Caption: Biden sniffing Barack…did Barack like it?  Survey says, “yes”



Bullet Points:

* It’s only human trafficking if Republicans do it. The Brandon regime sent at least 70 flights of illegal aliens to Florida.

* Human composting in California – (RHT pointed out an article a couple of days ago on this blog. Since then there have been several more sources discussing this new law.) It’s ghoulish. I guess you really could leave your heart in San Francisco… sorta. California further embraced neo-paganism this week when Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill into law allowing the practice of composting dead human beings to better combat climate change. Citing the high CO2 emissions associated with cremation, the bill will give people the option to give their dead remains over to a process known as natural organic reduction (NOR) should they not want to be buried or cremated. Most of the people opting for this will be progs and I think that they should be fed to pigs for more complete USEFUL composting.

* T-90M – Ukraine forces captured an intact T-90M tank. Obtaining such an advanced tank is the latest in a long line of intelligence windfalls for the Ukrainians and their NATO allies. There’s a good chance that the captured T-90M — also known as the Proryv-3 (Breakthrough-3) — will ultimately make its way to those NATO allies for intelligence exploitation.

Multiple photos of the exterior and interior of the T-90M have been published on social media, including by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, which stated that the tank was “found in [the] Kharkiv region in perfect condition.” It apparently threw a track and the crew abandoned it without destroying it. The Russian Air Force didn’t strike it, as is the standard protocol to destroy technology that might be useful to their enemies.

* The Hoffman Estates – is a Chicago area location containing an abandoned furniture store and warehouse.  The Obama Foundation leased, then re-upped the lease, to use the facility to store all the paper documents from the Obama administration. The Obama administration told the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) they were going to upload the documents into a digital form for use in the Obama library.  The paper documents were, still are, held at the Hoffman Estate warehouse. I hope that you’re not expecting swift action by the FBI to hold the Half-Blood Prince accountable.


The Final Frontier

An image of Neptune and its rings was made by the James Webb space telescope.

We see Neptune in infrared light.

Because Triton is coated in frozen, compressed nitrogen, it reflects 70% of the sunlight that hits it — making it appear very bright to Webb.

The other 6 moons can be recognized as tiny dots surrounding Neptune and its rings.


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  1. Atty Robert Barnes points out that the proper legal term (“the one I’d have to use in court”) is in fact “illegal alien”. Not “migrant” nor “undocumented”. I’d add that anyone who tries to shame you for using the proper term is engaged in guerrilla neurolinguistic programming against you.

    T-90M: I wonder how that info/intel triumph stacks up against what WE left in Afghanistan….

    “Off of HER?”
    How dare the anonymous Walmart commenter assume the gender of the birthing person? How DARE xe?

      • Mike_C, We left a mixed bag of relatively good MRAPs, but many of the helicopters and the HUMVEEs were somewhat worn out. However, it was a scam (much like the war itself) because they were considered “battle losses” and therefore, a purchase order was cut to the beltway bandits to replace it piece-for-piece.

        It’s supreme impertinence for one of the great unwashed to believe themselves able to tell the difference between men and women (and the other 31 genders), let alone to get their pronouns correct. If the mandarins in the White House can’t decide which restroom to use, how can lesser mortals do better. Good call in your response (above).

        Boron, the illegal aliens are not to blame. If I was living in a pest hole with no skills, no job, no hope, and POTUS invited me to come to America, live on generous welfare and receive my free ObamaPhone, I’d trek to the border and get my free plane ticket too. There is no housing crisis for those millions who get a government preference for free housing. The blame is the 30 million voters who cast 81 million votes and the scum who considers themselves to be our rulers. Almost all are freaks and misfits.

          • Those who wear camo and hop the fence would be subject to execution. Doomed infiltrator. The same would be true of smugglers. We could ship them to Colorado and California for composting.

  2. I find it perplexing that many commentators on the internet take serious offense at flying illegal aliens to sanctuary cities, calling it a “dumb stunt” among other things yet totally ignores the Biden regime doing the same thing on a much bigger scale.

    Who would of thought that putting a charging station in a low spot with no drainage would have been a problem? I bet they got a smoking deal on the land.

    The pictures of Neptune are fantastic. For me looking at pictures like that helps wash out some of the ugly in the world.

    Human composting. LL I don’t even eat tilapia anymore after finding out how the cartels used tilapia to dispose of some bodies. Are you trying to put me off of bacon as well?

    I agree with Mike_C regarding what we left in Afghanistan. A good percentage of that has probably already made its way to PRC and Russia.

    Obama’s records at the Hoffman Estates. I would expect the FBI to spring into action upon need from the left to obfuscate the situation as much as possible.

    • I can’t eat a Tilapia. They are either raised on Chinese farms, swimming in filthy, polluted farms full of industrial waste and frozen there or raised by cartels in Mexico. If they are raised in healthy, responsible locations, I’m sure that’s the minority and who can tell one from another?

      The FBI — spring into action — unless goaded with a hatred of President Trump and the 75 million people who voted for him. I’ve never seen the FBI spring into anything unless they were receiving a “special discount” on a TV set or a refrigerator or some business offered them free food. They are deliberate and slow. I’ve worked around them a lot. They also spring into situations where they can receive their monthly allotment of premium pay (Federal OT) by doing as little as possible. Preferably surveillance where they can sit in a bar, drink, and bill the taxpayers.

      All of the goodies (undercover Rolex, cool undercover car, etc.) come when they can open an investigation that the goodies are predicated on and then milk it for YEARS. There are also FBI yachts (there used to be two – West Coast and East Coast. They love developing a case, no matter how thin, that will allow them to use the (seized) yachts. They can live aboard, eating free food and drinking free booze. An FBI crew runs the yachts. It’s a tough life they lead, giving all in the service of themselves.

    • Was in Winco earlier today. Tilapia on sale $4.98/lb. Canned cat food is likely safer. Add two bucks to that and we get Nolan Ryan rib steaks at Kroeger.

  3. Composting- California going to the pigs, literally. Proving once again that the mentally ill and immoral are out of their collective minds.

    Context matters. We need a few videos and pictures from inside The Half Black Prince’s “Declassified 31million Documents Warehouse”, then juxtapose those with the 12 dinky file boxes they absconded with from MAL…post it everywhere. The Federal Bureau of Instigation clowns can only deny so much.

  4. I believe a more descriptive term would be “unlawful entrant”
    This would remove the deliberate confusion between alien and illegal alien. Not to mention the improper use of “migrant” (who comes and goes) to describe invaders who come unlawfully and stay establishing a separate culture, ultimately replacing the indigenous culture and often population.

    • It’s a violation of USC Title 8, so what about “criminal entrant”?

      I agree that there is some confusion between illegal aliens and space aliens. The first has been shown to arrive by the millions while the second is only a matter of speculation (and a stretch at that) at this point.

      • At least the space aliens come with their own transportation, don’t sponge off the Democrat welfare state, are fairly quiet about their presence, and leave us with some serious tech when they depart (depending on who you believe).

  5. I would have no objection to my corpse being fed to pigs. I’ve eaten lots of them, fair’s fair.

    Not as good as my “funeral pinata” idea, though. Although that only requires the skin – the rest could go to the piggies.

    Plenty of Californians I’d like to see fed to pigs before death, too.


  6. Doubtful straight out recycling would work on humans in one of these:

    …without using one of these first:

    “That your friend in the wood chipper, eh? Recycling our dead helps save the planet and fight climate change, plus gets you extra ESG points…here’s a free Impossible Burger with extra large non-GMO kale chips coupon.”

  7. RE: composting. I’ve always wanted a Viking funeral, but don’t have a yacht. So, I’m hoping everybody here will toss my carcass on one of John Effing Kerry’s yachts and set it on fire instead. If one of you decides to handcuff him to the handrail during the festivities, you won’t hear me complaining……

  8. Nice catch on the T-90! Poor execution by the crew that left it, though. Don’t they have thermite and such?

    Very familiar with Hoffman Estates. The whole area Northwest of Chiraq used to be very exclusive, lots of money, and their Public Works departments had big budgets, and bought the best equipment. We made a ton of money at McGraw-Edison selling them the latest in control systems for their wells and pumphouses, and their sewage treatment plants.

    POTD cracked me up.

    • DRJIM, the Russian Army abandoned a LOT of very high-end (ok, high-end for them) equipment and just walked off. The CIA’s buying program acquired a ton of sophisticated equipment and hauled it back to tear it down.


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