Four Star Survival

M-48 Patton Tank

If the four stars started telling the truth rather than talking points presented to them, how long would it be before they were assassinated? It would look like an accident,  though.  Or maybe a sudden onset of poor health. That’s what happened to Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, isn’t it? A heart attack was the official finding.

But USGOV officials can’t be compared to Stalin or Hitler. Perish the thought.

Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard wrote, “Killing Patton“, wherein they made a case that General George Patton was assassinated. I had heard a lot about that,  of solid witnesses and solid evidence well before that book’s publication.

Patton opposed the creation of a United Nations, and if he ran against the slimy Eisenhower, he might have ended up as President. The Russians feared him, the politician feared him, and the OSS, the forerunner of the CIA had a lot of people doubled to the Soviet KGB.  So who killed him? Likely the USGOV at the urging of the Soviets.  Who had the most to gain from his death? The DC Swamp clearly led the pack.

Or maybe he died in a traffic accident?

Or maybe you think that the people in the White House wouldn’t order a hit and arkancide isn’t a real thing?

Marine battalion commanders are easily written off as are old has-been bloggers. They are ants, not worth being crushed under heel at the moment, though their time will come. (WSF is saving me a bunk – or I’ll save one for him, however, it falls out.) It’s much harder to write off stars – but if they got to Patton, it would be a small thing to arrange the end for any of the stars these days.

M-1 Abrams Tank

The people who make these war machines today make a lot of money and they don’t want anyone to slay the goose that laid the golden egg.  “War is a racket.”


He’s Back

His proxies are calling the shots for creepy, demented, old, Slow Joe, whispering into his earpiece. Make no mistake about that.


  1. Patton’s death was curious. But if Patton, why not Dugout Doug MacArthur, who was a threat to, well, everyone who was a competent military leader or a politician?

    As to slimyness, it does seem to be almost a requirement in a president. Even the sainted Washington left a little slime trail behind him (more due to the Whiskey and Shay’s Rebellions and treatment thereof than, omigosh, him being a slave owner.) Weird that the least slimy of the modern presidents is the one that everyone says was the most slimy, and that would be #45, the Trump himself. In some ways Trump wasn’t slimy enough, in that he trusted too much the word of the political advisers around him. That’s how slimemaster general Mattis got the job, and immediately started misreporting to Trump and stabbing him in the back.

    It’s like what I said in today’s Sunday Sermonette. Evil right-wingers are so evil because they expect people to actually do their best at their jobs and their private lives, rather than pulling everyone down to the lowest common denominator.

    Politics. Bleh. Makes the input pipe to a wastewater treatment plant seem pure and clean.

    • President Trump inserted himself in the middle of the swamp, not fully comprehending that the right was every bit the stakeholders in rampant corruption that the left are. There is no difference between a white rat and a black rat. It’s just the tint to the hair. They’re still rats. I agree that there is a small handful of politicians (the new ones) that actually may give a crap about the country. Not many, though.

    • There are a lot more “participation” ribbons and medals now. You were in USAF, you understand how it is. There seems to be no limit. We’ll end up looking like those rediculous Nork Generals.

  2. “It’s much harder to write off stars – but if they got to Patton, it would be a small thing to arrange the end for any of the stars these days.”

    Or troublesome Lt Colonels.

    • Small potatoes. The media will never cover him and what few people listen to him are people like us, who they don’t worry about. If the JCS started going public, or Patton, it’s a lot more damaging.

    • We spent two TRILLION dollars in Afghanistan to accomplish precisely nothing (with the exception of paying and arming the Taliban). The second paragraph from War is a Racket states that a few people who make enormous fortunes from war certainly applies here. It’s a good essay (long essay, almost a pamphlet) and one could write the same way about Afghanistan – a forever war – forever cash, untraceable often — secret always.

      Who are those war profiteers and whose palms did they grease? Two TRILLION dollars. Think about it for a moment. And nobody will go to prison, nobody will face a firing squad, no corporation will be punished with sanctions, no politician will be removed from office in disgrace. It was a nearly endless racket and those parasites will be looking for another one, somewhere, during the Jo/Ho administration.

  3. Eisenhower warned us in his farewell address;

    “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.”

    We lost.

  4. patton, meet kennedy. i still say then senator rumsfeld had then staffer cheney arrange jfk’s passing. they were golden from that moment on, no matter what failures they had they always floated on top.

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