The CDC now claims that 94% of all Chinese Plague fatalities were supplementary, meaning that the person had co-morbidities. Less than 10,000 Americans have died from the plague alone.

Democrats masked and impoverished America and weaponized the plague to damage the economy with the hopes that it would defeat President Trump.


Now – Memes that Matter


The Cockpit – at sea

The cockpit was originally an area to be used by the ship’s surgeon during a battle. On many naval ships it was the rear part of the orlop deck, a dark, narrow area that was usually used as quarters for midshipmen and the like. As it was the lowest deck of the ship, it was well below the waterline and was considered best protected against enemy cannon fire. (which is why the powder magazine was also located there).

Deckplan of USS Constitution, the violet spot marks the cockpit

Although the exact position of the cockpit often varied from ship to ship, it was usually a panelled area near a landing stage, which enabled the ship’s doctor’s comrades and the loblolly lads to transport those wounded in battle more easily. Surgeons, who found it difficult to find suitable positions on some ships, went to one of the lower gun decks, where unused cannons and a few planks often served as makeshift operating tables.


The Surgeon at work aboard USS Constitution

In preparation for battle, buckets of sand and boiling pitch or tar were placed at strategic points in the cockpit, then vinegar was prepared and the instruments were provided, along with brandy and laudanum and poppy seed syrup (one to collect blood from amputations, the other to dip stumps to seal the wound and prevent further bleeding, the vinegar was used for disinfection and the other for anesthetics and pain relief). The sand was also spread generously over the deck to reduce the risk of slipping due to blood accumulation.


Ship’s Surgery in the Cockpit, Unknown Artist, 1820

But how did the cockpit get its name? That is difficult to say, it is a term that is proven to have appeared as early as the 16th century. And since the 17th century it was used as the Surgeon’s place of work. Some suspect that it had something to do with the fact that while in port the area was often used to separate wives or other friends of the crew during the working day. Or that it was derived from the dark shelter in which the coxswain stood to steer the whipstaff in the early 16th century.


Who would have guessed that he’d end up a vampire?

Bela Lugosi as lieutenant in Austro-Hungarian army in WWI, 1916. Lugosi is best known for his role as Dracula in the 1931 film.


A long time ago, in a galaxy far away


Fun with Maps

Homelands of world chess champions

Africa, China, The “Muslim World” and South America didn’t come out on top.


  1. I’m not sure that one can interpret the “94% comorbidities” thing that easily. Sure, people with pre-existing diabetes or heart disease (for example) are more likely to die of an infectious disease than people without those problems. But it would still be the case that the infection killed them.

    Here’s an analogy. A person shot with, say, a .22 round is more likely to die if they have a heart problem (all other things, such where they were shot, being equal; and I don’t mean “in a CVS while looting” when I say “where”). But it was being shot that was the root cause of death, not the subsequent heart attack, or ventricular tachycardia (whatever) that resulted from the stress of being shot.

    Same with China Flu. It may indeed have been the trigger that initiated the cascade of events which led to someone’s death. But the point is that the risk of dying from China Flu is much bigger in people already likely to die of *something*, and therefore the lockdown of the entire population was never justified. For something like China Flu, if you need to keep people from getting exposed, then you quarantine those at high risk, namely old people and people in poor health already. That said, there *are* some apparently young/healthy people who have had very bad outcomes (died) from contracting China Flu, and we, to my knowledge, have not been able to identify novel risk factors that could predict who those persons might be. However, my *strong* opinion is that the lockdowns were unjustified in light of: 1) blatant illegality, 2) “extraneous” effects on the economy, worse outcomes of other diseases neglected because of WuFlu hysteria, adverse general social and individual psychological outcomes, 3) being morally and philosophically incompatible with general Western, and specifically American, concepts of individual liberty and personal autonomy.

    Point 3 is actually the most worrying to me, namely how many people have gone along with the illegal, capricious, and often stupid mandates issued by nonqualified people who were not too bright to begin with. A republic with essentially unlimited franchise cannot survive when at least half the population are either idiots, or easily deluded, or cowards. Not to mention the trifecta of stupid deluded cowards.

    As to James Clyburn, what’s this “our vision” you’re talking about? Do you as a negro really think that you will have a ruling place in the New World Order? You don’t belong to any tribe that has both true will to power, and the means to create and enforce it. There *is* indeed a “WE” but you’re not included Mr Clyburn, not will you ever be included, because “we” is ultimately ethnic or ethnoreligious. For example, if Chinese world hegemony ever comes to pass, as a negro you will NEVER be accepted by the tribe of Chinamen. Same with another tribe. Sorry to break it to you, but that’s how it is. (For that matter, I’m cast out from “Chinese-ness” as well, but that’s because of my attitude, bearing, behavior, and speech. People from the PRC or Taiwan tell me to my face they consider me just another American, and not one of them. Which suits me just fine.)

    • You may not be wanted in Chinese society, but you’re clearly valued here.

      I remembered a Vietnamese Deputy DA speaking about a case referring to “American culture” as not his culture. I was on him like a cheap suit. “Are you an American citizen?” If not, get back onto the boat your mama fled on and go to Vietnam (where the Vietnamese wouldn’t accept him because he was ethnic Chinese from Vietnam). He looked a little sheepish and shut up. But your point is well taken.

    • Mike: To your 3rd point…

      I went out for dinner and drinks with a half-dozen friends/co-workers last night.
      While I work from home, this is the first time I have bothered to leave the confines of my home in 2 months (Personal choice. Perfectly happy to stay indoors. Phoenix 100+ temperatures.)
      A few things bothered and surprised me:
      As I hang out here on Mr. Lamberts porch (and a great many others of similar mindset) and as my job tends towards a lot of research; I have spent the last 10 months gathering information and comparing notes on the current political/virus/social situation. I had formed the opinion (rightly or wrongly) that roughly half the population was buying into this farce as if it were gospel and the rest (read “this audience”) were shaking our heads and not going along with the “program”.
      I was wrong.
      As I walked into the open-air establishment, a young waitress welcomed me and asked if I had a mask. (She and the wait staff were masked, but none of the 50+ patrons I could see were wearing anything.) She informed me that I would need to wear a mask to walk the 30 or so feet to where my party was sitting and I could then remove said mask. (Remember: this is an open-air patio establishment.)
      I looked at her.
      I looked at the crowd.
      I politely responded “No. I’m good. Thanks.”
      I am now a bit peeved, but I was somewhat expecting this.
      Upon arriving at my table, I noted that everyone in my party had their own personal mask laying next to their drinks.
      These are all people with whom I have had lengthy conversations in the past and all purport to be strong “constitutionalists”, myself included.
      At one point, a member of our group got up to use the restroom.
      Upon standing, he dutifully put on his mask and walked the 20 feet to the facilities.
      On his return, I light-heartedly gave him some grief over his behavior.
      ….and here’s where it all went off-the-rails…
      He became angry that I had mocked him and refused to re-take his seat next to me. This is a man with whom I have gleefully traded personal barbs and insults for 20 years.
      Until this point, I had thought that, of all those gathered, he would be among the first to rail against this new status quo and say “Hell NO!”.
      As the conversation continued, they all concurred…
      Yes. The virus numbers don’t add up.
      Yes. The politicians have used this as a massive power-grab.
      No. We have no real fear of this as a major health risk.
      …we need to go along with this asinine behavior because society demands it.
      I noted that, while all of the staff were masked (most haphazardly), and all of the patrons (while not wearing them) had masks at hand, I appeared to be the only person out of close to 100 people that did not have a mask.
      I cannot speak to the majority of the patrons, but I can confirm that the folks I was with are neither idiots nor deluded, but I am left with the surprising information that they ALL appear to be cowards.
      I am saddened…
      While I knew I was in the minority, I had believed that there was a sizable portion of society that felt as I did, and would not cater to this circus.
      I was wrong.
      So be it.
      “I” am not an idiot.
      “I” am not deluded.
      “I” am not a coward.

      Pro Patria Vigilans

      • An all too familiar story, sad that people are this weak, but inevitable in today’s political environment.

      • FishStyx – I’ve noticed that trend in the Valley (for those of you who don’t live in Arizona, it’s the Greater Phoenix area), and it disturbs me. The lemmings might be persuaded to vote for Creepy Joe and wear masks forever. Up on top of the Mogollon Rim, you never see a mask unless it’s a flat-lander who has come up and is pumping gasoline or something. The same is true of Payson and Prescott.

        Masks have become trendy and whether you’re wearing lace women’s underwear for a mask, a bandana, or an old holy t-shirt, all are accepted as being equal — because the point is submission, not health.

        • Glad to hear that about the northern portion of our state, Mr. Lambert!
          …and you are absolutely correct about the the masks!
          What I saw the other night was, most definitely, a “fashion show”.

          • To that extent, I think that mask wearing (as a sign of submission) will continue long past the plague. “Only the cool people wear masks”

      • FishStyx, sorry to hear about your dinner. I hope your buddy remains a friend. This has been truly a polarizing issue (which was a big selling point of the fraud, I truly believe).

        I have much the same issue hereabouts, except I had lower expectations going in, seeing as I’m mostly dealing with academic physicians (i.e. smart, driven, high-IQ progs with curiously stupid ideas about how the world actually works). I’m going to borrow/paraphrase from one of Old NFO’s minor characters “You think you are a big fish [because you have doctoral degrees and an appointment at a prestigious university]. But you’re not a tadpole in a puddle in the real world.” (And people should totally go and read The Grey Man series.)

        FWIW, from my take on your story, it sounds like “deluded” and not “cowards” to me. People can be very principled and all that, but do a terrible job of risk assessment. It may very well be genuine ignorance (from being deluded) rather than being too chicken to stand up. Further, there is probably a “I know this is stupid, but I go along with it because it makes the general public feel safe” mentality. I heard that a LOT in the early days of the TSA. What I kept saying to people was, “We ARE the general public! If you think the TSA is inept and worse than useless, then say so, and oppose it.”

        • Nuts. I just re-read what I typed above. NOT trying to gainsay you, or tell you I know your friends and co-workers better than you do. However, I’ve also been in situations where, after much talk, people come around partially after you apply hard numbers and a bit of logical thinking to them. Then they agree that WuFlu is not the threat it’s billed as, because they don’t want to sound like fools, and it pivots to some diversion such as “but it makes normies feel safe”. But until you talked to them about it at some length, they never really did the risk assessment.

          On the other hand, a physician friend who’s been in the clinical WuFlu trenches at a major hospital hereabouts tells me I’m dead wrong, and she’s paranoid about masks. “Mike! I’ve had a ward full of COVID-19 patients on the vent(illator). Several died, and they were young!” To which I replied that she had a sample-bias problem. It’s like a prison guard at a high-security joint complaining that the world is full of murderers and rapists. Well, yeah, *your* world is, but the *whole* world isn’t.

          I’ll stop now. I think I owe you a bunch of electrons, LL.

          • All good, Mike.
            Sadly, no. None of them are deluded.
            They all, to a man, agreed that they wore the mask only because it was “required” and not because it was needed.
            They are still friends…but, in my mind, not nearly as close as we were.
            Its akin to being isolated on a desert island with numerous people for years, only to one day realize that they are all only cardboard cutouts of those people.

            I will weather the coming storm or I won’t, but I will do it standing on my own two feet.
            This instance was just a reminder of that.

            From an earlier lifetime…
            “Suck it up and drive on! The only easy day was yesterday.”

            Pro Patria Vigilans

  2. Great stuff on the cockpit and the USS Constitution. I’ve visited the ship at least for times in the past with my wife. She is really interested in it because she is a direct descendant of George Claiborne, the designer of the ship.

  3. According to the latest figures that I’ve seen(Oct. 15) there have been just under 8 million total confirmed cases in the US, 215,000 fatal. Even if all the case were active and all the fatalities were of rather than with the Wuhan Plague, we’re still talking about a very small percentage of the population, less than 1%. Lockdowns are senseless, as are mask mandates.
    Nice photo of a very young Dracula. I’ve always been partial to Nosferatu myself.

    • Vampires aren’t supposed to age…imagine my disappointment when I found out that he didn’t die of a wooden spike pounded into his heart.

    • We’re winding up the week, LSP. There will be a couple more blog postings today regarding Paul Pelosi, Ukranian Gas Baron and one on the Mexican drug trade.

  4. [x2 to MikeC]

    Your commentary on “cockpit” (albeit with a sailor in the family I knew as the space around the wheel) reminded me of Master and Commander, which depicted as real as anyone would want to know, the roughness of below ship life. I am all for not returning to that anytime soon (or horse and buggy, which California is quickly getting too with their unreliable wind/solar power grid).

    COVID – the media shills love to trot out 215K dead as a way to maintain fear among the populace. A body can only handle so many things going on at once, that 3rd trigger (Covid in this case) forces them over the edge. I have long suspected Fauci, that treasonous Haavaad professor, Gates (who clearly is bored and has become Dr. No), and now according to the laptop HDD, the Biden’s, were all working with the Wuhan Lab to trash the Trump economy (because nothing else they tried worked), using the world theater as a smokescreen. It never was Covid that wrecked anything, it was and continues to be, the lockdown by the reprobates in charge. Same with the “kidnapping” story, seems the FBI coerced them, sort of soon after “That Idiot Jersey Governor” pardoned one of these guys. Another smokescreen to avoid having to deal with failing Dem policies and their propped up juiced hologram of a presidential candidate.

    As always, more here than meets the eye. This laptop deal may be their undoing…doesn’t stop the media from touting “Biden ahead in early polling” propaganda (like that matters a wit). More push-marketing to keep the waffling weak Trump voters from voting (not voting ought to be a crime, it’s a privilege and a travesty to not exercise the right).

  5. I always thought that it was called the “cockpit” because in operation, it resembled a chicken fighting arena, what with all the sand and blood and smoke and chaos. I have nothing to back that with, though.


    • I think you’re right, Kle. A lot of blood, splattered everywhere. An abatoir. But you couldn’t call it a slaughterhouse… so a cockpit is better, I guess. But I doubt that you could ever get the stink of rotting blood and flesh out of it.

  6. “Old Ironsides”-
    Southern Live Oak, IIRC- A blessing to the men.
    Accounts say the splinter injuries were terrible in most wooden warships.

    I don’t go out too often, yeah, I wear a mask sometimes-and get yelled at sometimes.
    I am thinking a lot of compliance we see is the effect of group compulsion, the same phenomenon as in cults- nobody wants to be the outsider. It is a horrifying thing to see so many, so scared, and so compliant, in response to edicts- if this works now, what will they come up with next?
    We are seeing a great social control experiment playing out in front of us. With great success.
    They have suspended the Law for a “health emergency” that is barely a blip in mortality, and convinced people it is serious.

    Expect the success to be used in other power plays.

  7. at lunch friday the wife and i saw the owner in a tizzy b/c two guys dared to sit across from each other. she was terrified of the commissars(health dept hacks). i told her point them out to the nearest good ol boy patron like myself and we’ll fix that. we need to get back to the old school, where penny ante politicians tread in fear rather than tyranny.

  8. I have worn a mask to protect my elderly parents. To protect them from embarrassment after I got arrested for punching some fool when he got in my face for not wearing a mask.

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