in a million years and twice on Mars.

        Got a new DL…my decent color picture was “out of date” as I have apparently “aged” (okay, didn’t need THAT reminder). The “??” that was a dude in a dress and makeup took the new picture. Worst picture ever, and B&W to boot. Asked for a redo since he snapped it before I was ready. Nope, can’t retake. Really? Pretty sure he had a problem with us biologically sound men.

        The old picture looks more like me than the new weirdo one…almost cut it out and pasted it on top. Oh, and why B&W? Is color ink bad for the environment? More than LiIon batteries in all those gov’t Prius’ in the parking lot? Walked away stupefied by dealing with government idiocy.

  15. My dad used to farm with horses long before I came along. Once he got tractors he never got another horse, so I’m vastly ignorant about them. One summer I worked for a neighboring farmer who told of, years back, buying some horses with his nephew then asking to break them to ride. One horse developed the habit of flopping over onto his side and trapping the nephew’s leg…luckily the ground was soft. He told his nephew that the next time the horse did that to pull the reins very hard to one side, to keep the horse from being able to get back on his feet. When it happened, the farmer picked up a broken off branch he had selected for size and weight, and started beating the horse. He said that was the end of that. Dunno if he was funning me, or if that is something you can do with horses.

    • I don’t know anything about horses other than to identify one on sight, but right, wrong or whichever-way I had a buddy who was a pretty good trainer and that was his preferred method when a horse decided it was boss. Your mileage may vary…..

  16. Of course I like the stock tank infographic, who wouldn’t, but perhaps wrong pronouns?
    In a little while, watch my tracer, this rainbow narrative’s gonna fail and fail hard.


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