Captioned: Cathedral Rock. It stands not all that far from where I live. An hour by road, less if you’re a crow flying. It’s not an ‘actual cathedral”. Then again, to me, it’s an actual cathedral.


I was always willing to be reasonable until I had to be unreasonable. Sometimes reasonable men must do unreasonable things.


Dry Month

Map showing the driest month of the year based on the new 1991-2020 climate normals. June is the overall wettest month of the year for the Contiguous U.S., but for much of the Southwest, it is the driest month of the year.

In the Arizona mountains, we’ve been getting the usual late afternoon thunderstorms.

The way a “dry month” or a “dry season” is handled these days, it means that all life on Earth will end. AOC is back to the 10-year prediction because the count-down is perilously close to “now” and of course, we’re all not dead – so far. 10 years seems to be the magic number – ever since the late 1960s. The gullible swallow it whole.


Sunday Sermonette

It’s been about a year since I posted this (below) as part of a sermonette. I think that the message was “walk softly and carry a big stick” or something along that line.

This is a Bible gun that belonged to Francesco Morosini, Doge of Venice.

There is no record of the firearm ever being discharged by the Doge, but the fact that he didn’t use it has nothing at all to do with the fact that he felt that he needed it.

It could be fired without opening the book. Better to have and not need than to need and not have.

I doubt that I will ever be the sort of human who strolls down a street without a “plan”. Thus perhaps “warrior monk” is as close as I’ll ever be to giving an actual sermon. It’s not PTSD, it’s simply a mental process that I can’t switch off. And frankly, I don’t want to. Yes, there are what I term, “happy idiots” who drift through life, oblivious. I simply identify with the Doge of Venice.




  1. “Wherever we gather in His name…..” Yup, looks like a pretty good Cathedral to me.

    It’s not “Climate Chage”…’s WEATHER. It changes. Like the seasons. Get used to it.

    Yes, you should always have a plan, even if it’s a simple as execute a 180 and get the hell out of Dodge. My wife always wonders why I’m “so observant”. I tell her I was taught to keep my head on a swivel by my flight instructors. Just as there were times on the highway I did some maneuvers to avoid an impending accident, I do the same when we’re just out walking. I’ve steered her across the street with “OH! Let’s go look at that!”, just in time to avoid a bar fight that spilled out into the street. She’s stopped bugging me about always carrying a knife because it’s a tool. Wonder if she’ll do the same with CCW….

    No vax for me, thanks. SLW got both shots, and had zero reaction to them. I’d add “for now”, but I don’t want to tempt fate. I never thought we’d come to this, but evil walks among us. It always has, of course, but nowadays it’s so blatant, and the sheeple go baaaaaa….

  2. While nowhere even in your neighborhood with a plan, my head is still always moving. I’m amused while walking Banner, I spot people and other animals before him.

    I imagine many of us activate some sixth sense in predators that we won’t be an easy prey and they pass us by. Likewise, at some subconscious level, we are more attuned to threats.

    Then there is the occasional asshole looking for trouble. Usually 5’4″ to 5’8″. 140 – 160 lbs and wants to take on someone bigger than him. Usually has some boxing or martial arts training. May or may not have a few drinks in him. I’ve encountered a few and introduced them to the Dirty White Boy methods. Best to avoid them if you can; you are going to get a few lumps.

  3. I would feel much closer to the Almighty at a place like Cathedral Rock then I would in most any church.

    I wonder if the Doge of Venice invented the idea of concealed carry?

  4. Concur, that is definitely a cathedral. All the the more so not being man made.

    If your head is not on a swivel, driving in the DFW area will correct that. Likely LSP would concur.

    Businesses here are posting signs that those fully vaxed need not wear a mask. Am I fully vaxed? Why yes. For Polio. When I was 8. Am I going to get THE vax? No, and hell no. Ever.

    Being reasonable. Lee Marvin in “Paint Your Wagon”–“There comes a time in every partnership, when the party of the first part, is left no recourse but to knock the party of the second part, senseless!”.

  5. The bible gun is interesting in that the action is reversed to maximise barrel length, sort of an early bullpup. I could see a book-gun being a useful tool in these uncertain times. I have a copy of “Atlas Shrugged”that would have plenty of space for a double in 45 long colt, or maybe black powder with electrical ignition.

  6. The Bible is loaded already, but that brings it to a whole other level. No one would suspect. Being aware is critical, for different reasons these days than Morocini’s time, but nonetheless one must not get lulled into complacency.

    AOC et al are twits, and anyone who listens to yet another Chicken Little prophet deserves their self-imposed anxiety. Problem is they force the rest of us to partake, then pay for the “treatment”.

    Cathedral Rock…God’s gift, if you see.

  7. Man’s most magnificent edifices pale beside the work of the Almighty.
    Head on a swivel is common sense. if you see problems first they usually aren’t problems

  8. Well yes, we’re all for the DOGE$. But Venice? Who was that wicked old Doge who jumped into the water, blind, literally, with his lust for money and power in the sack of Constantinople? How differently that could and should have worked out.

    Regardless, you have a cistern? Wish I did…

  9. The Cathedral Rock is stunning, quite a location. The quote makes sense to me. There’s another one that’s misattributed to Gandhi, and it has stayed in my head, – ‘Whatever you do would be insignificant. But its very important that you do it.’

    Isn’t it all pointless after all?

    • Purple Assassin, is what pointless? Life?

      Life is to be savored, life’s experiences to be shared, children are to be raised to be good and moral people. In what universe can it possibly be pointless?

  10. so many “breakthrough infections” that the cdc decided they didn’t need to count those…driving in traffic, i see situations developing long before other drivers, so much so that i have time to alert my wife and drop back a few car lengths. its amazing how long it is before the car ahead slams on the breaks and does that frantic fishtail as they look for away out having never considered which way to go if something happened in front of them. we get a kick out of it. of course there are days i wish i could live in blissful ignorance. they seem so much happier than me.

    • Happy idiots seem to be ‘happy’. But when you ignore the cliff and tumble off the edge, it’s not fun and games anymore. Better to be you, aware, and alert.

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