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The Bouncing Ball

The National Basketball Association recently suspended its season. At the time, the reason given seemed plausibly justified, given the emergence of COVID-19 and that several players in the league have now tested positive. However, it has been confirmed by anonymous sources that a league shutdown has been in the making for months and that they were simply looking for a good excuse to shut it all down.

The players, led by Washington Generals All-Star Power Forward Art Tubolls, held a secret vote prior to the beginning of the season to suspend the league for any credible reason until President Donald Trump resigns from office or is voted out. Since much of the league is made up of Hollywood actor and musician wannabes, these millionaire crybabies overwhelming voted to approve the measure.

Shut it down, stop paying the ball-bouncers. The truth is that there are a lot of (other) people who would bounce a ball and shoot hoops for a fraction of what they’re paying these entitled jerks.


Europe is Expensive

Eastern Europe is less expensive, as the map details. It’s much better to do the busman’s holiday thing and travel there for some sort of work, subsisting on other people’s money. At least that’s how I look at the situation. Maybe it’s just that I’m cheap?


Snayperskaya Vintovka sistem’y Dragunova 

7.62x54mm 10-rounds, detachable box magazine, gas operated semi-automatic, PSO-1 scope. The SVD-63, or Dragunov rifle, is the USSR’s infantry sniper rifle. They were first manufactured in the early 1960’s.

There are a lot of haters (possibly to include me) who feel that the rifle is significantly over rated. The cartridge is under-powered for long range use, the action itself does not lend itself to precision and the scope is somewhere around average, and not anywhere near state of the art for sniping.



After 4 days of rain, August 25th, 1944 was a perfect summer’s day in Rouen, northern France.

Although there were many places where German soldiers could cross the Seine river and escape the incoming Allied armies, only a few heavy ferries and one damaged rail bridge which strong enough to allow heavy armor to cross were still operational in the northern sector.

Many soldiers converged on the Quai Jean de Bethencourt at Rouen, cramming the long quayside with vehicles of all sizes and shapes. It is estimated that at least 4,000 vehicles were massed at a time in the Rouen area.

24 Mitchells and 10 Boston medium bombers of RAF’s No 137 and 139 Wings arrived over Rouen at 7 p.m and bombed the left bank. The bombs landed amid the queued vehicles destroying more than 500 with a few bombs falling on the right bank killing some of those who had already crossed the river.

Four hours earlier an SS soldier sits on bollard 230 smoking his pipe while he waits his turn to cross. The scene is almost peaceful.


  1. I still watch college basketball during March Madness. But as for the pros, I stopped watching it a few decades ago when Latrell Spreewell attacked and choked his coach, P.J. Carlissimo, was subsequently traded to the Knicks and got a huge pay increase.

    That was it for me. I no longer watch ‘thug ball.’

  2. Pro-Sports-Moneyball is dead to me. So is most College-level sports. I’m still hoping cross-country horse and dressage don’t go political.

    As to Europe? Funny that all the places that have the government our leftist betters want are also expensive as all copulation, isn’t it?

    That sniper rifle? Has the reputation that most Soviet stuff has, overblown and overrated. But it works, for a value of work. Compared to a standard US hunting rifle of the era, not good at all.

    But tacos, tacos will fix everything!

    • Dressage, like a number of other equine events, are [gasp!] coed, with no illusions that if you can ride, learn proper technique, and do the work, you compete equally. No worries it’ll go the way of pro sports (and some boys competing as girls in HS).

    • Tacos are good. I’m having tacos for dinner. No beans on tacos for me, Beans. Sorry. That dog don’t hunt.

  3. Used to be sports were for escape, entertainment, and genuine excitement supporting your team(s). At all levels they were foremost character building, individually and as part of a team (generally speaking…not all coaches of course, some only wanted to win). As a former Penn Stater, Paterno (railroaded as far as I’m concerned) required very high standards and grades for his players. Not so much anymore.

    Pro Sports is dead until these zero humility/gratitude prima donnas go away. Fine with me.

      • And sponsors…

        Funny how this was the year the NCAA determined it was okay for amateur athletes to also benefit from sponsor dollars. Guess that’s not happening since school is mostly virtual.

        • They can play armchair basketball remotely. Anyone can be a 7’3″ black guy who can dribble and dunk. Pay computer nerds who game to replace the regular teams?

  4. I used to enjoy pro sports but the spoiled brat players have spoiled it for me. I no longer have use for any of it. Even the college sports has lost its shine since it seems they are now nothing but a place for the pros to draw talent from. The true student athlete is a dying breed and curriculum seems to be invented for them so they have something to “study.” I never heard of African-American Studies until I heard a basketball player claim that as his major in an interview.
    Now I need tacos. Lots of tacos. Maybe some rum to wash them down.

  5. Pro sport? Don’t watch, don’t follow any. I speak as someone who had Seahawk tickets their first ten years.

    I see value in sports for youth, both sexes. Likewise marching bands. My niece paid for most of her undergraduate years playing soccer as is a second cousin.

  6. I would say that the SVDs ok accuracy would make it a very good DMR but not a true sniper rifle. Mine is a lot of fun to shoot but no tack driver.

  7. I have a Romanian PSL also called a Romak……a poor man’s knockoff of the SVD. I don’t even remember which online retailer I ordered it from some 20 years ago. Compared to American arms it isn’t particularly accurate. The 7.62R Russian ammo is adequate but nothing to brag about…..fortunately I acquired several cases of it when it was still dirt cheap. Basically it’s a fun toy. Adequate in terms of accuracy and power but rugged as hell……like the AK platform. If you have the $ to spend it’s an interesting and fun gun.

  8. I’m sure you’ve read Liebstandarte combat reports. I’m amazed they kept functioning as a unit. In the meanwhile, I enjoyed shooting a Dragunov a year or two ago, and scored well at 200 yards. Hey, it worked. In fact I want one, but I want all guns, so.

  9. Don’t watch “Pro” sports, and rarely did. Now NASCAR’s gone all PC, so scratch them, too. They really lost me the first time I tuned into the Daytona “500”, and found out they ran it in stages. WTF?!? Bill France is spinning in his grave these days. At least Roger Penske pulled off the delayed Indy 500 with some semblance of dignity.

    Only been “in Europe” at various airports to change planes. Not much desire to see it, either.

    Didn’t know about the Allied airstrike at Rouen. As I was reading the post, I immediately though “Target Rich Environment”. A little research shows that the Luftwaffe was “ineffective” at this time, so at least they didn’t have to worry about fighter opposition.

    • Penske screwed the pooch. He decided not to allow spectators, but then refused to refund tickets. Decided that those would be applied to next years’ race. Pissed off a lot of people who have attended the race for many years/decades, for both decisions. I’m guessing that ticket sales were critical for cashflow reasons after the purchase of the track this year.

      • I’m confident that if the Donkeys win, there will be another plague next year since this one suited them so very well. If that happens, Penske can forward it to 2022 or beyond.

  10. From across the pond, America looks like it’s in turmoil according to world news: no sports, riots, protests, anti-police dems etc… the divide seems to be worse than usual and extremely volatile at the moment. But that’s according to the news….
    Please take my expensive country off the European map. We left.

    • Fake news, Jules. The globalists are hanging their hat on Biden, who, by all accounts is nearly brain dead. There are debates and he’ll need to stand up for an hour and a half and debate President Trump, without the benefit of a teleprompter.

      Your country is still expensive. I like the place, but it’s not a bargain.

  11. in my boyhood days looking at sof magazine i yearned for a druganov. finally got my hands on a real one in bosnia. Russian private issued it hated it. asked if it was accurate, he scoffed and said my 16a2 was “much more.” of course he wanted to trade, lol. remember, no smoking over the fuel tanks. it was weird sharing a patrol with my former arch enemies.

  12. makes one wonder what that german was thinking about then. dreaming of being home to his girl, worried what would become of them, cursing hitler for ruining everything? i can’t imagine. i wonder if he felt invincible when he crossed into france earlier, if he couldn’t imagine his war machine could ever be stopped.
    i wonder if we still have the stones to stop a machine like that again. will we rise to the occasion, or get ground under the treads? will we hang our heads in shame or even be sent to the camps for elimination? imagine how the southern soldiers felt walking home after Appomattox. bogles my feeble mind.

  13. Tacos are good!
    But then, I like all food so my opinion might be suspect.

    That picture at Rouen illustrates what I’m always saying about the “mostly peaceful” protests – even War is “mostly peaceful”. Very few of the involved are ever fighting at once.

    What we really need is a map comparing CoL in Europe (and associated areas) to the US.

    My knowledge of the Dragunov and sniping amounts to little more than book-learning, but my understanding is that it was no better than an accurized M-14, and really heavy. Plus, Russian optics… Kind of fancy-looking though, so there’s that.


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