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Federal Mandates=Dignity?

The argument that human dignity requires employers to pay wages above what the market allows, that is, above what he can afford, is illogical, for then dignity comes from charity, not from the honest exchange of wages for work. Charity is given to beggars because of compassion, not because of dignity. If the argument is that the poor lack dignity due to their poverty, and that charity disguised as overpayment of wages restores this dignity, this argument is contrary to Christian teachings and to common sense, for it makes dignity the enemy of honesty and of compassion.


A Matter of Numbers

(RFE) Last month, however, CIA Director William Burns estimated Russian losses were at least 15,000 killed and about 45,000 wounded, a figure echoed on August 8 by Colin Kahl, U.S. undersecretary of defense for policy.

“I think it’s safe to suggest that the Russians have probably taken 70,000 to 80,000 casualties in less than six months,” Kahl told reporters. “Now, that is a combination of killed in action and wounded in action, and that number might be a little lower, a little higher. But I think that’s kind of in the ballpark, which is pretty remarkable considering that the Russians have achieved none of [Russian President] Vladimir Putin’s objectives at the beginning of the war.”

You don’t hear much about the war on the media these days. 30% of the US weapons made it to the front and the remainder must be in transit, right? Maybe they were invoiced and ended up somewhere else? I can’t speculate.


True – but disconcerting all the same


Secret Weapon?


Bullet Points

* Malaysia says no to Thor. Same-sex relations are illegal in Malaysia with those guilty facing up to 20 years. Marvel’s Thor: Love and Thunder film will not be allowed in the cinemas because of its homosexual elements in an attempt to curb LGBTQI+ content.

* I’m Looking Forward to Tuesday – The AP acknowledged that Liz Cheney (R-WY) could be the eighth Republican to lose her seat after voting to impeach former President Donald Trump in 2021. If Cheney loses her primary bid against Trump-endorsed Harriet Hageman on Tuesday, only two pro-impeachment Republicans would remain in Congress after the vote. Cheney’s defeat would solidify the 2021 impeachment vote as one of the most career-wrecking votes in congressional history.



Marching with Caesar’s Legions

During the march, the Roman soldier had to have his own supplies that allowed him to feed himself for 2-3 days.

The Late Roman Codex Theodosianus, being a collection of Roman laws, mentions that a Roman soldier should be equipped with buccellatum ac panem, vinum quoque atque acetum, sed et laridum, carnem verbecinam, or “hardtack and bread, wine and vinegar, but also bacon and mutton”. The rusks, vinegar, and mutton would last for two days, and then the soldier would enjoy bread, wine, and bacon.

The meals of the Roman legionaries were mainly based on wheat, from which two types of food were made:

*Mash, called pulse. It was an easier-to-make food that required a mixture of cooked wheat grains, water, salt, fat, and olive oil or milk. Sometimes vegetables or spices were added.

*Flatbread pane. It was the more popular use of grain. The soldiers threshed out the grain, ground it with a device or stone, mixed it with water, salt and spices, and then roasted it over the fire.


The Star Trek Cast joins the FBI

30 thoughts on “Sermonette

  1. Those what argue “that human dignity requires employers to pay wages above what the market allows” aren’t planning on doing that themselves. Instead, they would have government extract their extortion at gunpoint. That ain’t charity, as Christ would teach it.

    1. You mean that, when the Good Samaritan found the beaten and robbed man, he didn’t dash off to Rome and ask Caesar to set up a government program for waylaid wayfarers?
      Who knew.

        1. Funny at first, BUT Ed I’m hearing that from some pulpits. Sad so many have strayed far from the real Gospel.

          1. Attended a funeral where the priest, after reading this story, said that we really aren’t the Good Samaritan, we aren’t the beaten & robbed man, and we aren’t the robbers. He then went on to say he really didn’t know what we are in that story.
            He could have just left it at ‘he really didn’t know’.

          2. Being “taught” by whited sepulchers doesn’t quite count as “going to church” in my opinion. LSP weighs in on that. Church attendance in England is at an all-time low because many of the “elect of God” are clowns doing lesbian liturgical dances. Most people recognize that and don’t choose to listen to the priests and priestesses of Baal.

          3. It was my BIL’s funeral. That, and his son’s wedding, are the only two times I’ve been in a Catholic building – outside hospitals for surgery and healing. A bit too independent to take marching orders from someone far away in Rome, who knows me not at all – strangely similar to my take on bureaucrats in DC.

  2. That Roman fare almost makes me miss C rations.
    Call of Duty IRS Auditor reminded me of a quote from Heinlein.
    “Be wary of strong drink. It can make you shoot at tax collectors–and miss.”

  3. Charity: Misplaced compassion is a sin, which is why – unless led otherwise – I never give to beggar’s who are often sitting outside WalMart right next to the “Now Hiring” sign. This also means nearly every government “help” program goes against the Biblical prescription of “God helps those who help themselves”. How’s that “war on poverty/drugs/racism etc. going? 50+ years of grift lining pockets.

    Boebert is great, she truly represents 85% of Coloradan’s…not t(e other clowns at the statehouse.

    Cheney will lose..bigly. Wyoming-ites have had it with her antics and ill-gotten “legacy”. BUT will she understand why she lost, or be the narcissist and blame everyone else but herself? Might even blame Trump. Thing is these people never go away, like dear old dad in his Silver Belly that someone probably gave him at a Cattlemen’ Association Buddy Hobnob. No, they just re-tool themselves in a different capacity, popping up somewhere else like the pocket gophers they are, who also tend to eat each other when shot by the hole they crawled out of.

    Good Sermonette…as always.

    1. “Silver Belly”?? Is that local slang for those gigantic belt buckles? I came from far away, and do not know your customs….

      1. A very nice [usually] Stetson, but not a work hat. Silverbelly is white with a silver satin lining.The El Presidente 100x fur felt is about a grand. I prefer sage, doesn’t show the dirt.

        1. The irony of a Cheney wearing a white hat. The jokes just write themselves. But who’s laughing?

  4. Liz Cheney (R-WY)
    The Democrat apparatus is urging Wyoming Democrats to register as Republicans so that they can vote for Cheney in the primary. Seems to be working, somewhat. There has been an increase in registered Republicans. With a population of less than 600,000 in a state that went 70% for Trump, the odds are against them. The Wyoming deplorables are busy informing voters about her husband. That most likely won’t play well in the Cowboy State.

    Earlier here in Colorado, the Dems dark money was spent promoting the most conservative Republican candidates with the idea they would be easier to defeat in the General. Didn’t work. The Republicans that won their primary are mainly tried and true RINOs.

    1. Was good to see that here in CO, maybe the tide is turning on the Dem cheatery.

      Had been driving to Pinedale a bunch, VERY few Liz signs, mostly signs against her in not so kind terms. Chunks being removed from the Rino foundation, all of whom are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Liars at the core of it.

      1. Missing part of my 1st sentence. …”Boebert was actually able to win despite the Dem’s effort, but we have a long way to go,…”

        BTW, they trashed Tina Peters over in Mesa County who was onto the Dem’s actual known election fraud, only to have the Fed’s raiding her home and jailing her. She was vindicated by other state forensic investigations yet the liars continue. Here’s how the Left presents it:

        “Election conspiracy theorist and county clerk…”
        “A recount confirmed indicted Colorado county clerk Tina Peters, who alleged voting fraud, lost her primary…”

        We have a ways to go.

  5. Federal mandates DO NOT equal dignity… INdignity maybe… sigh

    The Romans had ‘most’ of the things having to do with the Legion down to a science (for the day). They also were proficient at foraging.

    1. The Roman system of combined arms warfare and road engineering, developed over centuries, was world-beating so long as they could play to their own advantages. There were exceptions of course, and campaigning on the Parthian Steppes against horse archers who fought much differently posed challenges.

  6. Lauren Boebert and MTG must have transitioned because with few exceptions, they’re the only Repubs. with balls.

  7. And the cesspool swamp gets deeper the further you investigate who’s, who’s…

    Just read this:

    “…anti-Trump, Republican traitor Liz Cheney’s husband works for the law firm that represents Joe Biden’s criminal son, Hunter Biden. Cheney’s husband, Philip Perry, works for Latham & Watkins which also works for the Biden crime family.”


    This piece of garbage who believes she’s special needs to go down in flames Tuesday…maybe a week of cleaning stalls (like a real Wyoming-ite would do) will fix her psycho addled brain.

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