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Bullet Points:

* “Mercy to the guilty is cruelty to the innocent.” –  Adam Smith

* My breakfast meeting with BRM and MissD will take place this morning after this blog posts on the Internet. Following the meeting, I expect the Sun to break through the clouds, doves will take flight and all of the cares of the planet will melt away.

* (Task & Purpose) It’s been more than a year since the U.S. military’s chaotic withdrawal from Kabul, and the Defense Department actually has no clear idea how much U.S.-funded military equipment fell into the Taliban’s hands in Afghanistan, according to a new report from a top government watchdog.

* This is not a rant. Really it’s not. But if I mention here (or to you in person if you know me personally) that intend to volunteer for ANYTHING, please remind me that I asked you to restrain me. I’m old enough to know better but I’m sucked in from time to time and I have lived to regret it 100% of the time. Part of the problem is that you see how the sausage is made in an effort or activity that I thought was worth my time.  Getting paid to do something is completely different.  You’re a mercenary as with every job,  you anticipate being treated badly. But they compensate you for bad treatment.

* FTX – The Gateway Pundit reports! In addition to this, Daily Caller lists many of the lawmakers who Sam Bankman Fried was bankrolling who oversaw the institution that was supposed to keep an eye on companies like FTX. Any bets on how many of them will be imprisoned for 20 years?

* Frame it correctly.  Nazis were National Socialists that tore down statues. Banned free speech. Blamed economic hardship on one group of people.  Instituted gun control. Put the state before God. Nationalized healthcare. Placed strict government regulations on industry. Does this sound like the policies of a current political party in the US?

* American Thinker has a good article out on President Trump’s 2024 run.

…After the midterms, Trump broadened his field of fire to include Governor Glenn Youngkin (R-Va.) — the man who turned a blue state into a swing state.  Again, the attack was for insufficient fealty to The Donald.  Trump says Youngkin won only because he called on the forces of MAGA to support him during his campaign in 2021.

But here’s the thing.  We are a free country, governed by free men — at least for a few more years.  MAGA-supporters are not Trump’s employees, to be ordered to support anyone.  MAGA-supporters voted for DeSantis and Youngkin because doing so advanced their cause’s objectives.

Trump may have given the movement a name, but the movement to return America to its former greatness does not belong to him.  The movement selected him to run the enterprise — for a few years.  Trump works for MAGA, not vice versa.  Trump is merely the CEO, answerable to the shareholders — the voters.

Trump has the instincts and ethics of a Great White Shark. It works for him, but he seems to lack the concept of the greater good.  He will run. Sharks can only swim forward, it’s all they know. If he stepped aside, he would be remembered as a great Statesman, but his insecurity will not allow him to do that.

* Animal Welfare during winter months:






  1. Dang, imagine our world if you had gotten together at least three years ago?

    Had we known it’d be the Twilight Zone crossed with Crypto Cocoon we’d have encouraged the meet n greet long ago!


  2. Thanks so much for sharing the AT article link. I scrolled that site last night and missed it. Your comments and illustration are right on. A republic gov. means public servants working for us. Your humor is also greatly appreciated.

  3. The blatant illegal funding of politics is frustrating to watch happen. As a nation, we’re better than that, and standing idly by while it happens is sign of a morally ill nation.

  4. LL, hope you, BRM and MissD solved all of the worlds problems at breakfast.

    In certain ways, I would love to have Trump back in the White House. The effect on the Left would probably be immeasurable schadenfreude. I don’t think Trump was the reason for the Red Dribble instead of a Red Tsunami. I think it was out right illegal Democrat Electoral Manipulation that lead to it. All of the important and Trump endorsed races were in Purple States where Democrats have control of the electoral mechanics. Maricopa County in particular and Arizona in general along with Nevada are good examples.

  5. DJT is/was not the savior, or the champion. He was the weapon sent to DC to wade through the swamp like a flame thrower. He tried, but the forces (Both dem and repub) were too numerous and viscous. 3 words describe his greatest accomplishment…Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and ACB. Not to mention he kept the Chupacabra out of the WH forever. Small victories, but victories none the less.

  6. True about the sausage… Making it sucks! And yes, being paid well is ‘some’ compensation… I think that Buff was a ‘hair’ pissed at that truck…

  7. As described in a recent-ish Tom Woods podcast, Nazis were “National Socialists”, using the “national” word which they meant their loyalties were to Germany first (nationalistic) and socialist (international movement) second. As compared to “socialists” whose loyalties were international first.

    This sounds more like the current American Republican party. It does not sound like the current American Democrat party, which has loyalties to some worldwide concept of self-loathing and self-abnegation before loyalties to people in America.

    Every construction project in America is required to have a porta-potty on site for the workers. But which American political party champions cutting the regulatory red tape to allow people to donate porta-potty service to homeless people? Neither.

    • And fascists were Italian national socialists. In Mussolini’s own words, “I have always been a socialist, I am a socialist, and I will be a socialist.”

      Funny how National Socialiksm has become associated with right-wingers. Weird, but that’s what real socialists are very good at, redefining the meanings of actual words.

      • Nationalism is nationalism (as opposed to globalism). Socialism also stands alone on the road to totalitarianism and tyranny that inevitably follows government overreach. The two are mutually exclusive.

        George Washington was a nationalist as were Jefferson and Madison. In no world were they socialists.

        • The association of Nazis with the “right wing” was all Stalin’s doing, as a way to pretend/convince that they were worse than him, or even different.

          Of course the US education system ate that up, just like most communist propaganda.

          Yes, the Republicans are a bunch of douchebags. This is the real, major reason that there was no “red wave”. Yeah, fraud was a factor, but a smaller one.

          The real fundamental are that the Dems have a core of tens of millions of Americans for whom their party is a cult. These people never vote for anyone other than a Dem, and they always vote. They think that Dems are saints, and anyone else is pure evil, and the Dems are all that is keeping the World From Ending.

          The Reps don’t really have that, and to the extent that they do, it’s much smaller. Even most of the people who always vote (R) do it because they see them as the lesser of two evils. Tends to generate a lot less enthusiasm.

          On top of that, as has been said here before, the Republicans are terrible at saying what they’re going to do to make things better. Their campaigns tend to revolve around “Geeze, the Dems suck ass. Vote for me instead, because I can;t be that bad. Also pretty uninspiring.

          On top of all that, the Dems have vastly superior organization, and although I despise many of their goals, they have them and work together towards them. The Dems could elect Mengele crossed with Dahmer President, and every Dem in Congress (or at least the vast bulk) would support him. Even when the Republicans control House Senate and Presidency, they don’t do that.

          The Red Wave was always a pipe dream.

          Turned out the same way for America, in the long run.


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