Happy Independence Day!

Embrace freedom in all its forms, promote smaller government, and lower the decision-making to the lowest possible common denominator. Make representatives accountable to those that they represent. We are not their servants. They are ours. It is only this way that we can be independent.


On July 4, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was ratified by the Second Continental Congress. The Declaration of Independence defined the rights of man and the relationship between government and the governed. It also stated the colonist’s grievances with the distant British government and explained why independence was both justified and necessary.

“When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation,” the Declaration reads.


Sometimes a dictator or king goes too far and this sort of thing results. They were all British subjects in British North America at that point.

Bunker Hill


Your Vice President calls it “a three day weekend”. I’m sure that’s all that it is to her.


And because it’s Sunday

There is no sermonette today, but I couldn’t resist this picture from a place with no tides.


The link is to Pew Research’s study on attendance at a religious service based on age, faith, etc. You may find the results interesting.




Religious map of the Balkans




  1. And happy Independence Day to you as well. As an aside, I was down in Wichita yesterday when I heard the sound of radial engines in the sky. It was Doc, one of the only two airworthy B29s that is based down there. Made my day.

    • Connie Palacioz, who was 19-years old when she helped build Doc, also worked on the restoration team. ‘Murka, baby!

      • I don’t recall ever seeing a B-29 in flight. I’ve seen B-17s, B-24s, B-25s, and so forth, and a lot of fighters from that era, but never a B-29.

        I imagine that it was quite a thing to witness.

        • Same here. Really big. First time I saw one up close was in the (then) Confederate Air Force hanger in Midland/Odessa (FiFi?). They were performing major service and there parts all over the floor. It wasn’t until we moved to Texas that I saw one in the air (FiFi again?). Heard the engines in the distance. For a moment the tail shape made me think B-17. Nope, too big.

          B-29’s over England–

          Happy INDEPENDENCE Day to all. Colors are up. The family will repair to our daughter and SIL’s house later today. Oldest son is out rounding up last minute stuff (cheese slices. Who’s bringing cheese slices?). Our daughter took her son (now four months old) to see his first fireworks. They weren’t too close for the noise. She said he was absolutely mesmerized.

          • I saw a B-36 in flight in my yoot; aluminum overcast indeed.

            I got semi-lucky a number of years ago whilst touring the CONFEDERATE Air Force Museum while it was still in Midland. It will always be the CONFEDERATE Air Force, far as I’m concerned. Anyway, walking between buildings, I heard the unmistakable sound of radials, but much louder and stronger than any I’d ever heard before. It was Fifi. They were running up the new engines after the replacement project and doing ground taxiing. To say it put a chill up my spine, was an understatement. So I never got to see a 29 flying, but I did get to see one walkabout once.

  2. And celebrate we shall…friends discussing all manner of things, something on the grill, some nice beverages, and a prayer for this Best Country ever devised…”if we can keep it”.

    Happened to watch The Last of the Mahican’s, that scene struck the same chord with us, as in “Go pound sand you arrogant twit.”(and lying for gain was no different then) But alas, we have the same mentality at play.

    Much more than a 3-day-er, and with today being Sunday…coincidence? No. One could surmise that God needs us to reflect on more than church. Everything works to His good purpose…


    • Keep the faith, PaulM, have a wonderful day, and fly the flag proudly. You know, we have a beautiful flag, a distinct flag, filled with profound meaning.

      • You as well…I am unfailingly hopeful.

        Thanks for all you do to keep it real and for today’s gentle reminder that rights are inherent from The Creator, not granted by government.

        Let courage prevail.

  3. Happy INDEPENDENCE Day! My flag is flying, friends will gather, we will have a moment of silence, then burgers, dogs, and the trimmings.

  4. Have a great 4th, LL. And thanks for all you did and do to help keep us free. Now, for the pristine picture. Quiet beautiful and peaceful, but, alas, I could not live there. No Waffle House.

    • Yes. Those who fought in the second civil war on the side of insurrection often quoted the causation of the first war. And likely that will happen with the third one as well.

        • Interesting. Some say the Revolutionary War was the UK’s Civil War 2.0, and I think there’s some truth in that. Which, if so, means the second civil war was 3.0. But look how the sides reversed.

          The South are clearly Royalist/Cavalier in ethos, albeit insurrectionist, and the North with Parliament. They were all about central government control of the states. And maybe this says something about the nature of late medieval, well, very late, polity (Charles I rode into battle at Edgehill I in a suit of gilded armor…). Food for thought.

          And now, lo and behold, the sides have reversed again, with Democrats becoming the new autocratic paliamentarians. Are we looking at the 4th act of the English Civil War? Maybe so.

  5. Happy Independence Day LL!
    Will be participating in a BBQ, games, and booms at a neighborhood gathering. God Bless America!

  6. Happy Independence Day to all!

    Colors are flying, and pizza is on the way. Just didn’t feel like grilling today.

    And Pebbles has been medicated enough to keep her from going bonkers when the fireworks start later.

    I donate money to the CAF every year earmarked for Fifi. I think I might have given enough over the years to pay for a set of spark plus or two…

  7. LL thanks for your efforts on this blog.
    I immensely enjoy the free ice cream and behind the scenes education insights.
    Independence Day was my Grand Dad’s favorite holiday.
    He was not a flag-waving kind of guy.
    I think his joy revolved around the fried chicken, water melon, and fireworks.
    Thanks again. Your deep knowledge helps keep the perspective on what is really going on.

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