The Holiday Spirit

This next one comes from Ed B. And it’s more accurate than you might otherwise imagine. I’ve had several requests for ammo as the ideal gift (that keeps on giving) at Christmas. Naturally, Santa will fill the stocking. The elves in the workshop have been put on overtime.


And everyone secretly wants an Obama chia-pet for Christmas – a great White Elephant gift to give at holiday parties – if the holiday hadn’t been canceled by government edict.


A Discussion of Swine, shoats and the Like

Some people are so low, so contemptible, that it is difficult to even bring up their names without cursing. American political Muslims like Omar – and Barack, are among that number. …more here

Words like “scum” and “trash” to describe them never seems to convey the right message, bless their hearts. They are very progressive, very woke, and consider themselves to be your betters.


The Death Special

The Death Special: This armored car was operated by the Baldwin-Felts Detective Agency, and was used in Colorado’s Ludlow Massacre on April 20, 1914.


Where do you See Yourself in 10 years?


Fun with Maps

The Evolution of Quebec since 1763 (it says that in French).


How to say “Banana” in the Caribbean.


UFO research, by country.


Bathymetry of the Celtic Sea & Bay of Biscay


The entirety of continental South America lies east of Michigan


Note: The Jutes were one of the Anglo-Saxon tribes who settled in England after the departure of the Romans. The Jutes are believed to have originated from what is now the Jutland Peninsula (called Iutum in Latin) and part of the North Frisian coast, consisting of the mainland of Denmark, Southern Schleswig (Germany) and North Frisia (Germany).


US State Median Wage Adjusted for Purchasing Power.


US States North Of Canada’s Southern Most Point.



    • At the moment that’s a low priority. I’ve been ill (better now, not plague) and that slowed things down. Now I’m working legally to fix some of the election issues in Arizona – along with others. I’ve been on the road doing that. And trying to make money during the era of plague.

  1. If Trump manages to win the uphill battle, those “who shall not be named” might start getting concerned. Not holding my breath at this point because scot-free seems to be the result. The further the cheatery continues away from the point of deed (Nov. 3rd seems like ancient history) the more they pile on the obfuscation, and the willfully ignorant general public has a short memory. The media that suppressed the H.B. laptop/corruption to help “The Big Guy” is now talking about it like it’s new…latest shiny object for the general public to fixate away from the [non-existent] “office of the president-elect”. That cretin from MI who believes her threat to 74 million POTUS supporters…bring it on I say, Ammo is on the list and I’m checking it twice.

    Does that GDP map include Chinesium payback dollars? Looks like it to me (save for Texas). How CA manages to contribute anything worthwhile to the GDP is beyond me…”Make it up in volume” I guess, especially this year.

    No surprise the Danes moved East…dang Scandinavian’s are everywhere.

    • >The media that suppressed the H.B. laptop/corruption
      YouTube has announced that “content” (videos) that question the validity of Biden’s overwhelming victory over the evil Trump will no longer be allowed. (They say) This is entirely in line with their longstanding policy of not allowing Fake News that questions the legitimacy of any US presidential election. It’s as if their thousands of pro-Al Gore videos never existed.

      re Ilhan Omar et alia.
      The expression is “you are what you eat.” Ironic that in Animal Farm the pigs were the specially privileged creatures, yet in the United States of Bananastan those who do NOT eat pig are the ones that cannot be criticized.

      • Heard that as well…in America the BEST way to trash their censored sandbox is with dollars, find a new platform for the good folks to operate and the scumbags whither, possibly into oblivion. Nothing is forever and these tech three can be taken out in a peaceable manner. Money talks…

        Omar and her 10,000 constituents were installed by BHO…she is a Manchurian of the worst sort and it’s astounding she’s not yet in prison or sent back to that hellhole she crawled out of. Was reminded reading from a Reacher novel, hogs are really good at “cleaning up the environment” with whatever gets tossed into the pen…no backhoe required. Irony, works for me.

      • Camperfixer – Despite being a dystopian mess, California continues to be an economic engine. 40 million people. 8 times the size of Arizona. The progs will kill it eventually but not before it californicates everything around it.

        Mike_C – YouTube is just doing its part to uphold the principle of NEWSPEAK (1984): To meet the ideological requirements of Communism in Oceania, the Party (Ingsoc), created Newspeak, a controlled language of simplified grammar and restricted vocabulary designed to limit the individual’s ability to think and articulate “subversive” concepts such as personal identity. My favorite Newspeak word is, blackwhite — To accept whatever one is told, regardless of the facts. In the novel, it is described as “…to say that black is white when [the Party says so]” and “…to believe that black is white, and more, to know that black is white, and to forget that one has ever believed the contrary”.

        • Further: Anything that the Party believes is “settled science”, which means that your input is both unwanted, and likely racist, xenophobic, homophobic and Islamophobic.

          If you doubt that Joe Biden, (a senile, old, corrupt, sexual molester) won the election, you are a “racist”. I heard that today on the radio while I was driving. There was a long woke rationality for the connection between racisim and being an election denier.

  2. Bananas. Proof that humans traveled the oceans far earlier than credited? While most bananas are self-pollinating, many are hand pollinated with pollen from wild Asian bananas, or so I read. They are found in places today far beyond their origins.

    (Yes, a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing)

    • Was putting a banana in the crook of a tree considered to be racist then the way that it is now? I’m triggered just typing that.

  3. The map of the sea floor in the Celtic Sea and Bay of Biscay seems to show how low sea levels were during one or more of the previous ice ages. Those canyons and channels sure look like river runoff.

    The answer to the Climate Hustlers saying, “ZOMG! Sea levels are rising!!” is “Thank God. It’s when they start going down that it’s time to get scared.”

    • It’s politically incorrect to point out that Earth is still emerging from the last ice age. It’s cool to point out that we’re all going to die in six years because of global warming.

    • CVN Teddy Roosevelt left San Diego this week for Third Fleet (EastPac) operations. CVN Nimitz moved into the Persian Gulf. I don’t know where Teddy will end up but it’s at sea and operational.

      There are a lot of troops moving around the US. To Nevada? I can’t say. I know that Ft. Irwin (California desert) is quite active.

      • what i sawreported was three carrier groups, named, were now stationed off both the east and west coast. another report of 25 c17’s plus c130’s moving troops, army and marine, westward some landing elgin? nevada. local residents claim the area is crawling with activity. exercises in the area are common but smaller and not so near christmas.

  4. Can’t seem to view the graphics today. Just big blank spaces. tried all the usual, clear browser cache, restart browser, reboot machine, etc.

    Got a trouble ticket pending with the Mozilla folks….

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