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(MSN) The Russian government is threatening Finnland with destruction if they join NATO. Everyone who thinks that threat is credible, raise your hand. The plain truth is that the Fins and Swedes have been convinced to join NATO because of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine…just when everyone said that NATO wasn’t valid anymore.

A Russian lawmaker has warned that Moscow would retaliate if Finland joins NATO as Russian aggression in Ukraine spurs the Nordic country towards membership of the alliance.

Vladimir Dzhabarov from Russia’s upper house, the Federation Council, said that any move by Helsinki to join NATO would be a “strategic mistake.”

He said that Finland had developed close ties with Russia but NATO membership would mean “it would become a target.”

“I think it [would be] a terrible tragedy for the entire Finnish people,” said Dzhabarov.

The massive Russian Army has been revealed to be a paper tiger. It may look fierce, but it is being taken to the woodshed by the poorest nation in Europe. The threats just go to show the thuggish Russians for who they really are.

The Russian strategy of the moment is to shift all of their troops to Eastern and Southern Ukraine to see how much they can hold. It puts them closer to their lines of supply and communication but is that enough. The Russians are fierce in defense but backed by European and US weapons, they may yet retreat to their original borders.


Frank Hamer

Frank Hamer (March 17, 1884 – July 10, 1955) – is perhaps the greatest lawman of the early 20th Century. Hamer is most famous for leading the posse that ambushed and riddled Bonnie and Clyde in 1934 (Hamer using a Remington Model 8 with an extended magazine). But that episode — a well-deserved end for a pair of exceptionally nasty psychopaths — was only one incident in a long and storied career.

From the horseback days of the Old West through the gangster days of the 1930s, Hamer stood on the frontlines of some of the most important and exciting periods in American history. He participated in the Bandit War of 1915, survived the climactic gunfight in the last blood feud of the Old West, battled the Mexican Revolution’s spillover across the border, protected African Americans from lynch mobs, and ran down gangsters, bootleggers, and Communists.


The Half-Blood Prince


Psyops (h/t Claudio)

(Strategy Page) This is a good article, worth the read.

Ukrainian Psyops later began using an Internet-based facial recognition system that used facial images of millions of Russians who had appeared on the Internet, on social media, or in videos. The facial imaging app was used to identify dead Russian soldiers the Ukrainians recovered so that the Ukrainians could notify families back in Russia who were openly complaining about their own government refusing to provide any news. Because of these Psyops efforts, the news is slowly reaching the Russian public and many Russians believe this will show up in the opinion polls and lead to a change in government policy or a change in government.

Psyops is a military effort that sometimes relies on deception but is most effective when it simply gets the truth to places where that is not allowed.


  1. psyop? like writing “for the children” on an antique missile and firing it at your countrymen trying to leave the war zone, then blaming putin? the bucha massacre didn’t hold up, same for the theater, now they try a train depot attack. what’s next? putin is walking around in public with the nuclear football chained to his wrist. biden walks around with an ice cream cone. gotta love it.

    • What’s the thing that gets American, I mean NATO, involved – killing civilians, chemical weapons too? Sounds just like every “white helmet” op pulled in Syria (including killing Syrians) to try and get Americans directly involved.

      “biden walks around with an ice cream cone.”
      As we saw with the lastest White House get together, Obama is the one running the administration. Joe’s just for show.

        • IDK, the railroad station thing seems perfectly plausible to me. Rail hubs are valid, high-priority military targets. If the Russians want to push in the east, trying to degrade Ukraine’s log systems leading there is just warfare 101.

          Same with the Bucha thing. People try to blow it out of proportion, but what happened there was just sort of ordinary side-effects of war AFAICT. Some irregular un-uniformed forces ambush and kill some Russian troops (when this happens to Americans, we tend to call the enemy Terrorists, and reply as such), their buddies start feeling threatened by and vengeful against civvies, and overreact. Not nice, but commonplace in was, and not “Crimes Against Humanity” in any meaningful sense.

          As for the theater, I see no evidence for either conspiracy nor deliberate malignant action. Russia has little capability for low-collateral-damage strikes, indiscriminate bombardment is pretty much all they have, and they have a long history of it being successful. War is ugly, and shit happens. Whichever side hit that building, I really doubt it was a result of moustache-twirling nefariousness, seems lore likely it was just callousness and necessity.


          • “Russia has little capability for low-collateral-damage strikes, indiscriminate bombardment is pretty much all they have”

            To play devils advocate, how much of that did they do in the beginning of the invasion? How indescriminate was the strike in Liviv?

          • klh, agreed with the caviat that the train station missile was actually a ukrainian tushka-u missile, long out of service with the russians. the media is so stupid they keep doing close-ups of the booster stage left in the field near the station which is easily identified as uke. then the “for the children” makes more sense. whether it went off target or was intentional is unknown. the aszovs have been known to shoot at their own when they were departing rather than fighting/being human shields.

          • Re: Frederick – indeed, the Russians seem to have used up a lot of their precision stocks early on. I think they were expecting an easy go of it, and were trying to be as “nice” as possible, to avoid bad blood after re-integration. Or were just trying to be as decent as possible, like people generally do.

            Now it’s a deathmatch in a mud-pit, and nobody on either side is bothering with niceties.

            Caveat – hard data is hard to come by in this mess, my read could turn out to be 100% wrong, if/when we ever learn what really happened.

  2. “…they may yet retreat to their original borders.”

    I heard they only had 14 days before they collapsed, which has come and gone btw. Sounds like two weeks to slow the spread. Now Milley is saying this will be a long war. How’s the Ukrainian army doing? I know the Russians have 6 or 7 dead generals and thousands of dead and injured troops, but the Ukrainians? Apparently virtually none.

    • Russians, historically at least, have a reputation for being able to stick in the fight. During WW2, they were able to defeat the Germans by counter-attacking with overwhelming odds. In the present case they still have to stretch their army/militarily defensively over 11 timezones, enemies and potential enemies everywhere. They committed the Siberian Army to Ukraine early on. The Airborne forces and naval infantry have made a dismal showing.

      Many speculate that they’re simply short of capable troops. They relied on spearhead elements and it didn’t work.

      It’s not about Ukraine propaganda. The Russians haven’t taken Kiev or Odessa.

      • i don’t think they ever wanted kiev, but they did want odessa. kiev was a feint to hold the ukes away from the dunbass. odessa perplexes me b/c i’m sure they wanted it but they never really committed fully to the battle. like maybe the general/admiral wanted no parts of that slaughter. and yeah, china has eyeballs on the coastal region of siberia. never figured out why putin didn’t bring the naval assets to bear. but our guys are determined to escalate to a canned sunshine exchange, so who knows how this ends.

        • The Russians needed to cut the country in two first. Thus, the drive north from Crimea and south through Kiev. Once cut like that, the Eastern resistance would have ended. They needed to control secure lines of supply and coms from Russia along the Black Sea to Crimea and from there to Odessa. That’s all still somewhat contested as far as Crimea.

          The Russians will be able to consolidate power in Donbas, but I have no idea how long they can fight. The Europeans and Americans want to fight a proxy war to the last Ukrainian.

  3. Seems like everything is a psyop. Trying to see through the weeds is getting harder. KBJ is another one. Anyone who voted for this woman who’s record “spoke for itself”, should go straight to a Turkish prison for life, or Hell, whichever can be arranged first. Let’s hope Breyer changes his mind, leaving her on deck until after the mid-terms (our only hope in a sea change).

    We need a Frank Hammer, a fearless warrior of the [actual] law.

  4. The massive Russian Army has been revealed to be a paper tiger. It may look fierce, but it is being taken to the woodshed by the poorest nation in Europe. The threats just go to show the thuggish Russians for who they really are.…….
    Who the hell wrote that statement? The Russians have crushed their opposition. I call bullshit!

    • They’ve threatened to invade Finland if they join NATO. They’ll join. Let’s see what the Bear does.

      • I’m not bright enough to ever disagree with you militarily(?) but…
        I keep remembering Kennedy’s response in Oct ’62 and then I take a close look at a map of Russia and the surrounding states.
        I keep hearing about the (bravo sierra?) biolabs sited just within the Ukraine’s border with Russia, as well as other (minor?) provocations and I ask myself: “What would I do in Putin’s place?”
        and then I remember watching the corrida sitting in good seats under the burning sun at the Real Maestranza de Caballería in Sevilla thinking: “If only that bull would just sit back, think about its next move…”

        • Putin’s hand has been getting weaker. Russia is not prospering. It’s a third-world country with a big nuclear stockpile. Even if all of them don’t work, some of them will.

          Ukraine was a move to enrich Russia at very little cost. I don’t blame Putin. But it was a “bridge too far”.

          • One of the things that tell you how bad Russia currently is (over the last 2-3 decades, that is) is the migration of anyone who can out of the country.

            Their techies go to other eastern European states like Poland and… the Ukraine. Their mobsters have migrated to every other civilized country. Their young ladies get sold into or openly enter into prostitution outside of Russia.

            When you lose the techies, eh… Lose the mobsters and hookers? That signals something is majorly wrong with that nation.

            And… what to we see coming out of the PRC? Mobsters and hookers… Hmmmm…

  5. “Psyops is a military effort that sometimes relies on deception but is most effective when it simply gets the truth to places where that is not allowed”

    Any chance it will come to us?. (Juvenile sarcasm)

    • CNN and MSNBC should program the odd shred of truth so that they can move from pure democrat propaganda to “Psyops”. Sadly, they seem to be incapable.

      • The truth to legacy media is much like sunlight, garlic and holy crosses to vampires. It hurtssss….

  6. Considering how the Ukraine thing is going, I expect the Finns would hold St. Petersberg after a couple week, using only knives.

    IDK how anybody’s stupid enough to threaten a Finn, you’d think Russians might remember the Winter War.


    • Russia is threatening but Finland has seen and the population is overwhelmingly in favor of joining NATO. Even the Green Party is advocating for NATO membership. Putin could have simply waited but he didn’t.

  7. Finland? Didn’t the Finnish fight them to a standstill in WW2? Reminds me of a story I read online (so it must be true!) that at the start of the Soviet invasion a Finnish commander said, “they outnumber us 2:1. What do we do?” and the answer was, “shoot twice and go home.”

    Back at the start of Ukraine war, Putin said something that I think was very illustrative. The Ukrainians were getting every man under the age of 60 to arm up and get ready to defend their homes. Putin said something like that means every civilian is a legitimate target. If they’re not all in uniform, how can they tell who’s going to shoot them first?

    What Putin (or whomever) is not getting is that Finland and Ukraine both have plenty of valid reasons for trying to get into NATO or any anti-Russian coalition. They’ve been conquered and run by the Russians before. Much of the time it hasn’t been a good thing. See, for example, the Holodomor.

    • Russians are unkind masters historically. I have nothing against Cossacks personally, but the word “slav” is the root word for “slave”.

  8. Obama got tired of working remotely. One look at the video of Biden wandering around being ignored by everyone in the room is evidence of who’s pulling the puppet strings. Interesting times.

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