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Foreign AND Domestic (first the profane)
Shocking revelations about the corrupt FBI being weaponized against the Trump Campaign by President Obama don’t shock a lot of us. In fact, I would have been surprised if Barack and friends would have followed the law.
h/t Woodsterman (thanks Odie)
And the FBI? Ask ANY law enforcement officer who has worked around them what they’re like to work with. It doesn’t mean that you hate the agents themselves, but no, I’m not shocked that they worked to roll a slow coup against a presidential candidate – and if Hillary had won, there would be no record of it.
Multiple confidential sources/spies placed into the Trump Campaign is something that the Democrats are presently content with. However the precedent should disturb them. Is that the future of American politics? 
From the early days of the Obama regime, I felt that he ran the place like a banana republic in South America. Operations like Fast and Furious, designed to create an environment where they could whip up opposition to private gun ownership and subvert the Bill of Rights/Constitution showed a road map.
Now we know that what we thought was rotten to the core, truly was…and is. Freedom is not something that was guaranteed by the founders of the nation. It’s always been one of those things that could be taken away. 
The oath that many of us took required us to defend the nation from enemies foreign AND domestic.
Sometimes People Remember (the sacred)
I’ve helped a lot of people throughout the course of my life. Sometimes the situations recalled extraordinary measures to set things right (see the book, Exiles from Eden, on the left sidebar of this blog as an example of actual events, fictionalized for the sake of all concerned). Other times it was easier. 
Only very rarely have people actually remembered to say thank  you. I’m not speaking of a gushing thank you. Just a gentle word or two.

This past week, completely out of the blue, somebody did in a way that I never would have expected. At the time that I helped the person, said person was a penniless wastrel.

Things and fortunes changed in the time intervening and the person and gave me significant shares in a US Company and put me on the Board of Directors. The dividends are enough to retire on in and of themselves. It was not something that I expected and/or solicited. Expecting a reward isn’t what I do – and it’s not something that any of us should do. Helping who we can, as we can, and how we can is a Christian duty – a sacred duty. Righting wrongs is important and this person was completely set up by evil people. I’m not telling you that I’m a saint, dear readers. I expect that I’ll be shoveling coal through eternity for my sins.  

The person doesn’t read this blog, but, “thank you for saying ‘thank you’ after all these decades.”


This blog is about nine years old and we just crossed the 2 million hit mark on stats. A lot of you, my blogging colleagues, have well exceeded my numbers. What started out on a whim remains a whim, but I’m humbled by the fact that some few of you (and a lot of bots from Russia and elsewhere) have driven my stats to where they are. Thank you for reading and occasionally reacting as I try to interpret the chicken bones and tea leaves.

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  1. I read your blog because I often find it interesting. Occasionally I learn something. Whether it's useful or not is open to debate. Keep it going and I'll keep reading it.

  2. I try not to make it an exercise in narcissism, but sometimes it ends up looking like that.

  3. You're welcome. Congratulations on the nine years and the two million. I think I discovered you right around your beginnings. I believe "someone" led me to you. You really should celebrate a little harder though. Would you like help with that … LOL!

  4. Well, congratulations. A surprise indeed!
    Jesus said there was nothing that could not be forgiven. All you have to do is ask.
    I think you will be okay.
    Thanks for your blog and God bless.

  5. Thank you for the effort and insight you put into your blog. Often makes me think and reconsider some of my opinions.

  6. The information you provide and the comments you elaborate give insight and help to understand what is going on in the world. Having your opinion as the fixed point in the universe makes it easier to understand what will happen in the future.

  7. I just crossed 700k after 8 years, so a big CONGRATS to you.

    Old_NFO led me to you, and you're both friends I treasure.

    And I'm honored I was able to give you a personal tour of the Iowa.

  8. I have no idea of how you came to be in my life, but I'm glad you are. Without you, my knowledge of international politics would be he pits – and I thank you.

    Now I'm going to go rest a bit. First cataract gone and a brand new toric lens inserted. Piece of cake (except for the no makeup part. Ugh)

    And………….I received a special "care package" today from a dear friend. A Michael Kors handbag, framed photos, a luscious bottle of La vie est belle, and some new journals. Yay!

  9. "…and the greatest of these is charity."Well done and congrats on the reward!

    As for the slo-mo coup, that's another story altogether.

  10. I came here from CW's DTW, and will continue to visit daily. Carry on, sir!


  11. Glad you finally GOT that thank you… Keep throwing… er… reading the bones and we'll keep reading! 🙂

  12. Corrupt FBI boss in Greensboro, NC blocks duty agent from interviewing victim and three other witnesses.

    Please blog my whole article about a whistleblower that has leaked correspondence and written a letter to Congress about the FBI boss in Greensboro, NC resident office has ignored federal crimes committed by corrupt judicial employees. Actual perjury, obstruction of justice by cover up or destruction of prosecution records and sweeping a perjury case under the rug since the perjury was conducted by a witness of the US Attorney in a criminal case that they maliciously prosecuted in bad faith. This isn't the only case the FBI has ignored. They also ignored a case reported by U.S. Congressman Mark Walker (R-NC) regarding Phil Berger Junior. accused of campaign money laundering. The FBI in Greensboro is refusing to investigate cases of public corruption. If anybody in Government or campaign offices may be engaging in criminal behavior, tjhe FBI boss in Greensboro will likely say all of them are "merit-less". So any proof of a witness saying multiple false statements in federal court is "merit-less" in a Greensboro FBI case?

    A whistleblower has revealed corruption of the FBI boss at the Greensboro, North Carolina, FBI office at 1801 Stanley Road.

    He has revealed that the duty agent was already set to have the leaker come down to the FBI to give a statement in regards to his federal criminal complaint against a Assistant US Attorney witness that has committed perjury in order to wrongfully punish that witness and interfere with his ability to timely file his actual innocence claim for his 2255 motion. "LEAK: Docs regarding Greensboro, NC FBI shut down of perjury case, Wikileaks letter"

    Cover up and destruction of some of prosecution files as admitted by Cheryl Sloan, intimidation and gag order request by corrupt Asst. US Attorney Anand P. Ramaswamy. They are trying to gag order and seal all records proving that the Government's criminal case was absolute BS (yes Bull you-know-what) and was meant to taken down an journalist that was featured in a New York Times article before he was wrongfully railroaded on a crime that he didn't commit. So he leaked all documents through his mother to my blog. The FBI ain't too happy about that so they may come after him for what he did. We need all whistleblower support blogs to cover this issue. Please!

  13. Sharing what we know, and what we've experienced is how we learn. "Hold my beer and watch this" usually doesn't work out for guys in their twenties. By the time there is more sand out of the hourglass, we can hopefully see more clearly – or not.

  14. We all want to build a better place for our posterity to live. As you have pointed out, bringing many savages from savage lands to live in prosperous and well-ordered societies always ends badly.

  15. I think that I met you via LSP.

    Keep North Idaho real, Adrienne – take no prisoners.

  16. Thanks for stopping by.

    CW is a blogging machine – and he wastes my time every day too.

  17. Congrats on the blog numbers, and that well deserved "thank you".
    You have been a sane voice and a rock. Have enjoyed reading your blog for a long time, sure hope you carry on.

  18. Wow !!! absolutely fantastic blog. I am very glad to have such useful information.


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