All you need to do is believe America’s Doctor – the great and powerful Fauci!


They’re blowing off the shelves.


They make great gifts, and if you burn them, you won’t get the plague…honest.


He is America’s leading health official, the highest-paid employee of the US Government. Act quickly, the supplies are almost gone. Save yourself and those you love. Have your credit card ready. Operators are standing by.


    • This is a full-service blog, PaulM. When the police come to arrest you and take you to the camp, you can point to the shrine. They may give you a few extra minutes and allow you to take your coat and some warm socks as you ride off to contribute to Soylent Green.

      • I’m liking the tannerite fillage noted above, my betters won’t be expecting that when they go to light the Ode de Fawch. Last laugh will be all mine.

        • They’d definitely scoop up the holy relics when they raid your place. Leave them with something to remember you by.

  1. Jesus Malverde is more a saint than Fauci is or ever will be. Would not be surprised if Fauci was actually a practicing satanist or worships the elder gods or something.

    • I remember being tasked with finding Jesus Malverde paraphernalia in Guadalajara. I hunted everywhere – zip. Finally a lady. in the flea market told me that she’d bring some stuff back with her from LA. But I digress. All we’re doing here on Virtual Mirage is following the science.

    • The question of whether Fauci is the Allmighty’s messenger or whether he’s the anti-Christ is interesting. Feel free to explore that on your blog. I’m over with it.

  2. Hilarious! You made me laugh … until I realized that this satire is based on stark reality.
    Only two years ago all of this would have seemed like an over-the-top dystopian fantasy: lockdown, government ‘mandates’, political purges of the military apparat, complacent silence of the mainstream media, forced vaccinations, mass invasions at the Southern border, large-scale and organized electoral fraud — and look where we are today.
    I keep wondering how our world will look like in another two years down the road. Yes, certainly *down* the road.
    Meanwhile I will depart for tropical climes, there to engage in a battle of wits (?) with the heathen Chinee and the crazy Ivans; SitReps to follow.

  3. (I saw this someplace.)
    Try it on for size:
    * Munchausen by proxy… for societies?
    * Munchausen by proxy… globally?
    A recognized mental illness, those narcissists get attention by creating illness/injury in innocent parties.

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