Russia vs Finland?

I worked with the Finnish Security and Intelligence Service on a project somewhere around a decade ago. The Suojelupoliisi or Supo was the most professional service that I have ever worked with. Hands-down. I was very impressed and remain so to this day.

Claudio and I were discussing the situation with Finland as the citizens are stepping up to be trained to kill Russians. It’s tough to beat people like that, who are willing and able.

(LA Times) When the Finnish Reservists’ Assn. recently announced wartime defense courses for civilian women in the southern town of Haemeenlinna, the 400 slots filled almost immediately, with a waiting list of 500 more.

Topics will include shooting, cybersecurity and how to manage the first several days of an invasion from abroad.

“I wouldn’t call it fear,” said Sgt. Sonja Airikki, a 39-year-old reservist who will lead the training next month. “It’s more about being prepared.”

Additionally, fighting the Finns on their own soil has never been a winner for Russia – lost 0-2 to the Finns.  Fighting the Finns in the winter is even more foolhardy.

Will Russia invade Finland? They’d going to need a lot of tanks and men and even then, it would be very long odds against a Russian victory. Even so, the Fins are hedging their bets and will join NATO. The recent Russian threat of invasion if they joined NATO is just making them more determined to join.

Dumb move, Putin.


Go Green!

It would be the perfect food for hungry people in Shanghai!


The Bottomless Pit

War in Ukraine has led to many nations sending their military equipment to aid the freedom fighters in Ukraine. In reality, it is an excuse for them to order more weapons to replace that which was sent to fight the Russians. In essence, it’s nearly a blank check. Is it a scam?

War is a racket, friends…



  1. I sent a link to this to a friend of mine in Finland.
    His reply:
    Yep. My oldest son is already an active reservist (and has had special forces training) and is also a hunter (took down a moose on first shot, first time out). Finland is one of the most armed countries in the world, per capita. It’s getting interesting. General consensus is that Russia cannot fight on multiple fronts at the same time. And, Finland will most certainly join NATO, quickly.

    • And yet Russia chooses to threaten them with destruction openly and without restraint.

      Other than the obvious, the question is why. Do the Russians feel that threatening an attack will make them weaker and more compliant? The Russians are becoming unhinged with their failures in Ukraine.

      • I think it’s just that threatening is the only thing Putin ever learned to do, to try and change anyone’s mind.


    • China simply makes itself more and more odious and they don’t think that anyone takes notice.

  2. i think the finns should stay out of nato, us too. with that umbrella of protection comes commitment to fight for the other guy, a fight you may want no part in….russia’s conventional forces are done. they are little threat to anybody outside of dunbas. if xi didn’t have his hands full already, he might be eyeballing eastern russia and mongolia. the danger is that all he has in the basket now is nukes. and we have tweedle dee and tweedle dum in europe trying to gather more to hit putin with.

    • The Fins want to be left alone. Anyone who visits Finland and interacts to any degree will come away with that feeling. The same is true with Norway.

      Sweden – what to make of them? Inviting savages to come and live with them has not worked out well at all.

      • I ride alone – NOMAD. I play those aces and eights every day on two wheels. The Deadman’s Hand is mine to play.

  3. If there is such thing as a Finnish Haka, this would be it.

    “Arming the citizens”…to the teeth. Gee, what a concept. Who woulda thought that would be effective? Oh yeah, our Founders.

  4. Simo Häyhä would become a legend during the war. Finnish soldiers called him “the Magical Shooter.” But the Soviet soldiers had a more apt nickname for him: “White Death.”

    It is funny that democrats are happy to see citizens armed for countries defense everywhere but at home.

  5. Buddy of mine had two uncles who fought in the Winter War. He asked them once what prompted them to go to war. They said, “We had to. The Russians were getting too close to the vodka factories.”

    • Interrupting the supply of vodka is reason enough to fight with increased intensity and with rage.

  6. I heard a story about the Winter War that goes a Finnish commander had said something like, “the Russians outnumber us 2:1. What do we do?” And the answer was, “shoot twice and go home?”

    True? Apocryphal?

    • I think that it’s true. Speed is fine, accuracy is final. The Fins excel at marksmanship as a nation and beyond national pride, it’s a foundational principle that has kept the Russians out. Today, they’re re-learning it, creating citizen soldiers who can shoot and survive in the harsh climate, who understand the ambush.

  7. China simply makes itself more and more odious and they don’t think that anyone takes notice.
    I think China simply doesn’t care. The Han are an inbred, high-IQ population that is one of the few groups to have had a continuous identity lasting millennia (calendar year 4700+), and they openly consider those not of their in-group to be savages by definition. Why would actual human beings care what subhumans think? Now there is another inbred, high-IQ group whose calendar is in the 5700+ range, but they are of course completely different in how they view and treat outsiders.

    Sweden […] Inviting savages to come and live with them
    It’s unclear whether it’s actual Swedes behind all of this. (Are hateful white Lutherans even capable of empathy for their morally superior, more-melaninated and/or Mohammadan brethren?) Or is it someone else. Hmmm.

    If there is such thing as a Finnish Haka
    Does the quintessentially Finnish Hakkaa Päälle! count? (Hakkaa päälle, pohjan poika! Hack ’em up, Sons of the North!)
    But the most powerful Finnish word is Perkele. Be sure to roll your R.

    shoot twice and go home?”
    I heard it as a Swiss reply to being outnumbered 2:1 by Germans.

    Vodka factories
    Speaking of, what’s with Finlandia? It seems to have disappeared from the shelves. Must make do with Svedka for my low-end vodka needs. (But there is a bottle of Icelandic Reyka under the desk as I type this.) Why Svedka? Well, it so happens they sell a 375-ml plastic flask for $7.99 (vs $17.99 for 1.75L in glass bottle, go figure). The graphic design of the flask is simple, uncluttered, and says “Svedka Vodka” on it quite clearly. I paid the flask premium and use it as my water bottle at airports.

    • It’s true, that the Han view anyone (including Chinese) who are not Han as barbarians. I have many stories of this – which I find amusing.

      Mike_C the Swedes did it to themselves. The Danes woke up after the savages arrived and have been evicting them. In Norway, there was a dribble of sand people who were allowed in, and then the Politiets Sikkerhetstjeneste rounded them up and sent them back to their country of origin. The last time I was in Norway with my friend John D, who lives outside Oslo, a few years ago now, they were scooping up the last of them.

      Sweden has to own this one. And there’s a solution.

    • Just know that Svedka is no longer being imported but made in the US now. It’s now distilled five time instead of seven and it’s made from corn instead of wheat but the price is the same. I’ve switched to Finlandia and have no problem with finding it

        • We go straight for the LINIE Aquavit (sent to Sea for aging) or Aalborg Jubilaeums Akvavit, aka “Water of Life” (smoother).

        • And what brand would that be. I keep the Kettle One or Tito’s for the martini’s and the Finlandia to mix. My Opa drank Russian vodka mixed with a German Riesling. I think he picked that up on the Ostfront back in the early 40s.

      • “Svedka is no longer being imported but made in the US now”

        I did not know that. Plus I’m a complete noob when it comes to vodka in general.

        Some things are better when made in the US, others not. Sapporo beer is one of the latter. Used to be you could get Sapporo beer from Japan if you went to a specialty Japanese store. Now even the Japan-import shops have “Sapporo” made in Guelph, Ontario or LaCrosse, Wisconsin. NOT the same as what you get in Japan. Sigh. There’s also Vietnam-made Sapporo, but I don’t see that around here. All that said, there’s plenty of interesting American beers to try.

        As Chaucer (more or less) said: The lyf so short, the craft beer so many to lerne.

    • For thousands of years, the Han race has been busy exterminating all other races it comes into contact with. And they are proud of it.

      • To the Han, they’re not killing humans, they’re killing animal-human hybrids.

        I knew an uppity Han once, loved talking about the Mongol Invasion and Takeover to them. Loved talking about the Embassy Compound Siege during the Boxer Rebellion. Loved talking about how the Nationalists were the ones that were winning against the Japanese invasion, not the ‘Han’ that we know now. And loved talking about how so few ‘sub-human Americans’ kicked the collective Han ass during the Korean conflict.

        Results? Worse, much worse than calling a Japanese a ‘garlic eater.’

  8. IF, you join NATO, We will invade you….sounds like a Russian death-wish. Leave the Finns alone, Vlad. They’ll eat your lunch….

  9. Have you seen Raytheon’s self-congrat pitch for their new “environmentally friendly” anti ship missile? A friend works there in the metrosprawl, he’s amazed at the number of trannies there.

    The rainbow is a vicious beast.

  10. As much as I am a fan of the Finns, I would say that the Russians only lost 1-2 to them. The Continuation War was pretty one-sided, Finland didn’t really have a chance. Fortunately, the Soviets were busy at the time.


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