This is a reflection from an article by Peter/Lawdog over at Bayou Renaissance Man.

Maybe four years ago now, an eminent researcher into alien smuggling –  Mike W will know who I’m writing about – approached me about the subject of selling children as he was doing some research on the subject.

The PhD in question lives in the Rancho Santa Fe neighborhood of San Diego. I asked him if he wanted to buy a child. He gave me a strange look. So I arranged for him to on a tour of the market in Tijuana, Baja Norte, Mexico where children are sold. It was an eye-opener for this urbane and gentle soul.

Children are routinely sold. Once purchased, they can not be returned to the seller. You can do what you like with the child. The cost per child runs from US$150 to US$250. (no tax) It’s an illegal practice, but as Peter points out in his article above,  it’s the third world, brother. Rules are fungible.

There are busses that work the interior of Mexico, buying children from large families who can’t afford to feed them all. They bring them north and sell them. Usually, there are a couple of dozen waifs for sale.

I don’t know how that’s been impacted by Let’s Go Brandon’s policies and the open border. I haven’t been back to the market since then. I just knew the people who were involved. A lot of the time the children end up being undocumented domestic servants, but darker things happen to them as well. They’re a form of human currency that is familiar in the developing world.

The researcher wrote a paper on it. Nothing will happen. There will be families who are willing to sell their kids for $35.00-$50.00 (wholesale price) and no questions are asked. There are ways to fix it and to lift people out of poverty, but opening the US Border is not the way. (Roy Beck explains)


The mapmaker does not define what slavery is, but when you look at the indentured Chinese and Korean and other national people who are bought and sold – the numbers are disturbing.


  1. I know it goes on, and it’s an abomination, but I have few ideas on how to stop it.

    And they ones I do have are not very progressive or woke…

  2. Some of these children are adopted by people who want them and bring them up as their own; I know of two such (one from South America, one from the former Yugoslavia) now grown women with their own American families.

    • Most don’t up in positive situations. But as you point out, some do – by chance or design it’s beyond my remit to suggest.

  3. Brandon is willing to sell out his entire nation as long as he gets a “piece”, Why do you think that he would care about some “ghetto” children in “America”? You “prattle” like you are talking about “normal” people with normal perceptions. Lots and lots of uneducated Illegals are needed to occuppy their urban desolation and to drive the feckless African Americans into the hostile suburbs. We are talking lots of profit and grift here. Stop your babbling about some cast-off child from a “poor” family. “The Poor will always be with us”, but the cash has to be NOW! Hey! It worked in Compton. What do you think that, “Build Back Better” referred to?

  4. There has got to be a special place in hell for people who traffic children. While they are still on this earth daily flogging would be appropriate.

  5. I’m just waiting for any US politician even as high as the State level to mention East Asian illegal immigration/trafficing into the US, mostly by the Tongs, etc, even once.

    AFAICT, hell will freeze over, first. Those guys sure do know who to grease and how much.


    • Yes, the snakeheads know precisely how to do it and the indentured Fuginese are usually paying back over $50-$60K. The families usually think that it’s worth it because one can then bring in the entire extended family from China.

      There are also “farms” where anchor babies are born – in apartment complexes in Los Angeles. I’m most familiar with those.

  6. Oh, there’s slavery in the native culture on Greenland. It’s just not acknowledged slavery and we’re not allowed to talk about it.

    We could stop slavery butt-cold across the world. And the funny thing is, even the environmentalists would love it as there’d be a significant drop in world population. Well, no, the environmentalists wouldn’t be happy, as most of those deaded would belong to one protected class or another.

    Simple equation. One body part per slave instance. Nah, just kill the forkers.

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