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The Minions went to see the Minions


Bullet Points:

* Brandon’s poll numbers are low. How low? Many are saying that they’re lower than any other elected president. Which begs the obvious question of whether Brandon was installed or elected. There’s significant evidence that he was installed. Oh, he was sworn in, I grant you that.

* More Arizona voting fraud? Amazing. Popping popcorn…

* The Monkey Pox narrative is still rolling, and even though all homosexuals need to do in order to halt the spread is to stop porking people unfamiliar to them – it’s still a thing. Brandon will name a Monkey Pox coordinator this week if he’s released from quarantine but the homosexuality problem won’t ever come up.

* The lizard departs: GEICO (Government Employee’s Insurance Company), the insurance giant is eliminating any physical presence in California, closing all 38 of its offices and laying off hundreds of employees. While residents of California will still be able to get insurance, file claims, and more from Geico it will all have to be done online moving forward.

* This just in – 93% of climate researchers follow the specific brand of science outcomes that their funding sources recommend. The other 7% are never hired again. Does that mean that climate researchers are whores?

* It is starting to look a lot like 2008.  Extremely long lines are forming at food banks all over the country, job losses and layoffs are starting to spike, countless small businesses are right on the brink of going under, and a housing crash that could be even worse than what we witnessed in 2008 has begun. If you find yourself cutting back on spending, on groceries, and gasoline these days, you are definitely not alone.

* Some of you may wish to know what Jules Smith is up to after her gall bladder surgery. You can read it all here. She sends this picture to explain her world at the moment.

I can relate.


A U-2 (the aircraft not the band)

It’s easier to launch the aircraft than it would be to recover it.


Bat Girl Splashed

This isn’t a movie fan blog but some movies are apparently so bad that no matter how much money they spend on the production, they never make it to the screen or even to video.

Leslie Grace Martinez was paid for her time, but the production won’t make her famous (or infamous).






41 thoughts on “Rolling Through Thursday

  1. Aww, look at the cutesy pie minions.

    Everything is so expensive here it’s ridiculous. I don’t know how some people survive – particularly older people on a state pension. It’s a shocking state of affairs at the moment. I’m definitely going to have to buy more jumpers this winter because the gas prices are just ludicrous. I also find it quite ensconce that a cucumber has doubled in price when it’s basically made of water.
    Mind you, fuel has dropped down to £1.85 per litre. I know, like that’s a bonus. Hahahaha.

    Yes, behold my wormhole. Walk through here to escape the madness. I’m pretty sure I saw a rabbit…

  2. that lady needs a sammich, she should make herself one while she’s making mine.

  3. On the other hand, Brandon’s popularity for being sworn AT is definitely on the rise.

    1. This is the pattern: CNN calls the election. They quit counting ballots and go home for a well deserved night’s rest and then, when they return in the morning they find that the ballot harvesting fairy has delivered 100 boxes of uncounted ballots – all for the democrat.

  4. Bedside cigarette service.
    Back during my training I was surprised to find that there were still “candy stripers”. (Long “I”, not short-I strippers — which would have livened up the wards and provided functional cardiac stress tests. But I digress.) For those not in the know, the term refers to the red-and-white striped dresses worn by the candy stripers, typically young women. The candy stripers push a little cart filled with magazines and snacks, either to give or to sell to patients, depending on how greedy the hospital is.

    So I had this older male patient who had a swallowing problem, as in he’d put food or water into his lungs (causing nasty pneumonias) instead of down the gullet. He was also addicted to paregoric (which contains morphine) and would demand it from anyone with a hospital badge who happened to walk by his room. Because of the swallowing problem the patient was NPO (nil per os (nothing by mouth) meaning he was not to be given food or drink). I walk by his room, which had a big sign on the door saying “NPO” in 96-point Arial font, and see him involved in negotiations with the candy striper.

    The girl had sold him a pound of peppermint hard candies, and a bag of some other snack food I can’t remember. They were “negotiating” because the patient was trying to get her to cough up the paregoric. (“I know you people have it! Why won’t you give me any?”) Yikes! I could just see this guy putting peppermints down his airways. I had to leap into action to save the man. Once more unto the breach and all that. Not being a simple maneuver, I had to formulate a daring, multiphase op plan.

    Step 1: remove the candy striper. I asked (nicely) if she’d seen the NPO sign. “Yeah, I did. What does that mean anyway?” Oy vey iz mir! Either the poor girl’s training was inadequate, or she wasn’t paying attention. (Though she was a highly decorative little thing.)
    Step 2: extract candy and snacks from the literal clutches of my patient. He had his hand in the bag of peppermints and was fondling them, much like Linus rustling through the bag of lemon drop candies (which gave Lucy the excuse to slug him). I ended up forking over cash for the peppermints and unspecified snacks just to save time and avoid a (worse) confrontation. The patient was not happy. I was not happy. And I ended up throwing away the candy. No way I was going to eat that after all the fondling of the candies (NOT individually wrapped) he did.

    Just another afternoon of heroic doctoring on the wards.

    1. Not all heroes wear capes.

      However, if you DID show up on the ward with a cape, I’m sure that the patients would appreciate it. If you showed up with industrial-sized bottles of paregoric, they’d love you even more.

      1. If I had industrial-sized bottles of paregoric I’d never leave the house.

        Actually I don’t know about that. I had a Tylenol #3 after having my wisdom teeth extracted in one go as a teenager. I did NOT enjoy the hallucinations. Yeah, out of my gourd with one pill. What can I say, I’m a cheap date. Or was: The oxycodone I was given in the recent unpleasantness didn’t seem to do much one way or the other. Same with the Ativan.

        Showing up on the ward with a cape might get a few laughs, but I maintain that showing up with some candy strippers (sic) would go much further.

        1. The candy strippers are for dessert after work when you’re winding down at Margaritaville.

          With my recent illness, I found that oxys 5s and then 10s didn’t do much to stop the pain. It peaked right over the top. The Tramadol was great for weird-ass hallucinations but not for pain. They gave me post-surgical fentanyl and that was an effective pain reliever. No pills to-go though.

          1. Wow, Paregoric.

            I had no idea that was still a thing, I thought it went away with the turn of the 20th century…

            Now I know.


  5. * It is starting to look a lot like 2008.
    Agree, and it troubles me. I got out of the used truck biz, at a loss, because financing dried up. 80% back of book value, credit scores in the 700+ range, and stable honest citizens didn’t mean much. Seems the lenders had better places to make money.

    Falling back on other skills, I started securing and documenting foreclosed homes. Not all were subprime borrowers. That kept me busy for nearly two years. Depressing work, but work is work. You do what you can.

    This cycle will be worse, IMO. We seem to run in cycles. Immense wealth was created on the backs of immigrant labor until unionization. That was an ugly period (Ludlow Massacre comes to mind). Now the ultra wealthy are using inflation to suck away the prosperity of the majority. Their goals aren’t that different than the communists who have never went away. I see hard times ahead.

    1. “Their goals aren’t that different than the communists”
      A surprising proportion of “our” predatory ultra-wealthy are exactly the same sort of people who were the top predators in the early days of the Soviet system.

      Okay, not surprising, but I’m trying to be polite and not violate mokita here. And I use the phrase “our ultra-wealthy” in the same sense that a man speaks of “my tapeworm” or “my cancer”.

  6. “coddiwomple” – Yeah, now yer talkin’. That’s a great word. Was officiating a relatives wedding, in explaining the procession I said, “We don’t want this to be all catawampus.” It quickly became the word of the weekend among the younger crowd who used it at every opportunity. They never heard it before.

    Jules’ essay had me – a member of [still] The Colonies – scratching my head for word inferences, what an eclectic blend of funny and funnier. Might just purchase her Wordy Notebooks for more hidden British gems. That’s some good stuff.

    The Hologram’s numbers are underwater, been that way shortly after stealing the election. Media keeps spotting him 20 or 30 points.

    As for AZ – Every state should require those “questionable” counties to report their election results FIRST, lock them in, then add the others to the count. This fraud business needs to end, as in dead so it can’t rise up anymore…silver bullet, stake thru the heart, immolation…then salt the dead corpse for good measure.

    1. The fraud business has to stop. Maybe we go to third-world in-person voting rules where you dip your finger into indelible ink after you vote?

  7. Yep, this does look like familiar territory… Re the U-2, it wasn’t bad, you just didn’t want to be the ‘catcher’ for the left wing… 🙂 SloJoe hasn’t reached bottom yet, I wonder how low he can/will go!

  8. This will be unpopular but so be it. The way I understand it the Electoral College votes for the president. They did vote and voted for Biden so unfortunate as that is I believe he is the legitimate president. Does he suck at the job, absolutely

    Was there enough voter fraud in individual states that call into question the state results, oh again, absolutely. Was the election stolen, probably but hard to tell due to the amount of obfuscation on the part of hundreds, if not thousands of voting officials across the US. We will probably never know the full extent of the shenanigans that went on. Those shenanigans will continue until we as a country start punishing the people who, despite their oaths, and voting officials do take an oath, are not neutral and try to get their candidate elected by any means possible. Punishment has to be serious. A one million dollar fine and 10 years at hard labor before eligible for parole should be a minimum. A suspended sentence for a misdemeanor is not a deterrent. Too bad flogging is off the books.

    On a much more enjoyable note very glad Jules is recovering. I do enjoy the Britishisms, brings back good memories from long ago.

    U2. I can see a U2 taking off from a carrier. Those things can get off the ground quickly. Probably did not even need the catapult. Landing, wow, those things float all over the place on approach iif there is any wind at all. Don’t think landings would be very successful.

    Quite a set of minions LL, you are blessed.

    And yes, 2008 is in the rear view mirror and approaching fast. Just seeing the increased number of homeless and pan-handlers in my nearby city (30 miles or so) over the past 6 months is startling. Don’t see thing improving anytime soon.

    1. He was installed as president. The Electoral College voted. Maybe it is a precedent for all future elections.

    2. Yes, the electoral college members vote, but there is an implicit assumption that they did so on the basis of good, factual information. (Doesn’t mean they have to parrot “the will of the people” but it matters that they know what the actual voting results of the general public were.) If a jury convicts a murder suspect but it subsequently turns out that vital information was withheld, or (more like the case under discussion) outright falsified, then the conviction is void.

      1. Unfortunately, the coronation held, it’s a shit sandwich and we all have to take a bite.

      2. You mean to say, as with The Hologram’s supporters, the Elector’s didn’t know about Hunter’s Infamous Laptop when they cast their vote for The Big Guy? It’s not like it was suppressed or anything…that would be scandalous.

        1. Given that the state legislatures’ job was to specify how electors are chosen and governors and secretaries of state (among others) did it instead demonstrates the illegality of the voting. But the legislatures certified anyway.
          Screwing us. They should be horsewhipped.

          1. The real problem with the election is not the “voter” fraud, it’s that many US States illegally changed their voting rules by fiat order, when the only legal way to change voting rules is by legislative action. Thus, none of the votes in those States were legitimate.

            In any case, Ed Campbell is correct – the vegetable is installed, and thus President.


  9. Climate scientist: I’m one of the 7%. Lots of paper on the wall. TP if need be.
    You wouldn’t believe … well, yes >you< would. 2+2=5 give or take a bit
    Sigh …

    We're all whores …

  10. Hmm, then is there ever a case where the electoral college vote can be questioned? Is their pronouncement unfalsifiable? Ex Cathedra?

    Applying this thinking to the Oath of Office, as required by Article 2 Section 1 Cause 9, would seem frivolous, but we can do it with the prior case?

    I neither like it nor have the answer. I guess I’ll have another bite of the sandwich. No disrespect meant to you Mr. Campbell.

  11. Hey, was the Minions movie any good? Those films have been up-and-down…


    1. It wasn’t the best in the series, but the kids enjoyed it. Of course, they had popcorn, a pretzel each with melty cheese, and a tall cherry slurpee, which they slurped when they were empty, making noise…but they’re my minions.

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