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Incidents in Arizona

I’ve been tracking things, primarily through people I know locally. I’m aware of two incidents but there were doubtless more. I’ll share one from the other day. The police in a smaller town in the Arizona Highlands (not in the Phoenix Valley) received information of a very specific nature. Five vehicles loaded with protesters were headed there and would be in town in an hour and a half or so. They were going to burn the Republican campaign HQ, loot a gun store and burn a local market (I don’t know what they had against the market, but this was the information).

There is no local “militia”, but there is a network. The police dropped a dime, suggesting that they would need back-up.

The looters and rioters rolled into town as predicted – a little late – and found the local police and about 130 locals, armed to the teeth in the ground and on rooftops, waiting. They’re not “minute men” but they bring their own pick-up trucks and their own kit.

The thugs pulled into the parking lot where their targets were, and the police spoke to them. They said that the thugs could protest, and suggested a location where it would be legal to do that and said that they were busy and had to leave, but that the militia would remain and would be their guides (to the next life?).

The thugs piled into their cars and returned to the valley, followed by a dozen trucks full of locals to insure that they left the area.

Because this scenario was played out in a couple places that I know of in the area, the effort was coordinated. Whether the information that the police obtained of the arrivals was planted by Thug Inc., or obtained by informants is something I don’t know. But it’s likely that the progressive looter leaders are/were looking to incite an incident wherein the molotov cocktail throwing people (no doubt upset by the untimely demise of George Floyd in Minnesota) would be killed or damaged, and would create an incident.

In this situation, the would-be martyrs to the cause did not fill wine bottles, stuff rags in the mouth, light them on fire and throw them at the locals, nor did they produce firearms. Yes, it would have been over in seconds if they had, and would have been carried by CNN with a headline like, “Peaceful Students Murdered”.

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  1. Okay, that climb looks a little too technical for my tastes, even in my youth.

      1. We could rig some sort of makeshift elevator with pulleys and strong line. I’m not saying that it wouldn’t sway on the way up and down, though. Sort of like a carnival ride on steroids combined with a bucking Brahma bull.

    1. I’ve heard that the protesters who arrived in Prescott from Phoenix were met by a few dozen off-duty police officers who stood by to keep the peace with axe handles.

    1. Alls well that ends well. The freaks, misfits, gender-confused, anarchists, and grievance oriented need to stay in progressive enclaves where the people seem content to have their homes and businesses put to the torch. Rural Arizona is a place where that is not tolerated.

      1. Yes, the undesireables looking for trouble should just stick to places that like undesireables looking for trouble, namely NYC, LA, Chicago and Houston. The residents there desperately want their businesses to be burned to the ground, but not before they are looted of everything that is not bolted down. These residents like all of that, they must because they seem to advertise it.

        Yes, rural Arizona, not good. You can be a miscreant up there, run into the wrong situation and never be heard from again. I heard it happened a few times.

        1. Rural Texas enjoys a similar reputation for despicable people. I hope you’ll be able to make an ILLEXIT. The Stock Market seems to be headed up.

          1. Being in rural Texas about 45 miles NW of San Antonio, we are prepared to ensure that those sorts are kept out. They want to come and cause trouble, then let them meet their true opposition, not the wussie police forces of the big cities.

          2. ILLEXIT has been postponed for awhile, unfortunately. Still have our 9 acres in Kerrville, TX, ready for the construction of a ‘compound.’ As of yesterday, we’re back in whole hog into the market. For the time being, of course.

  2. Are our police agencies, at the national level, competent enough to identify the organizers at the top of what is clearly a co-ordinated national effort? Are they being allowed to do the job?

    Am I alone in smelling desperation among those who know, when President Trump is re-elected, their asses are………?

    1. You’re not alone, WSF.

      Get the coven working on it. They should be able to hex the freaks, misfits, looters and anarchists.

    2. > Are they being allowed to do the job?
      What do you think?

      >Are our police agencies […] competent enough
      I’m certain that Danielle Outlaw has Philadelphia under control.
      New York City Chief Terence Monahan bravely took a knee with protestors, so he’s got his head on straight (not that there’s anything wrong with being not straight)
      San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin (raised by Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn due to his biological parents doing time for politically-motivated felony murders) comes from the best, most patriotic background you could imagine, so you know the City of Vaseline and Cocaine is well in hand.
      And so forth.

      So some national level police and law enforcement leadership is genuinely incompetent. Other national-level figures are probably NOT incompetent, more’s the pity. But all of them hate you and want you humiliated and enslaved. Either road, regardless of whether they are stupid and incompetent, or intelligent and spitefully malicious, to understand the truth, you must educate yourself as to who are the real victims. (Hint, it’s always them, and never you.)

      1. There seems to be a lot of incompetence at the chief-of-police level, but when they serve at the pleasure of the Mayor or City Council in these progressive enclaves, you more or less expect them to fit the mold (such as the infamous and cowardly Chief Outlaw). Many chiefs are selected only on the basis of race and gender and the results are predictable. They likewise promote based on race and gender and the rot moves down.

  3. We had a small walk around the square here in Preskitt by some idiots dressed in black carrying some truly lame signs last night. What struck me about it is that this event is specific to Minneapolis yet protesters are coming from Tucson to prance around in Preskitt. Wait, what?? What is the point in coming here from another town? We have plenty of morons from California that are capable of carrying signs. They all throw their hip out if they tried to get violent so I guess we are safe.

    I stepped out of the Hassayampa Hotel after having a glass of wine and saw cops on the top of some buildings. What a glorious sight. Riding my Lambretta up Union Street I went by about 12 cops hanging out. When I waved every single hand went up at the same instant waving back. That was pretty cool looking.

      1. Prescott (Presskitt) is a cool town. It was cool in the days of the Old West and it is cool now. I’ll be there tomorrow, hanging out, etc.

        The police are there to keep the peace. If you’re not peaceful, you usually run afoul of them. Otherwise no problem. Just like at the OK Corral in Tombstone.

        1. Careful with the Preskitt praise. Donโ€™t want it to get too popular ๐Ÿ™‚

          1. Prescott Arizona is a dump. People of ill repute like BANDMEETING live there. In fact, I have a lot of friends who live there and they’re all worse than me. Don’t visit, don’t consider moving there. Just don’t.

            There’s not one progressive swinging dick in Prescott.

  4. I once read history from the past wild west, it was a book about guns. A couple of guys with bad intentions arrived in a small town. Suddenly one day the bank was robbed and the robbers vanished. it did not take a long time until the sheriff and his deputies located them in the local hotel on the second floor. The bad guys had no plan to voluntarily give up.

    To send a signal the citizens then showed up at the hotel and entered the room below. When they had finished shooting through the ceiling, what was left of the bad guys was put in a bag and delivered on the next train. And that was how the bad guys left the small town.

  5. All I’ve seen here were some “regular grade” snowflakes, wearing their silly face masks, and holding equally silly signs. Their “protest” was peaceful, no yelling at cars or throwing things, and the police thanked them for being a peaceable group.

    Just what passes for “normal” people here, peaceably exercising their First Amendment rights. We unfortunately have quite a few liberals here, but while I don’t agree with their political views, the ones I’ve met seem to be decent folk, and would probably turn and run for home if a group protest they were in turned violent.

    Since CSU is shut down, and all the students have gone, we didn’t have any large groups of student “protesters” that professional agitators could easily infiltrate and blend in with. If any organized protests turned ugly here and tried to damage our beloved “Old Town”, we have lots of old, 1800’s buildings here with solid stone construction, excellent roof access, and parapet walls at the top that make for both great cover, and good firing positions.

    Hmmmm…maybe we could start a #RoofTopCowboys or #RoofTopCowboysMatter movement?

    And if any of these Antifa Idiots were to be so stupid as to try and raise havoc outside the city, they’d never be seen again, and we’d have some very well-fed hogs in the area.

    1. Heard about that…and just when I was hoping the inane “inside all businesses for safety reasons” mask-wearing edict would be lifted so we could make a breakfast run to The Silver Grill (to take off our masks between bites…Huh!?). Won’t head to Fort Collins anytime soon until these folks et al get their heads screwed on right and go do something productive. Good thing Laramie is less frothing at the mouth idiotic so will get our business instead.

        1. I’m using that…seriously good one. Add it to your T-Shirt & window sticker selection as suggested the other day. I have a few neighbors that’d be willing to shell out a few shekels for one. (altho, my roof is a 12/12 pitch, but I can perch on the rocks.)

          1. There are areas that are called, “The Roof of the World” in the Rockies as well as in Tibet/Nepal. We can perch there – or on the barn – or in town. “Take the high ground” is not a cliche.

      1. We were planning on going out to the Sonny Lubick Steakhouse, one of the nicer places here, until we found out about the mask thing.

        No, thanks, Emperor Polis.

        Same with Silver Grill.

        When we had the first post-covid clan gathering last week, the in-laws from Cheyenne were there, and they said most of Wyoming was ignoring all this stuff, and were doing quite well, thank you.

        1. Y’all need new leadership in Colorado. Why would you wear a mask to a fine steak dinner at Sonny Lubick’s? Insanity.

          1. Polis is not stupid, but he is a Lefty putz.

            A pile of Californian’s moved here and changed the political demographic in the larger Front Range cities, overriding the majority of our conservative state.

            Had a terrific meal at Lubick’s moons ago…still good by those in the know. Cavalryman up near Laramie will suffice for now.

          2. Sonny’s is a very cool place. It’s below street level, has a kind of “Mid-Centry” decor (I think it used to be a bar or nightclub), and the best steak I’ve had in Colorado. Service is excellent, you’re not rushed, and we love the place.

            Colorado definitely needs to go red. The people on the Western Slope are feeling the misery of the Big City trying to run the entire state, like in Illinois. Too bad the population of the metro areas is poisoning the rest of the state…..

  6. hehe, posted my short quick comment on the wrong post…IPad dyslexia.

    Saw the storage shelf and your caption and thought of a well stocked pantry as “wealth”.

    All good stuff.

    The final bit you wrote occurred in Coeur d’Alene as well…when presented with any decent level of clear firearm opposition cowards hiding behind masks always run off. This sort of thing may become the norm as the good people work to keep the rats at bay.

    1. The looters and freaks need to stay within a progressive environment or they’ll be bound, awake and alert at the bottom of the trench watching the dirt fall from the back hoe bucket.

      There are islands of progressiveness in the West, but they are just islands. Nobody here wants their women raped, their homes burned or their livelihoods disrupted. In the cities where that is happening, well that’s on them.

  7. I was told this morning that yesterday the “protesters” that had come to Redding, CA decided to also “protest” at a nearby small town up in the mountains.
    The local militia were waiting for them and the protesters decided discretion being, indeed, the better part of valor and went back down the mountain faster than they had come up.
    I asked if it had anything to do with the refurbished M60 tank known to be in possession of the militia.
    It was allowed that might have been a factor in their hasty retreat.
    Our Sheriffs have been pro-2nd Ammendment since we have had a sheriff.
    Oh, and don’t mess with the hill folk.

      1. Two tanks with barrels raised in V over the drive entry would make a significantly impressive (and persuasive) statement to would be nimrods.

        1. CAMPERFIXER – I could use two tanks with elevated gun barrels, but I’d also need the guns to be fully functioning, and would like both Willy Pete and canister rounds…lots of them. Maybe a few HEAT rounds in the unlikely event that somebody else showed up with armor.

          DRJIM – I have LONG coveted a British Ferret. They are available in the US in a de-mil format. They’d be perfect up here. I don’t know how to fix them if they break but could work it out. I will likely never banish the dream of owning my own Ferret.

          1. I think I meant to say “BREN Gun Carrier”, but had some brain fade…

            I’ve seen a couple at Old Fort MacArthur days in San Pedro, and talked to the guys running them. Any Diesel mechanic worth his salt could keep one running. They’re like a WWII Jeep. Very simple, and once you get the idea of how the tracks work (kinda like driving a ‘skid-steer’ loader), they’re easy to drive.

            And 100% EMP-Proof!

  8. I have little doubt the NSA etc. are privy to much of the communications between those directing the violence. And I wouldn’t be surprised if some of those spooks weren’t passing some of this Intel to local LEO agencies when possible. While the “deep state” still holds sway at the top of most Fed agencies there is no doubt that at least some of the day to day workers in those agencies are not part of the cabal. We have many enemies of freedom in government, but there are still friends there also. They just have to keep a low profile.

    1. One can hope that this foolishness can be brought to a conclusion. The hard core organizers need to pay up and the goofballs need to go back to mom’s basement and jack off in front of the computer.

      The officers who were responsible for the death of George Floyd will pay up, and one can hope that the Minneapolis PD will be purged of the people who kept people on irrespective of a very long history (almost unbelievably long history) of brutal conduct. That won’t happen because many are black and getting rid of them would be racist.

  9. Pretty quiet out in my neck of the woods. KC had some incidents but seems to have quieted down. Hope it stays quiet, but we’ll see.

    1. I would think that in a place like KC, the locals would take a hand in quelling the violence. Y’all are a very frisky bunch. I hanged out there for about two years off and on and people didn’t take much sh1t.

  10. Haven’t heard of any ‘visitors’ in the Show Low area and I don’t think we are the ‘smaller’ town though we have the three entities described. Probably just as well…the wife hasn’t had a chance to shoot anybody lately and would be really peeved and hard to live with if she found out she missed a chance to meet Antifa up close and personal.

    1. I was peeved with the militia in the small town mentioned that they didn’t include me in the festivities. I think that Show Low and Snowflake are unlikely targets at this point. I was in Show Low on the motorcycle four days ago and it seemed very ‘normal’. (sorry for your wife – she deserves her shot)

  11. DRJIM, tracked vehicles like a BREN Carrier are a maintenance nightmare. Better to have a 4 wheeled Feret.

    1. Recognized it as soon as I looked it up. I guess “maintenance nightmare” depends on your viewpoint. The guys I met with the small ones (Bren Carrier) said they weren’t too bad; just keep ’em greased well.

      Oh, well….I suppose that means a Weasel is off the table, too. I like them as the tracks are wider, better suited for SNOW.

      1. You’re a real craftsman, DRJIM. Anything more complicated than a sap requires a lot of attention on my part. Maintaining a wheeled vehicle is way more my speed than maintaining tracks.

  12. Anarchists. Really? Yes, really. Those mountebanks need to be put back in their box sharpish.

    Off topic(ish), but at what point do the Mexicans decide they’ve had enough of the dindus? Interesting potential fracture in the race war: Heard today at a filling station — “Be careful, mon, monkeys looting an goin’ crazy.”

    No kidding.

    1. The Mexicans along the border don’t usually get along well with the Black people who live in the area. I don’t think that they want their businesses destroyed. There could be push-back.

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