It’s a Party

They want your vote… and would rather that you vote by mail on behalf of your dead relatives as well.


Riots and Looting at Sturgis?

Social media is a buzz with MEMES stating that ANTIFA is planning on attending this year’s annual Sturgis Bike Rally with intentions to shut it down. That will have a predictable ending.

I’m sure that all of the Harley Riders will bow down and kiss the boots of the Antifa thugs.


I’ve spent a lot of mornings and evenings at joints just like this one.

No need to ask for the vegan menu… I usually order the Dutch Apple Pie with vanilla ice cream for desert, just in case you were wondering.


A frequent guest – at my neighbors house – two houses ago. Great guy, American hero.


I’d buy it

If for nothing more than having the suicide shifter.


Family Photo

One (of four) daughters & family, visiting the White Wolf Mine.


  1. Great pilot. Ten kills in WWII including five in a day and an ME-262. Flew B-57s in Nam. It’s a shame he never went to space.

  2. I met General Yeager once at an Aerospace/Military Industry Convention. I didn’t get to talk to him very much; I was awed to be “In The Presence” of the man.

    THREE grandsons from one of four daughters? It just occurred to me you must have quite a raft of kids around when/if they all show up at the same time….

    That coffee shop reminds me of the diner they used in the “Kill Switch” episode of The X-Files. Eaten at many a place like that. Some were good, and some were, welllllll…”edible”.

    Antifa Goes To Sturgis……..I’d better stock up on popcorn. Wonder if the Antifa “protestors” will have private security…..

    • May go to Sturgis this year. Have no interests in the whole motorcycle thing (except biker babes) but Antifa showing up would be a once in a lifetime spectacle.

      Met and talked with Pappy Boyington a few times when I lived in the PNW. Longest conversation was on Hughes Air West, Seattle to Bend, OR sitting next to him. Very approachable.

      • Why would you want biker chicks when you have the Coven?

        Anyway, take photos if you’re at Sturgis when Antifa shows up.

  3. “Social media is a buzz with MEMES stating that ANTIFA is planning on attending this year’s annual Sturgis Bike Rally with intentions to shut it down.”

    Please, on please let that happen. I don’t like popcorn, but I would pop some to eat while watching that live on tv.

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

    • Instead of tar and feathers, they could drag the antifa pukes behind bikes to the edge of town. A little road rash might further their education.

  4. Ah yes… Pantifa vs. bikers… You’d only need ONE small bag of popcorn, it would be over that quickly… Beautiful family! And I know they have to love visiting you now!

  5. Being from South Dakota and being at Sturgis a few times during the Rallys I can tell ya the cops and State police that monitor the Rally will sit it out and drink coffee and eat donuts. For the most part the bikers self police and will not abide punks like that to bother them and tear up or fire bomb their favorite haunts, they are there to have fun, meet old friends and meet new ones.

  6. I was offered the Rectorship of the Episcopal Church in Sturgis years ago. I turned it down. Perhaps that was an error?

    Cute kids.

    • You should have taken the job. It would have been more exciting during the rally than Hill Country.

  7. What is going on in the US? I know it is mostly inside the media bubble but still. Do the left and the Antifa have such a power that they manage to name the US politicians to bow their heads and kneel? Make corporate America act how they like just because they have the power to do it? Are there no longer adults at home in the US? I wonder in the upcoming war with China how it will end..seeing Pelosi and her colleagues kneeling and many others telling they are sorry for being white in front of a mob. Do they have the spine to stand their ground? I guess it is in the “standard” cities that the riots take place where the left thrives on a daily basis. I guess it is not the ordinary American taxpayer that take to streets and destroy. But the media do not tell much about who they are. But when they arrive at Sturgis and start to burn all the Harley Davidson bikes I guess we will know more.

    • First, talk is cheap. Antifa may want to attack people at Sturgis, but they have to know that it’s not survivable. Martyrs to the cause?

      Second, I have no idea what’s going on with American corporations and politicians with this whole riot situation. What a bunch of cowards, shills and mountebanks. It’s embarrassing.

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