* Vote with your Boat – Two Russian nationals have been detained by US officials after arriving in a small boat on St Lawrence Island in Alaska. According to the two US senators who represent the state, the men landed at a beach in the village of Gambell and requested asylum in the country. A Department of Homeland Security (DHS) spokesperson said the duo’s asylum claim was currently being processed.

A local town clerk told the KTUU news station that the men had sailed there from the city of Egvekinot in north-eastern Russia, a journey of about 300 miles (480km) by sea, and have since been flown off the island.

I guess that they didn’t want to serve in Putin’s Grand Imperial Army.

* The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) points to FBI background check figures to show over one million firearms have been sold in America every month for the past 38 months.  from Breitbart News https://ift.tt/UmZ7Vyo

* Science that can’t be questioned isn’t science. It’s propaganda.


Where’s Dildo?

The U.S. Secret Service insisted that no records exist of who President Biden has met with at his Delaware residences during his presidency, according to a report on Wednesday.

The New York Post reported that it requested the information about who visited the president at his Wilmington and Rehoboth Beach homes as part of the Freedom of Information Act but had its appeal denied.

In a letter dated September 27, Secret Service deputy director Faron Paramore wrote, “the agency conducted an additional search of relevant program offices for potentially responsive records,” according to the paper.

“This search also produced no responsive records,” the letter read. “Accordingly, your appeal is denied.”




And the Halloween Yard Decoration Prize goes to…

Vlad, the impaler – not to be confused with Vlad Putin.

On second thought,  it does seem to be aspirational these days, doesn’t it?





  1. Same guys keeping track of Brandon’s visitors must have been keeping track of Epstein’s before he didn’t kill himself.

    • Same guys were keeping track of who Comrade Obama met in Miami every month during his first 3 years of his presidency. Fly down, ruin the air space, stay for an hour or two after shedding most of his detail, fly back. About once a month for 3 years. But no records exist…

      • They learned from Epstein. Destroy the records.

        And if all else fails, dead men tell no tales. (I intended the rhyme)

  2. that’s one rainbow i can get behind….the best decoration i’ve seen so far was a skeleton with a trump mask driving a lawn mower over a skeleton w/ a brandon mask….vlad, i respect both of them. they knew/know how to get stuff done…..six months from getting my other pension and we’re circling the drain while brandon eats ice cream, typical. what is it with them and ice cream? does the adrenochrome make them feverish?

    • Maybe it’s one particular brand of ice cream? I hate to condemn all ice cream just because FJB and Pelosi eat it. Though I’ve never tasted ice cream that goes for $20/pint. Maybe it’s like crack cocaine and it makes you go (more) insane. One lick and you love Big Brother?

      • Brand name: Beijing Xi Moo Cow
        Flavor: Treason Crunch on a Leash

        They restock The Big Guy’s Delaware SubZero each week, free of charge…

  3. Biden is a nothing, only good for facilitating those actually running the American aircraft into the ground, ignoring the blaring “Terrain! Terrain! Pull Up! Pull Up!” warning.

    The Hollowman goes to Delaware on the weekends to sit in his Petrol powered 8mpg Corvette with his aviators on, trying to act cool. We could bet he also meets with his Chinesium partners for the special “Death becomes him sauce” to keep his Swiss-cheesed brain operating on 1 cylinder for another week of disastrous lying to the American people while inciting/projecting nuclear war to our enemies…who may just take him up on the offer. The guy is a seriously defective treasonous daft idiot, but doing his job well as a necessary NWO puppet with every string attached being pulled by our enemies.

    RR’s Saturday rainbow…backlighting is crucial for obtaining that perfect portrait.

      • Yes, when the rubber meets the road the “Renewable/Green/Sustainable energy crowd is a fair weather friend…and points to how they lie with such ease.

        Heard the program, terrific and interesting as always. And good job cleaning up my fast-typed blathering. We have family in Novi, will urge them to listen to your interviews with Tudor Dixon and how it’s critical to eliminate Ms. Nasty Crazy from the Governor’s House. Besides, how could you NOT vote for Dixon with a name like that?

  4. Ah, Vlad (Dracul, Tepes, the Impaler.) Should be a Catholic saint for what he did. Total badass and Christian, unlike his a-hole brother the convert to islam.

    Seriously, a really great man. Held off the Ottoman Empire for years, and resisted from a kid to his death.

    When the cities fall, which they will, from internal eloi, the people of the country will find much comfort in Vladish decorations.

    (Why do I say the cities are full of Eloi and not Morlocks? Well, HG Wells was a friggin socialist pansy, so he wrote “The Time Machine” and made the workers and builders (the Morlocks) out to be bad, while the Eloi, who do nothing productive other than hump like rabbits, are the ‘good guys.’ No, the Eloi are not good. They are parasites and a drain upon the resources of the Morlocks who are keeping said Eloi alive (admittedly, for food,) but still, without the Morlocks, the Eloi will die off. That’s something that HG Wells conveniently leaves off in his socialistic fairy tale. What happens to the Eloi, who are dumber than your average ghetto-rat or outride mongoloid, after the ‘hero’ kills the Morlocks? Seriously, the idiots in “Idiocracy” have a better chance of surviving after the crops stop having Brawndo sprayed on them than the Eloi have of surviving even with Captain Victiorian-Age ‘saves’ them. Is he going to do all the work for the dumber-than-dog-poo-people? And now you know why it’s a socialistic fairy tale, it stops at the ‘kiss’ and implies that everyone lives ‘happily ever after.’ Until the first hard winter when the Eloi discover the same issues that the communistic Puritans found upon coming to the New World.)

    • So…along with employing the Pirate’s creed we should also emulate VTI. Works for me.

      Interesting perspective with the Morlocks and Eloi, never thought of it that way but makes total sense. Add to the Pirate/VTI mix “being Morlock”…in a good way, that is.

      • I always took it that the eloi were the stupid liberals who allowed themselves to be fed and entertained at their own expense.
        The morlochs were the government ruling and consuming them.
        I guess I was wrong.

  5. “Science that can’t be questioned isn’t science. It’s propaganda.”
    It’s not necessarily propaganda. But it IS religious dogma.

    Eloi are not good. But they are not evil either. They are rabbits with the power of speech. Rabbits are morally neutral because they are prey animals; a creature incapable of evil is not therefore good. A proper human is a dangerous creature. A good human is one who controls his evil tendencies, and one who uses his ability to harm or destroy not to prey upon others, but rather to protect.

    I never devoted much thought to The Time Machine, but I have vaguely wondered what sort of horrible humans created the conditions wherein Eloi could arise. I’ll bet you anything that those “creators” thought they were repairing the evils of the world by infantilizng humans and removing their agency.


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