The old church at Glencoe, Scotland


Palestine in the time of Christ

C.S. Hammond & Co. Publishers , 1916.


If you read De Tocqueville and Montaigne, you will note that they focus on the eternal power struggle that exists between an alliance of royalty and commoners against nobles, which may be generalized to include modern equivalents: the elite and the dispossessed against the middle class.

I don’t know whether you follow the current news or not, dear reader, but Black Lives Matter has been slagged by their masters as they defected from the party line in their refusal to adopt the vax narrative. Plague Vaccines are not popular in the black community as a matter of statistics – they apparently don’t trust kindly old Uncle Sam.  Naturally, the media will not report on situations such as that.  In a New York Minute BLM fell into the memory hole oblivion from their perch of power as the most influential social movement in the nation, able to force national sports teams and international corporations to bow the knee; and able to compel mobs and lawmakers to tear down monuments and erect others, rename streets, and paint murals in honor of their gangland pantheon of victimology. Let’s look at the situation and end at BLM rather than the other way around so we’re better able to understand the specifics.

Political factions in the USA form a uniparty which only play-acts at mutual opposition; (which is why I left the Republican Party) globalist multinational corporations and social media oligarchs cooperate with ‘Occupy Wall Street’ rioters and socialist revolutionaries to protest their own businesses and banks; their intellectuals both pretend to be ‘woke’ to a secret knowledge unshared by others, the truth that there is no truth; meanwhile, their secular press supports, defends, and applauds the enormities of Mohammedan holy war; the racist anti-racists are BLM; the brownshirt anti-fascists are Antifas; the feminists LQBTWFT&c are puritanical in their demands that the ‘male gaze’ never light upon immodestly dressed women, and that models and actresses are ugly, actresses are called actors, while at the same time applauding all sexual perversions a sick soul can invent so that schoolchildren may be groomed at taxpayer expense for pederasty by sodomites.

The harlot queen riding the back of this many-headed many-crowned beast is, of course, the Fake News, whom none can question without being banned from social media, corporate boardrooms and school board meetings.

As mentioned above, the philosophy of Montaigne and Bertrand de Jouvenel predicts an eternal power struggle of the elite power of society, in any society, to maintain and expand itself, in one of two forms: the first is by combining with the lower ranks against the middle, and second by combining with the middle against the lower.

Let’s call the first alliance whig, old slang for horsethief; and the second tory, a word meaning highwayman. Those who regard American politics as being inherently more dignified should reflect that the traditional symbols for our political parties, the Jackass, and the Elephant were selected by political cartoonists as images of a stubborn fool and a clumsy if warlike behemoth. The parties embraced the iconography with unrestrained joy.

With the loss of prestige of the monarchy, modern history holds many examples of the lower aiding the middle against the elite. In one rare case, this was done to establish a republic (USA); in all other cases, this was done to establish despotic regimes juntas, socialist unions, or Napoleonic empires falsely called republics, and falsely ruled in the name of the people. The elite of the ancient regimes, with trivial exceptions, have been consigned to history. Over time the sad result has been that the uppermost of the middle becomes a new elite.

This new elite, at least in the United States, has a mercantile character rather than military, and like the mandarins of old, its membership is based on education and attachment, not a right of birth. The new elite are men sporting silk top hats rather than gold coronets, and consists of figures of wealth and fame, robber barons promising well-paying work, newspaper moguls mesmerizing millions, or demagogues promising equality, revenge, and utopia.

In a free market, by their decisions of buying and selling, the commoners retain a communal control over wages and prices, but the eternal (and sometimes merited) enmity of the commons against their rich employers and benefactors, eternally invites regulation, hence regulatory capture. Well-meant and ill-conceived attempts to hinder monopoly, create a monopoly.

Thus, in America, hoisted aloft by liberal and populist rhetoric promising New Deals and Great Societies, Free Trade and Fair Trade and the Progressive Taxation to benefit the commoners, the elite becomes entrenched and unchallengeable.

The “semi-socialist” or “regulated” economy by definition malinvests goods and services since regulation by fiat takes resources away from priorities where the consumers collectively would have preferred, and into priorities serving social or political ends, either high-minded or venal.  I do not write here about laws to enforce contracts or deter fraud or negligence. I mean wage and price controls, and specific regulation of hour and working conditions, outputs manufactured, resources used.

This malinvestment creates artificial scarcity and artificial waste, and the natural marketplace incentives to deter waste and alleviate scarcity require additional regulations in order to correct.

Abandoning counterproductive policy means Caesar decreasing his own power and asking his pet intellectuals to abandon their deep-rooted demonic hatred of the free market. This hatred has no source and no point. It seems nigh-ubiquitous and darkens and cripples the souls of all scholars, pundits, and bookish men.

However, this hatred, whatever its source, is immensely useful to Caesar, for it allows him to set his pet intellectuals to fill newspapers and schoolyards and convince the common man that the rich are his enemies. It also allows Caesar to commit incest with the rich, form permanent alliances of mutual bribery and mutual coercion, as the manufacturers combine and possess the institutions meant to police them. Since the same families haunt the board of directors of these corporations as sit in the halls of power either as lawmakers or lobbyists.

The upstarts and startups, the middle class, and small businessmen are the silenced victims of this corrupt system since the plutocrats sculpt the regulations to suit themselves, run the newspapers, and donate to the candidate coffers of their creatures and relatives. Even if a rogue politician is elected to high office by some hiccough of unexpected popularity or self-funding, the permanent civil service, CIA and FBI and military and all the apparatus if the “Deep State” will arrange, by hook or crook, to hinder, cripple, undermine, frighten, or impeach him. If worse comes to worst, there is always voter fraud.

Thus we reach the modern situation, where the whigs and tories, horsethieves and highwaymen, normally and naturally at odds, have found such accommodation with each other, that they have become a new thing, a globalist of the New World Order, who rules and reigns in the name of the people, but without their consultation or consent.


The demonic hatred of the scholar toward the tradesman is based on a falsehood, for it necessitates mischaracterizing each failure of Caesar’s counterproductive policies to be due to the malice of sabotage, wreckers, or the greed of businessmen, or some other farfetched scapegoat. Since no normal man of normal moral character would be driven to break laws merely in order to impoverish the poor or deprive them of necessities, the scapegoat must be accused of diabolical cruelty and evil, a lack of humanity, or an absence of patriotism.

Other despised or disenfranchised groups, such as gangsters,  minorities, immigrants, or penniless student intellectuals and agitators can be gathered almost at will, and suddenly presented with publicity and funding to work evil upon whatever scapegoat is fashionable to blame that season, real or imaginary. The witch hunters can always find patriarchy, a cabal of capitalists, or systemic white racism, or traces of global warming, which the eyes of ordinary mortals cannot detect, and the control of the public discourse allows the establishment to humiliate and silence any child who claims not to see the emperor’s new clothing, or the persecute and ban the speech of anyone unconvinced by Chicken Little’s latest fashion in hysteria.

The whole apparatus of power is based on falsehood and betrayal, because the gangsters or minorities, once induced to riot, are discarded with shocking swiftness once proven no longer useful. Witness the sudden fall of Black Lives Matter.

The elite are not themselves anarchists nor perverts nor socialists nor jihadists, but they shower money, attention, and applause on any of these groups and any of their spokesmen as convenient.

The groups may or may not attempt to bite the hand that feeds them, but in either case, it does not matter. The elite are immune from what such attack dogs can do. Their riots damage the middle class, the Christian, the suburban family man, and most of all the Church and the social norms that spring from the Western tradition and Church teaching. It was not the mansion of the Bush dynasty nor the Kennedy nor the Clinton, nor was it Pederasty Island nor Marthas Vineyard that went up in flames, nor any New York publisher nor Hollywood panderer. Instead, minority-owned small businesses and franchisees, a Starbucks, a Wendys, or local bars or car dealerships were destroyed, to the tune of two and three million dollars locally, more than that nationwide.

Any laws and regulations promulgated to appease the mob, are, of course, counterproductive (see results of defunding the police, federalizing education, or expanding welfare programs), and, of course, increase the power of the Elite while further weakening and demoralizing the Middle Class.

And thus ends the sermonette.




  1. An excellent load of pumpkins in a pumpkin colored Chevy pickup, pre computer chip. My Dutch immigrant grandfather had a large cantaloupe/watermelon patch that he worked hard, back when you could load up produce and sell it to the local grocer. He had a large pool of grandsons to provide free labor, although we could never outwork him.

    • I wanted to grow watermelons but the growing season where I live is about 100 days best case, and it’s simply not long enough unless I grew them in a hothouse. My personal tale of disappointment.

  2. Good Sermon, L-L, certainly one of your best. However I struggle with the concept of the highwayman and the horse thief being natural enemies. Seems to me they’re natural allies, both by need and, extended to the alleged separation of the political classes, according to past practices. The highwayman needs a horse to course the highways for the robbing of Selected Peter, and the horse thief has to pay off Collective Paul to avoid hanging. They have to aid and abet each other, cooperate in this thing. And we are simultaneously both the horse and the owner from whom the horse was stolen.

    Of course now and then they do a little fighting amongst themselves to keep up appearances and hide The Steal. Look how fast The Turtle’s lips were applied to Aunt Nan’s posterior as soon as the old fix-a-roonie was in. It was faster than instantaneously, because in truth his lips never left that surface to begin with, and you better believe he’s getting something out of it too. There’s an old Vietnamese thing about how when the elephants fight, the ants get trampled. We’re the horse ants. Sucks to be us.

  3. A rich Sermonette indeed…and the pumpkins in the old Chevy invoke adolescent memories of going to the local farmers for that “just right one”. The Fall colors still stirs the spirit.

    Perfect Autumn day here…snow and preWinter weather tease has moved out. Might be getting a full dose of natural immunity building Vitamin D today…but then, like the flu, “Natural Immunity” no longer exist so I’ll simply call myself a happy outlier.

    • I recall when we used to ride in the back of pick-ups all the time as kids. Today it’s a crime. Times change. Pumpkins seem to remain the same, though and that certainty is somehow comforting.

  4. This sermonette is perhaps one, if not THE one, of the very best. The phrase,’wealth and fame’ contained therein had me thinking of a certain song. And that calls to mind the evil one who rules this world. Thereby we arrive at the answer having come full circle. It is as if the history of the world has been succinctly stated.

  5. Love the picture of the church in Glencoe though it brings back bad memories for me! My father used to be one of those “let’s climb everything and let’s visit every battlefield” This is why I turned out a nightmare. He left my mother and I high up in the mountains here because we were walking too slowly. We ended up getting rescued and being fed chocolate.

  6. I’m with Jules and love the Glencoe church, though I don’t have difficult memories of it. The rest of the sermon? Powerful, though I was a bit surprised by this: “The harlot queen riding the back of this many-headed many-crowned beast is, of course, the Fake News…”

    I was expecting Hillary or Kamala. But yes, “painted whore” works for our presstitutes too.

    Good work and I like your zero on the Elite/Underclass/Royal/Commoner comparison, to say nothing of our asset-stripping neo-cartel monopolies. Scarcity without competition, lo and behold, drives profit.

    Well, it’s all fun, games, beachfront mansions and private jets until you wake up to find paternity leave cancelled coz no baby formula.

  7. Agree with Rick. One of the best Sunday Sermonettes that I have read.

    There is a lot of beautiful scenery and meaningful buildings in Scotland. Might go back someday but I am almost afraid to see the changes in the society since we left in 95.

  8. Definitely one of your best Sunday Sermonette’s and thanks for the time and effort you put into writing this blog.I look forward to every post.

  9. “The elite are not themselves anarchists nor perverts nor socialists nor jihadists”

    I would argue that actually a fair proportion of the “elite” ARE in fact perverts, or if they are not, their policies and actions are functionally AS IF they were. Promotion of perversion, followed by glorification of the same seems to be part of the “elite” playbook. Hyperinflation is another mainstay of our transnational “elites” in managing their possessions (i.e. us). Always with the same damned tricks, yet it keeps working. Maybe we ARE stupid cattle.

    But I agree the “elites” are not anarchists or socialists or jihadists. Dedication to any political philosophy, at least in some small part, requires placing that goal above the self. (Think of it as a weak form of sincere religion.) Our “elite” seem to worship only themselves. Not necessarily themselves as individuals (though one wonders about some persons), but certainly themselves in the aggregate. They are however driven by neuroticism, paranoia and the desire for revenge. Those who have not personally suffered can always claim that suffering is somehow “genetically coded” into them by some weird form of Victimhood Lamarckism. (I get emails from one of the Boston NPR stations, and they were on — yet again — about this just today.)

    Strong sermon today. Thanks.

  10. I’m guessing that is part of the reason that we have no information on legal challenges to the vax mandates. Had it been Trump making the mandates, the hue and cru from the press would have been deafening, and some circuit court would have already shot them down twice over.
    I understand there are some legal challenges, but by the time they’re heard it will be too late for many.
    I have until Dec 8. Which means effectively end of this month to get first shot.
    There’s no direct action I can take (a la SWA) to convince my employer otherwise, my own church has essentially neutralized any religious objection, and no other realistic alternatives present themselves.
    My wife is “sad you have to get the shot”
    Not the level of support I expect.

    • Sorry to hear…we – my wife – are in a similar situation. Don’t rely on your church for a religious exemption, the relationship you have with God is yours alone to defend, and regardless an employer demands a note from your pastor, which apparently he won’t write, the Bible as the unerring Word of God is all the note you require. Stand strong in your faith, don’t let them bully your conscience or override your belief. Lastly, all the vax’s are still EUA therefore fall under the Nuremberg Code which specifically forbids coercion or disciplinary action such as this…tell them you know this.

      • I talked to David Kallman (Great lakes Justice Center, ) and asked about Nuremberg Code. No legal standing.
        Your denomination (one of the downfalls of denominationalism) cannot dictate your relationship with God.
        You state it.
        Figure out why God doesn’t want you to mess with His DNA code He wrote into you. That you are His temple. That He has given you inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, each of which the shot threatens.

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