Combined Arms

Jan, Count Žižka, (born c. 1376—died Oct. 11, 1424, Přibyslav, Bohemia [now in Czech Republic]), military commander and national hero of Bohemia who led the victorious Hussite armies against the German king Sigismund.

Count Žižka did what most successful military leaders did (from Caesar to the Mongol Khans to William the Conqueror) by organizing combined arms forces, and by innovating.

Foreshadowing a revolution of military tactics two centuries later, he introduced the use of mobile artillery, on armored farm wagons. Artillery is king of the battlefield when used well and he did. Maneuvering his mobile artillery, he was able to be flexible primarily while on the defensive and to utilize grapeshot against advancing infantry in an age when that was not known or widely utilized.

All infantry, articulated and unarticulated (mob) suffer from massed machine gun fire, which is essentially what Count Žižka unleashed on his unsuspecting enemies.

Sometimes referred to as one-eye’d Žižka, he led from the front and forced his enemies to attack him, giving him the defensive advantage. He crushed Sigismund near Prague in 1420. Losing the sight of his remaining eye shortly thereafter. Even blind, he continued to lead his forces to victory against both Roman Catholics and rival Hussite elements, finally dying of plague in 1424.

BFR 30-30

For those who don’t mind a little recoil…

Toxic Masculinity

LT Ted Hutchins, USNR, of Port Charlotte, Fla. climbs out of his Kingfisher spotter-plane after coming back aboard the Battleship South Dakota off Okinawa in World War II. ENS Stark, in the back cockpit, had just been rescued after his Hellcat fighter plane was shot down. Jan. 22, 1945.

‘A gunner, believed to be Sergeant J. Bell, looks through the opening in the perspex of the rear turret of Avro Lancaster R5740/`KM-O’. The four guns shown are Browning .303 machine guns.’

On the Trail with Creepy Joe

Socially Distanced, Corrupt Joe Addresses a crowd of tens in Nevada.

Acting more like a mafia kingpin, the Big Guy, also known to his son as “My Chairman” sometimes took a 10% cut, sometimes up to a 50% cut, but he always left something for his family.

Barack said that Joe would “F” up his run for the presidency. He know corrupt, creepy, senile, old Joe better than we do, doesn’t he?

Barack was in on it too.


I think that it’s better to find a Skorpion in your boot than a snake. But that’s just me.


  1. A burst of 7.65mm Browning does manage fire for effect, at short range. The BFR 30.30 does look like it means business. How does it compare to the .454 Casull?

    I never could understand why the RAF insisted on .303 Brownings, when it could’ve upgraded to dual .50 or even single 20mm.

    • Claudio, the 30-30 is a rifle cartridge and the recoil is significantly greater than the .454 Casull. Greater than the .460 Smith and Wesson.

      The .303 Browning is a horrible idea. Even if you do have four of them, the German fighters carried .20 mm cannons and could stand off and blow chunks out of you.

  2. Toxic Masculinity, the snowflake definition also known to us normal’s as “dragon energy”.

    Read this on Whitlock: “…Trump has “dragon energy,” natural instincts for leadership. Dragon energy is code for “masculine” energy.” “Human beings — male and female — are attracted to masculinity. In times of crisis and fear, the value of masculinity escalates.”

    Biden – like any number of political operatives – has zero dragon energy…what I couldn’t put my finger on watching him that’s missing.

    Time to put the dragon energy back into play.

    • He’s a doofus. He was always a goof. Now, with the help of very powerful people, he may be your next president.

  3. I enjoyed shooting that pistol, big fun. But speaking of big, I was amazed at how small the Lancasters were when I got a chance to step inside one. Huh. Well, they worked.

    You’d have thought the Hun, with all their Teutonic expertise would’ve sorted out a decent bomber. Good thing they didn’t.

    • You didn’t shoot that one. You shot the .460 S&W. This pistol fires a 30-30 rifle cartridge.

      The only WW2 bomber that blew my skirt up in terms of size was the B-29, which was really big. The Lancaster, Sterling, B-17, B-24, etc. were large for their time, but not THAT large.

      The world is lucky that Herman Goring was Marshal of the Luftwaffe.

  4. Having read the stories regarding the Biden laptop contents, and seen today that a business partner of Hunter’s confirms discussions with Hunter and Joe regarding the “business dealings” plus hearing Hunter call Joe “big guy”, plus another business associate releasing some of the same questionable email strings, lends much credence to this as real. I see evidence of money laundering, probable tax evasion, child pornography, drug possession, and most importantly, TREASON!
    How is that not the focus of every story? These crimes were committed while Joe was VP. If this does not result in a public trial of Joe, Hunter, and other members of the Biden family for Treason and other crimes then all is lost for this nation.

    • All may be lost, Retired Cop.

      Look at how General Flynn was treated for lawful behavior. Look how Slimy Joe is treated for the series of felonies you cited. Two standards of justice. And if he’s elected, it will be much worse.

      18 U.S. Code § 201. Bribery of public officials – Creepy Joe (The Big Guy) Biden took money to perform an official act, in addition to everything you wrote.

  5. I read that on October 15 rhe USMC stood up the 1st Landing Support Battalion, Combat Logistics Battalion 1 at Camp Pendleton. The next day they stood up the 2ndt Landing Support Battalion, Combat Logistics Battalion 2 at Camp Lejeune. Neither of these organizations has had much to do since WWII in the Pacific. Makes one wonder.

      • There was a report recently that Xi Jinping and the CCP are backing Biden in the hopes that he wins. The allegation is that if he does they will feel they have a green light to take Taiwan and take on other small fry in SE Asia without worry from the USA. Reports are that when Xi was visiting a military base in Southern Guangdong Province recently he told the troops he was addressing to ‘prepare for the coming war”. The future is not know to us but the way the dice are starting to fall it’s looking like China is very likely to start something very nasty in the near future.

        • I’ve read the same reports. PRC ambitions what they are, they can only make their move with concrete assurances that the US will stand on the sidelines. The investment of a billion her and a million there with the Biden Clan was not wasted money…unless he doesn’t make it.

  6. is/was that scorpion all that? i remember they were popular with terrs and hijackers in the 70’s. one is available near me and i’m kinda drawn to i but….. 32acp? other than hijacking, what roll?

    • The Skorpion is easier to manage in .32 at full auto than it would be in 9mm the way the Ingram 10 and 11 are. The Skorpion in .380 pack an arguably greater punch than the .32, but it’s arguable. If you’re hit by half a dozen .32s, you’ll know it. High cyclic rate.

    • They’re not common in the US, but they aren’t uncommon either. Some come up through Mexico into the US. It’s the only case that can be made for an open border – interesting ordnance flowing north. The progressive stance is that it goes south, and while that happens from time to time, the cartels use fully automatic Chinese AK-47’s for the most part. And we don’t make Chicom ordnance in the USA.

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