This is always a good place to begin for a Sunday sermonette. 

Then some thought from a Saint.

This contribution comes to us from Jules in Nottingham, England and I don’t know if she sent it to “me” or when thinking of all of you…or perhaps a combination.

This photo comes to us from Russia, where the troops are planning to spend Christmas showing Creepy old Slow Joe how frightened they are of him – there on the Ukrainian border. When the demented old American leader reads tough words from his teleprompter, the world trembles, and I run off to get three vax boosters and add a mask, bringing the total to four.

And in Southern California, I stepped onto the porch to take a photo of my daughter’s Christmas lights for your edification to show that not everything here is demented or evil. There is still a spirit of goodness and light. They wish you all a very American Christmas.


The locals in Arizona heard that there were more Aliens crossing the border near Yuma and immediately began their anti-alien drills.



Christmas Sins…


The importance of proper self-identification


Have a splendid Sunday – the last one before Christmas this year.


  1. Presumably daughter and son-in-law are quite prepared to deal with anyone taking umbrage with the Trump poster should said offended want to employ any type of physical action?

  2. I needed the laughs…well done!

    Oh, and I’ll take (5) of the Santa Rooftop tactical shirts, 1-XXL, 2-XL, 1-L, and MrsPaulM takes a medium…she thinks it’s hilarious.

  3. Made my day on an otherwise dreary Sunday. Very impressive engraving on the Marlin. I am a fan of 45/70s of all stripes.

    I will follow Paul M’s lead on the shirts. What a great Christmas gift.

    • Viva Frei (Montreal legal Youtuber — for whom I have a high regard, FWIW) calls it “confession through projection.”

      But Pfizer CEO Dr Dr (DVM, PhD) Albert Bourla is above criticism by the likes of us. His Wikipedia entry, which makes this obvious, is fascinating: The opening stresses that he is a Greek-American. The Personal Life section is all about how he values his Greek heritage and keeps a home in Greece. The Early Life section is mostly about The Holocaust and Auschwitz. Important keywords, and woe unto him who doesn’t realize what they signify.

  4. Well this is a very powerful sermon, and it’s reminded me that I need a lever. And I’m no expert but I’d be wary of getting on Juliette’s wrong side.

    Hope all goes well in California.

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