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Bullet Points

* Sometimes you just need to sit quietly in your car and let the song finish before you get out and meet the world. (that’s the sermonette)

* With the global food shortage and inflation causing pressure on the population, western governments screech about Putin’s Price Hike. In contrast, Western breadbaskets like Canada, Ireland, and the Netherlands intentionally hamstring farmers access to fertilizer. This is incoherent.

* Newly unearthed documents obtained by America First Legal Foundation reveal that top U.S. health officials worked hand-in-hand with big tech companies to moderate content related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The documents released Wednesday were obtained after America First Legal sued the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) after filing a FOIA request for documents related to communications with big tech firms. They reportedly show that companies including Twitter and Facebook were repeatedly advised by the CDC on what to flag as “misinformation” and how to moderate.

* Legal Bussing – Since mid-April, more than 125 buses have transported 4,800 migrants from Texas border communities — such as the Rio Grande Valley, Del Rio, Uvalde, and Eagle Pass — nearly 2,000 miles to Washington. Gov. Doug Ducey (R-AZ) commenced a similar initiative in mid-May and has had 27 buses carrying more than 1,000 passengers from the border to D.C.

* The name “Monkey Pox” is not racist unless you’re a particular demographic who self-identifies as a monkey. All the same, Tucker Carlson proposed the name “Schlong Covid” since it’s about 100% spread by homosexual contact.




21 thoughts on “Sermonette

    1. +1 to that Crosby song. Everybody should go do it, before they make it unaffordable / illegal / impossible.


  1. “Legal Bussing”

    We need to add new destinations to the list: Martha’s Vinyard. Then Seatle, then the Gate’s place in North Dakota. Don’t leave out Delaware either, but only because the Big Guy’s handlers will be inconvenienced.

  2. Don’t like your view out the window (or ‘wind-er’ as the Suthun folks say), find a new seat.

    Bussing- When the Left took over schools, pushing their “equity and diversity” crap, they blatantly screwed over parents who moved to a place with higher taxes and better schools…wrecking education for every kid that got bussed to some lousy school while stealing money from the parents. Bussing illegal’s to unsuspecting towns is the same tactic employed to water down the citizen gene pool.

    I say bus every illegal tromping across the near dried up Rio Grande to the self-described sanctuary cities. Better yet, find all the ones previously dropped into towns at O Dark, collect them up and re-send them to those same cities…and take their free stuff away. When the whining starts, tell them tough darts, deal with the consequences of voting for open borders and free stuff paid for by the Serf’s, see how you like it. It is time to be “in their face” about destructive actions pushed on those “not them”.

    Food shortages (coming to a hamstrung supply chain near you)- When will industries that feed and supply energy to the masses tell TPTB to go screw themselves then turn the taps back on?

    America has become the very dementia patient sitting in the Oval Office; addled, weak, and useless. Everyone worth their salt will support the action to right the heeled-over ship to get it back on course. God is with the active sheepdogs.

  3. +1 with Paul M regarding busing. Sanctuary cities should be the defacto destination of all illegal aliens.

    Each person is responsible for their own world view. Don’t like it then work to change it. I’d rather be driving the bus then be a helpless passenger with no input as to where I was going or how fast I was traveling.

    The wheels of the legal process turn slowly but kudos to organizations like America First for staying with the fight. Eventually enough of the truth will come out for people with an open mind to figure out what actually was forced down our collective throats.

  4. That redistribution of illegals is fabulous; it’s great watching DC squirm.


  5. Latest obfuscation drivel: According to the White House, “his symptoms are mild.”

    Translation: The Hologram is sicker than his frail body can handle, no 25A required. Harris is being groomed to learn how keep her moronic mouth shut and sign her name to the EO’s they put in front of her.

    Everything these liars and cheats say portends the opposite as truth.

    “We’re not in a [redefined] recession.” “Inflation is transitory.” “Ukraine is only a small incursion.” “Covid is over with the vaccine and boosters.” “High fuel prices are due to Putin.”

    A year ago I didn’t think it could get worse…2022: “Hah! Hold my rotten apple.”

  6. ” This is incoherent. ”
    No, it is coherent with their plan to destroy us. To subject us.
    To make us depend on the Soylent of the month.

  7. Even the left-leaning pollsters and CBS, ABC and CNN are saying the repubs will win back the house and senate in Nov. Stay tuned for the October surprise. The dems will not allow their grip on total power to be taken away by those pesky peasant voters. They are up to something, no doubt.

  8. Monkeypox. At epidemic level in NYC, who’d have thought. Where’s the San Francisco/Austin stats?

    1. Control of monkeypox is as simple as refusing to screw homosexuals you don’t know. I realize that may be too much to expect, but it’s not as if it’s difficult.

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