Should Old Acquaintance be Forgot?

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There isn’t much left of 2019, and before we ring in the new year, it’s time to break out the good Martinelli’s sparkling cider in paper cups (no plastic straws) for my blogging friends. Feel free to help yourself to the microwaved Costco mini-corn dogs that Fredd’s Aunt Sally nuked (partially – you can chip a tooth on the semi-frozen corndog minis). Only the best for all of you. Don’t worry, you won’t be invited to the wine cave since that’s now politically incorrect. It’s not that I wouldn’t want you guys turning $900 bottles of Bordeaux into wine coolers by adding 7 Up and shaved ice…I just can’t give you the key because of politically correct sensibilities. You understand.

Nobody ever said that I didn’t know how to party.

Meanwhile, a guy in El Paso, who has spent his adult life living on his wife’s multi-million dollar trust fund is coming down from what must be a wickedly insane acid trip where he imagined that he ran for president.

Sometimes life is like that.

It’s like sitting on the open air veranda of a luxury hotel in Phnom Penh during the communist revolution of Pol Pot, watching the conscripted kids ride out of town in Coca Cola trucks to get killed. Years later, it’s surreal. Days of auld lang syne?

So as we take the bottle opener to yet another festive apple juice, we can reflect on all of the young college nerds who will be “the future leaders of America”. Those tragic young souls who are triggered by just about everything will be taking the reins of power and deciding what the healthcare of the older generation will really be like.

December of 2019 has showed you how much your Chevrolet hates you. It’s true (more here). The Washington Post hacked a Volt to prove its point. There is something to driving an old (and relatively dumb) vehicle, that is not embedded with spyware. I could envision a convoy of new, cool 4×4’s on their way to Virginia to support 2A being shut down on the Interstate from space if Hillary had won the last election.

Or maybe just all vehicles owned by deplorable people because of their danger to the woke population?

The Hollywood sion, Michael Moore, who lives primarily on his trust fund has declared publicly that firearms owners pose a real threat. If that was true, Fat Mike would have been planted six feet down with a mouth full of dirt.

But he’s alive and he never left the US as he promised to do when President Trump took office. So he’s not only foolish, he’s a liar.

42 thoughts on “Should Old Acquaintance be Forgot?

  1. The data logged in the computer of the Volt was no worse than that which Googles collects off of any android phone (which was presumably bluetoothed to the Volt).
    But that someone buys a used car computer and gets all that data is weird.
    Using the controls to remotely assassinate someone is to be expected.

  2. "If that was true, Fat Mike would have been planted six feet down with a mouth full of dirt."

    Agreed. As you said, "Fat Mike". I don't think six feet is gonna be deep enough.

  3. Happy New Year LL. I'll pass on the apple juice, thank you and toast the arrival of the Roaring 20s with a glass or three of Bushmill's. My new year's resolutions include eschewing canned beer and cheap whiskey, purchasing more ammo, and expanding the arsenal. Enjoy your corndogs.

  4. Happy New Year… I'll be in bed by 10… And corndogs are, and always have been, an abomination against REAL hot dogs… sigh

  5. Happy New Year, everyone!

    We've cheated Death for another ride around the merry-go-round.


  6. Corn Dogs are an abomination… a delicious abomination.

    Also a fan of deviled ham (and essentially everything else too) – especially good spread on a toasted bagel.

  7. There's a few feet difference between the bottom of the trench where they drop Fat Mike and the place where his belly ends. I think you're right. It will have to be deeper than 6'

  8. Crab salad on a Ritz is delicious, LIndaG. Bobbookworm, Deviled Ham it is. I hadn't planned on inviting any Mohammedans.

  9. As another year closes (why are they seemingly passing faster???) I have truly enjoyed your insightful and pithy commentary…keep it rolling for us hinterland deplorable's. I like to say that if you wake up and see the ceiling it's already a good day.

    God bless you and yours. Paul…

  10. Next year should be "interesting" to say the least.

    Happy New Year, LL!

    May we all continue to live long and prosper, and enjoy the blessings of Liberty.

  11. A Happy New Year to you and yours. Let me add I'm honored to be on your blog list. You can be sure I'll save a bed near the stove for you.

  12. Hide a warm blanket for me so when they throw me into the re-education camp next to you, that I can be warm.

  13. Hapoy New Year, LL and all! I've had a glimpse of the future from my vantage point in Italy. It's uncertain, but that's good.

  14. From my experience, it's always a party in Italy. And that's a good thing. Hopefully the Roaring Twenties treat you kindly.

  15. Happy 2020 from the PNW.
    I'm going fish'n on the Columbia River, my license is valid through 12.31.2020 Yeehaw!

  16. Too late to deliver a fresh salmon to the NYE Party but good luck all the same. Post photos on Facebook.

  17. That triggered me because of blatant racism. Maybe the "Ordinary Nation of Canada, north of the USA" would be more politically correct.

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