In this, the single most-seen lecture in Heritage Foundation’s history — a talk Andrew Breitbart called, “One of the five most important conservative speeches ever given” — Evan Sayet lays the foundation for what would soon become known as the “Unified Field Theory of Liberalism” and how and why that ideology leads the Left to side only and always with evil over good, wrong over right, ugly over beautiful, profane over profound and the behaviors that lead to failure over those that lead to success. This is the talk that serves as the basis for Evan’s bestselling book, “The kindergarten of Eden: How The Modern Liberal Thinks,” the book Bill Whittle calls “Perhaps the most important book I’ve read in the past ten years.

After viewing the lecture linked above, and subsequently reading Evan Sayet’s book, also referenced above, I thought I’d offer some quotes and observations, to sum up the complex topic with a strong h/t to John Wright.

This, from Evan Sayet himself:

If they weren’t so dangerous and destructive, one could smile and pat the Modern Liberal on the head and tell him how cute he is and go on about the business of being an adult. But he is dangerous and destructive, with the True Believer’s very purpose being the total destruction of everything that God and science-most obviously Western Civilization-has ever created. …The Modern Liberal will invariably and, in fact, inevitably side with evil over good, wrong over right and the behaviors that lead to failure over those that lead to success.

Marxism entails man becoming his own god. All constraint is oppressive and must be torn down in the revolution so man can obtain true freedom.

Love is a constraint. By love connections are formed between people and chains are bound upon a man. If reality and hunger constrain and bind the socialist such that he cannot realize his desires, how much more is the love and connection of parent to child? How much more constrained are you from realizing your pure perfect vision if you’re concerned about the health and well-being of your offspring?

Modern Leftists are not doctrinaire Marxists — most have not read Marx and are not doctrinaire anything. But, like the agnostic raised among Christians who absorbs as unexamined assumptions the theological dogma of the sacredness of life and the dignity of the poor, the Cultural Marxist absorbs as an unexamined assumption the hellish theological dogma of self-actualization and self-apotheosis.

To the Woke Left, the very thing most repellant to the wholesome mind — a life of meaningless selfishness culminating in a pointless but voluntary death — to their sick holds beguiling allure.

Storytelling requires drama, and drama requires conflict between two things of great importance, dreams, needs, loves, and fears.

In a simple adventure story, the hero loves his life but risks it for the greater good. In a simple romance, the heroine yearns for marriage but fears rejection or falseness.

Achilles loves war but rages at being belittled. Odysseus loves home, but his boasts of besting the monstrous offspring of a god bring down a curse. Lancelot loves Arthur as a brother and Arthur’s wife not as a sister. And so on.

But in the worldview of Cultural Marxism, the superwoman loves no one and nothing but herself.

Choose any of the many acts of vandalism done by Woke writers to any long-standing and long-beloved hero or heroine from popular entertainment.

The first thing to notice is a sense of ingratitude: the woke character is always in a posture of rebellion never in a pose of piety. No thanks are ever owed to another, ever, for any reason.

No teacher teaches them; the student already knows more than the master, more than the lore books. All she needs is to believe in herself and to cease listening to her detractors, invariably male. All she need do, to seat herself above the throne of the Almighty, is to recognize her own inner divinity. This is why all minor characters who laud and flatter her are righteous, and all who instruct or criticize, or question her are reprobate.

Second, no character is chivalrous. None displays any pity, sympathy, military courtesy, or sense of honor toward any foe or rival. There are no complex characters in the Marxist world. There are no tragedies in the Marxist world, no heroes undone by their own flaws, no rivals nonetheless admirable. There is only the righteous and the reprobate locked in a remorseless Darwinian struggle for survival with no rules of engagement and no possibility of quarter.

In Christian philosophy, an act is evil not merely due to intent or outcome, but also due to its character. Hence, torturing captured enemies, even when done for good reasons leading to a good outcome, is forbidden, because it demeans the sacred image of God seen in all men, including enemies.

There are certain things in Christian stories the hero cannot and must not do, or else he is not a hero. Such as, for example, knifing a chained prisoner.

It is far different from Marxism, which is a materialist version of Gnosticism. No act is good or evil, because all facts are merely the opinions of the strong meant to oppress the weak.

Hence, the good or the bad of any war crime depends solely on “who” and “whom.”

The selfsame infinitely reprehensible act of torture or genocide committed by the reprobate against the elect is allowable, even laudable when committed by the elect against the reprobate.

There are no moral questions in Marxism, no moral qualms. The only questions are “who” and “whom.” Who is doing the act and to whom?

If the elect harms the reprobate, the act is good, no matter what it is; if the reprobate hinders the elect, the same act is bad.

This is why it is vain to point out the hypocrisy of the Left. Hypocrisy is not an unwanted side effect of their worldview: it is the whole point and sole point.

If judged on the merit of their works, or on the purity of their faith, they would be condemned.

The only way to escape condemnation is to judge oneself always the winner, even when losing, and to judge rivals always losers, even when winning.

They crave hypocrisy as a drunk craves the bottle: to blot out otherwise intolerable self-awareness.

That is why Joe Biden is said to have “won” the last election, despite receiving fewer correctly-tallied votes. The irregular, illegal, and openly fraudulent votes, as many as were needed, were also tallied to produce the preordained outcome.

He did not win by any merit, by any will of the majority, by any legal right, by any constitutional voting process, but because he was of the Correct Party.

That is why opposing voter fraud harms democracy only when it opposes the outcome ordained by the Correct Party.

Knowingly and falsely accusing a true vote result of being due to treasonous fraud and collaboration with enemy foreign powers not only helps democracy, it is democracy, for it ensures the majority, and the legal due process, do not hinder the correct outcome desired by the Correct Party.

Right and wrong, legal and illegal, true and false, all these things mean nothing.

Only Who and Whom mean anything. To accuse them of hypocrisy is to accuse a fish of bathing. To accuse them of lacking self-awareness is to accuse the plant of standing still.

Truth wounds them, so they flee it. Reason bedevils them, so they avoid it as vampires avoid the crucifix. Beauty brings torment, not joy or wonder, which do not exist in their world. Their cosmos is false, irrational, and ugly, and their stories reflect their cosmos.

Another quote, this one from Ayn Rand:

They do not want to own your fortune, they want you to lose it; they do not want to succeed, they want you to fail; they do not want to live, they want you to die; they desire nothing, they hate existence, and they keep running, each trying not to learn that the object of his hatred is himself.


The cause of this mental confusion is a spiritual sickness.


Leftists are quite deliberately, and by design, strange, creepy, confusing, and eerie people. Such is what happens when you sell your soul, lose your reason, kill your unborn children, sexually mutilate your born children, forget which sex you are, and lie about everything you do and say and think, and lie and lie and lie and never cease to lie.

It is what happens when, being godless, for love, comfort, guidance, and salvation, one turns to little gods, as to Eros, to Mammon, or to Caesar; otherwise named the lusts of the flesh, the lusts of the eye, and the pride of the world.


  1. Liberalism = The Beast. Compare and discuss.

    Extra credit for each relative, close friend or acquaintance you denounce to the authorities in your dissertation.

  2. This is brilliant.

    I suspect there are more of them than we assumed, roughly THAT half of America who supposedly voted for this clown, some who are still wearing masks and lining up for their fourth or fifth “culling booster”. (Which may be an answer unto itself, self immolation without the fire.)

    So what do we do about that large segment of society who demand our demise in whatever deranged manner they conjure up in their tortured-logic brains?

    • I think that there is a difference between actual liberals and the sheep who wear obedience masks in their cars while driving alone, months after the plague ended. There are always people who are eternally fearful or just stupid and sadly the stupid are found across the political spectrum. The more boosters that the mask wearers take, the more likely, as you point out, that they will be culled from the gene pool.

      The demonic have always been present in all societies of mankind. Sodom and Gomorrah is a lot more widespread today. What was formerly contained within secret cults and societies is now openly flaunted and celebrated by the media. I saw a film of an inner city woman “twerking” on a police car and the police just let her “twerk”, as an example.

      Search the available films to go see and let me know if you find one worth seeing. Our government is packed with people who don’t know what a “woman” is and they are certain that men can have babies. Maybe they’ll vax themselves into oblivion but I’m not hopeful.

      • I’m a fairly tolerant person…but if some chick (and I only use that term advisedly for those that deserve it), even sat on my hood, let alone did her TikTok inspired dance on it, she’d be in the hospital. Which is why I avoid the general public most days – after 3 years of insanity I’d be the one getting arrested for coming unglued and allowing my pent up anger (aka. ‘the East Coast’ in me) to emerge.

        Satan has these peoples minds, and in many cases, their souls…no other explanation makes sense for the deranged base behavior we are seeing, coupled to the lack of prosecution…or public hangings for that matter.

        • Particularly negroid women twerk in the mistaken belief that people find it somehow arousing. It’s like Stacy Abrams, the repellant, corrupt, fat, nasty, greasy, black politician from Georgia writing porn. How much grosser can she be? I hate to ask that question. Asking a piece of scum like that to lower the bar inevitably means that she’d find a way.

          • Twerking might be part of ancestral African dance DNA, looks sorta like something I saw on a NatGeo program as a kid, only difference is the clothes.

          • Yes, there is little reason for the natives to clothe themselves if they want to connect to their roots and do the Watusi

      • I was just talking to Scott Powell about this.
        The job isn’t to get people to vote to oppose abortion, for example.
        It’s to get their moral compass fixed so that they oppose abortion.
        Repentance, Redemption and Renewal.

  3. I frequent a few liberal web blogs in the vain hope of at least understanding their viewpoint but am finding that more and more there is absolutely no logic in their conclusions. Maybe “The kindergarten of Eden” will help. It is always a benefit to understand the enemy.

    Your point about who and whom is absolutely spot on.

    • …The Modern Liberal will invariably and, in fact, inevitably side with evil over good, wrong over right and the behaviors that lead to failure over those that lead to success.

  4. There was once a blog by a psychiatrist that examined the liberal mind, explained the problems, and described those that embraced liberalism as a form of mental derangement. I lost the link, wonder if it still exists, and would like to find it again. It made me wonder what could be the most kind way to deal with liberals, without solutions as brutal as seem necessary.

    • They need to be made insignificant.

      I ran into a satanist couple a long time ago in the course of work. I said, “besides having orgies with other fat people, and covering yourselves with chicken blood, what is it that you actually do?”

      He agreed that it was all they did and it had become boring.

      It’s not all that different with liberals, besides getting a big kick out of killing their babies, lying about everything and being aggrieved that they were born, what is it that they really do? Is it fun for them?

    • Michael Savage’s book, “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder” covers the subject quite nicely…just in the title alone.

  5. Do Liberals “think”?
    have a particular opinion, belief, or idea about someone or something
    direct one’s mind toward someone or something; use one’s mind actively to form connected ideas.
    “he was thinking about Colin”
    Maybe, but do they reason? Or, is their driving force feelings? Does logic play any part of their thought processes?

    • Hatred, grievances (usually only perceived), envy, gender confusion, bigotry, dysfunctionality, entitlement denied, etc., are clearly driving forces. They love Marx, but few have read Marx. They hate oil but most of them own or use things made of plastic (oil). Many refuse to eat meat but choose to eat things that attempt to smell or taste like meat or poultry (tofu, for example). Their lives are contradictions that only increase their frustration. A lot of them turn to self-mutilation in an effort to lessen their dysfunctionality and it only serves to make them more freakish. Their sexuality (LGBTQI2A+) is mired in confusion and unrequited love. They try on different gender identities as often as I change my socks, finding that none of the 31 seem to fit. Pregnancy, wanted or unwanted leads to hatred of the child within them because being woke means being narcissistic because the world revolves around you and your grievances.

      At no point above, was logic part of the journey.

      • A portly, 45-year-old man, sporting a fashionable man-bun, is visiting his mother who lives near me. I was called to come over and (kick his ass) counsel with him. I arrive to find a white hippy, relatively intelligent, aggrieved because nobody would hire him because he looks like a freak and acts like an entitled child (asshole). He announces that he knows karate and goes through a couple of pink belt Shotokan katas. I receive his ultimatum – leave his Mom’s house or he’ll throw me out. (Mom is 82 and wants HIM gone. There is no law enforcement here.) I laugh, he makes his move, trips, falls, and hurts his head without contact being made. I pick him up by his belt and crab walk him out the door, which Mom locks behind us. He begins to cry and pour out his woke heart. I listened for about five minutes, got in my truck and drove home.

          • All in a days work huh LL. Geez Louise.

            And I second the others, YouTube or PPV would have instantly netted a million views and endorsements for more:

            “REAL LIFE ON THE WWM” — Tune in next week as our very skilled intrepid Keto-Energized host finds a disheveled not-married 20-ish couple driving a $135K Winnebago Revel 4×4 w/ solar panels trying to open his driveway gate because Google Maps said they could. Bonus is our host’s demonstration of various firearms retrieved from the lake bottom that eventually persuade our lost soul campers to go back to their art studio in Santa Fe.

        • Hahahaha!

          I hope he had his own transportation so that he could remove himself from Mom’s property. Then again, considering where you live, a few nights outside and the larger predators would probably help Mom out by converting him to scat.

          • His mother told me that he was seen by another neighbor, hitchhiking on the highway. The neighbor didn’t pick him up but somebody did.

  6. I read today that the task of controlling all the liberals got even more difficult. Biden signed an executive order that rescinds Obama’s like order.

    In part it does away with the Obama order’s constraints against collecting intelligence for the purpose of suppressing criticism or dissent. The main thrust of the intelligence communities efforts will now probably be about finding intel to suppress criticism.

    For a President who said during the campaign that he did not believe in Executive orders Biden sure issues a bunch of them that stretch (and in my opinion break) the original intent of the Constitution’s including the “take care” clause.

    • I read that and thought the same. So I dug a little deeper and read part of the the text of the new executive order. The extract below is from Section 2(b). It appears to contain the same statements as the Section 2 of Obama’s PPD-28 with some more words and a difffernt layout. I don’t think it is as disastrous as Revolver News made it out to be. But don’t worry, the FBI, CIA, NSA and organizations that are not disclosed are still spying on us even if they are not allowed to do it.

      (ii) Prohibited objectives.

      (A) Signals intelligence collection activities shall not be conducted for the purpose of:

      (1) suppressing or burdening criticism, dissent, or the free expression of ideas or political opinions by individuals or the press;

      (2) suppressing or restricting legitimate privacy interests;

      (3) suppressing or restricting a right to legal counsel; or

      (4) disadvantaging persons based on their ethnicity, race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, or religion.

      (B) It is not a legitimate objective to collect foreign private commercial information or trade secrets to afford a competitive advantage to United States companies and United States business sectors commercially. The collection of such information is authorized only to protect the national security of the United States or of its allies or partners.

  7. The presentation by Evan Sayet is priceless and timeless, just as pertinent now as it was 15 years ago. Once you no longer discriminate you can no longer recognise evil or the right thing to do. Totally worth the time, but fast forward through the introduction.

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