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Can you identify the captioned aircraft?


Cuomo book deal nixed.

Cuomo’s book, titled “Deep Denial,” was described by the publisher as “a provocative analysis of the harsh truths that the pandemic and Trump years have exposed about America – about our strength and our character – and a roadmap of the work needed to make our ideals match reality.”

Narcissism runs incredibly deep with the Cuomo brothers who have been called “progressive royalty in America“. I’d have been more impressed if Cuomo had titled his book, “Mein Kampf“…the same unabashed cesspool of hatred and twisted political theory. Just a more memorable title.



The UN has ordered the immediate evacuation of family members of international staff in Ethiopia, as Tigrayan rebels claim to be edging closer to the capital Addis Ababa.


BRP Sierra Madre

(Manila Times) The Communist Chinese have claimed the Pacific Ocean as theirs, and it’s not a new claim. A bit of drama played out this past week as the Chinese Coast Guard, which usually acts like a bunch of pirates, attempted to stop two civilian boats from resupplying Filipino Marines.

The Marines live in a Landing Ship Tank (LST) BRP Sierra Madre, which ran aground on Ayungin (Second Thomas) Shoal, off the coast of The Philippines. They do this to continually assert their claim to the reef/island

The Department of Foreign Affairs lodged a diplomatic protest against China’s actions in the area, while the foreign ministry of China insisted that their coast guard vessels were only “performing official duties.”

It’s not big news, only a reminder that PR China hasn’t changed its behavior.




Teacher’s Pay compared to state median wage.


When does the week begin?


16 thoughts on “Checking In

    1. …and a large number of them haven’t been doing their job in the past two years, which as it turns out was to indoctrinate children towards everything not of God.

        1. Me as well, certain ones have that gift. In my pre-indoctrination schooling era I had wonderful teachers in all disciplines. Today, not so much…most are agenda driven and refuse to see beyond their bubble…a prime example of “closed mindedness”.

  1. Re Mein Kampf and the Cuomo Brothers:

    The famous quote from the book is quite applicable:
    “Gradually, I began to hate them.”

  2. Early Fairey Gannett AEW bird. Twin jet, crew of 3, their version of the venerable E-2. Oddity was they got to altitude and ‘swapped’ engines every half hour, loitering on one at a time!

    1. Old NFO, it may not be the very weirdest of carrier-borne aircraft but it’s up there.

  3. Books and “art”. What else is available for grafters to use? Oh, charitable foundations!

    1. Charitable foundations are the gold standard, dedicated to crippled children of color, set up for the politician to skim the whole of it. Usually, you find them handing out a dozen happy meals to the beneficiaries of the skim for a photo op.

  4. I hate to be “off color” on this family blog, but do you remember the Cuomo piercings? We saw them on TV, shamelessly displayed for all the world to see, under a polo shirt.

    Dear God, what utter degenerates.

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