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Chinese Fleet - Threatening the Pacific

Red China in the Pacific


News Report worth Watching

I’m not fond of CBS Sixty Minutes, these days, but this is from Sixty Minutes – Australia, and it’s a good report. “When China says that they want to be your economic partner, it means that they want to be your economic master.”

Chinese Bribes and Loans along the Belt Road

The Communist Chinese current move in the Pacific isn’t about a physical outcome, but a political one. Their goal it’s to limit or eliminate Washington’s influence over countries in the region, including, ideally, through the termination of their defense treaties and the Taiwan Relations Act, which commits the United States to support Taiwan’s defense. There is no politician that they will not bribe, no shady deal that they won’t engage in, to reach their stated outcome.

This doesn’t mean that China is looking to completely extricate the United States from Asian and Pacific countries: It’s OK if the US continues trading, or if U.S. companies invest there under Chinese supervision.

China’s goal is to constrain Washington’s influence to the point that it would no longer try, or would be unable, to convince regional governments to take measures against China such as banning Huawei fifth-generation technology. 

Chinese claims in the South China Sea

Both U.S. allies and neutral countries in the Asia-Pacific already fear China’s growing power and its geopolitical demands. This is happening while the military balance is still in Washington’s favor. If China becomes more powerful, it will also become more threatening. With the exception of India, all other regional countries are dwarfed by China. If left alone, they would have to acquiesce to any and all demands coming from Beijing, as they would stand no chance of prevailing in a bilateral military conflict.

Japanese Islands claimed by China

Some China watchers have told me that they see little possibility of a regional military conflict (shooting war) between the US and its allies and Communist China. I disagree. China’s reaction to the political pushback as a result of the Chinese Plague that rocked the world has been hysterical and resembles a spoiled child throwing a tantrum. They’ve been bribing and muscling their way around and some of the people who they bought aren’t staying bought. This means that military threats in the Pacific become the last resort in their efforts to “own” the Western Pacific (WESTPAC)

President Trump has repeatedly said during his term in office that the Chinese and their unfair trade deals needed to be curbed, but it’s not until the Pandemic hit that he woke up fully to the military threat posed by Communist China. Corrupt old Joe Biden, contender for the US Presidency, has taken $1.5 billion in bribes (along with his son, Hunter) from China. Would he stay bought if he was president?


    • The Chinese spread the grease wherever it’s needed, and there are no repercussions for them legally.

  1. “Some China watchers have told me that they see little possibility of a regional military conflict (shooting war) between the US and its allies and Communist China. I disagree.Some China watchers have told me that they see little possibility of a regional military conflict (shooting war) between the US and its allies and Communist China. I disagree.”

    You and I are of like minds on this, LL.

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

    • The way I see it, they’ll go after Taiwan to repatriate their “break away territory”. That will be the move. They will attempt an invasion, full of self-righteous communist fervor. And we need to send that invasion fleet to the bottom.

  2. China has long had ambitions to regain those historically Chinese Siberia lands which Russia maintains ownership of. A lot of head butting in northern China with Russia has not yielded the desired outcome. Now they have instituted the gentle art of head cracking in the south china sea and elsewhere.
    What is not understandable is the depth of China’s claim line south into Malaysia waters. What possible legal standing is there for that claim to be justified. Is it simply because the line was not disputed by a country with the will to protest it?

    • I don’t think that the Chinese are bothered much with “historical claim” or “right to territory”. If you’re strong enough to take it you do. Vietnam was an amalgamation of Cochin China, Annam and Tonkin. The haven’t invaded Vietnam (lately) because of the embarrassment of having their ass handed to them — again.

      If the offended nation sank a few of those pissant Chinese Coast Guard ships, it might make the Communists reluctant to pursue their “claims” and if they don’t, the big red amoeba will absorb and digest them.

    • Would Russia intervene if we are pushed into a shooting war with China? Would it be optimal if say, China invades Taiwan, Russia moves in and removes any military threat China has in the area. If this were to come to pass, would China also try to regain the Siberian lands? Could China afford a two front war, one on the sea and one land based?

      • Would Russia come in on the side of the US? No, I think that they’d remain neutral. There is no love lost between Russia and China but they’d wait until China was beat down before they moved into Manchuria.

        I see a manufactured crisis where China, moves the military in to aid Taiwan (which they consider part of China). The Nationalist Chinese Kuomintang fights back and the US submarines, aiding a treaty partner, sink the Chinese “rescue fleet”.

  3. Mark wrote: True, but what about the ones that are now American or Canadian citizens?

    Chinese people have been in North America (US, Canada and Mexico) in numbers beginning in the 1830’s. By 1850 Chinese immigrants came in larger numbers eager to escape the economic chaos in China and to try their luck at the California gold rush. When the Gold Rush ended, Chinese Americans were considered cheap labor. The have deep American pedigrees.

    Today, Donkeys, anxious to expand their voting base have continually objected to ending the “anchor baby” policies. So pregnant women from outside of the US, including China, flock to the US to give birth with all of the blessings of citizenship.

    There are birth hotels (usually rat infested) that are revolving doors for this practice.

    What can be done? It can be stopped, but it can’t be undone. Legal rights transfer to a baby born on American soil.

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