Before I get onto a rant…it’s Taco Tuesday.


The Tulip (weapons spotlight)

The Russian Tyulpan (Tulip) fields a 240-millimeter mortar on its GMZ chassis, by far the largest mortar system in use today. Some say, with justification, that the Tulip is very vulnerable to counter-battery fire since has a very slow rate of fire and movement.

It can fire massive 221-pound F864 high explosive projectiles—each 1.5 meters long and comparable in weight to small aerial bombs—at targets over nine kilometers away. With rocket-assisted projectiles, the range can increase up to twenty kilometers. However, the M240’s rate of fire is just one round per minute.

It’s more suited to bombarding cities in the third world than opposing modern armies because of the threat of counter-battery fire mentioned above. When they can’t fight back,  weapons such as this one are very effective.


The Digital Revolution?

The most consequential figures in the tech world are half guys like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates and half some guy named Ronald who maintains a Unix tool called ‘runk’ which stands for Ronald’s Universal Number Kounter and handles all math for every machine on Earth.

About 85% of the people elected to Congress have no idea how the internet works; have barely processed that the Soviet Union fell in the ’80s; are likely wearing depends underneath their suits; cant understand the economy because as far as they know, you can still ride the trolley for a nickel so long as you had an onion on your belt, and oversaw the last three economic collapses and learned nothing beyond there are no consequences to them and zeroes mean nothing. Aren’t we lucky to be represented by such towering heroes?


A Map


Masks (the warning on the box says they don’t work), the vaxes – don’t work without endless boosters, and…

Stay thirsty my friends…


A doctor in Oklahoma invented a fairy tale about hospitals being overwhelmed by rubes and hayseeds overdosing on Ivermectin, complete with absolute absurdities like gunshot victims being made to wait for treatment.

This was breathlessly and gleefully reported by the corrupt press for days, and not one of them sought to verify the story with the hospital.

The hospital had to put out their own press release saying that 1) the doctor hasn’t practiced in that facility for two months and 2) there were zero cases of Ivermectin overdose being treated there. No matter how much people are talking about this story, they cannot talk about it enough.

Here we have a credentialed expert telling an outrageous lie that could be easily checked with no fear and shame, and dozens of media outlets cheerfully reporting obvious bullshit without the least attempt at due diligence, all in service of their political ideology.

Whenever some disingenuous leftist says “I don’t know why public health matters are being politicized”, they should be tarred and feathered for their brazen truth-hating. This is pure DARVO (Deny, Accuse, Reverse Victim, and Offender) and they are psychopaths. You must operate under the assumption that every leftist is mentally ill until proven otherwise.


Portable Beach

“When you are truly comfortable with who you are, not everybody will like you… But you won’t care.”


The Mushroom Throne

Entropy will take us all.


  1. 1 round a minute is pretty slow but I would not want to be on the receiving end. Looks to be enough room for 2 people on that beach.

  2. Definitely plus 1 on the left being mentally ill. I have often thought that the left is delusional, they routinely expect different results from doing the same damn thing and then make excuses for why the obvious occurred. Why when socialism did not work in Venezuela, or the USSR or any other number of examples do they expect it to work this time. And why is their routine reply to logical criticism a verbal attack on the person offering the criticism? No countering facts or statistics just a personalized attack. Strange times.

    • “why is their routine reply to logical criticism a verbal attack on the person offering the criticism?”

      I assume that was rhetorical. But in case it wasn’t: the attack on the person who points out their flawed thinking is only partly an attack. The real purpose of the attack is to set up a claim of victimhood. Gaslighting, lying when there is no benefit to doing so (and worse, clearly evident harm from lying) and changing definitions mid-argument to suit themselves, those are all old and well-used tactics. All these have eventually turned out badly in the long run, but they provide short-term advantage, so these people keep using them. And when it turns out badly in the future? Well, more victimhood for them!

      As to why? Well, it’s how they’ve interacted amongst themselves (i.e. with each other) for a very very long time. And for the last 70 or so years the rest of the world has been too cowed to call them on their bullshit. Anyway, “you people” (meaning the commenters here) might not be used to this behavior, but there is absolutely nothing new about it. The only thing is that you are now seeing your culture being replaced in the public space, in real time, by another culture.

    • ‘socialism’ cannot work as a government because socialism is a process, not the goal*.
      The socialism process terminates the instant the goal* is achieved.
      The goal* is rarely revealed during the socialism process; revealing the goal* might deflate the enthusiasm of the supporters.
      The process called ‘socialism’ (aka BOLCHEVICS, communism, leftism, etcetera) starts with some power-hungry control-freaks.
      These loudmouths (control-freaks are rarely quiet) advocate a vague cause such as ‘social justice’, ‘equality’, etcetera.
      They get some easily-convinced (aka ‘gullible’) nincompoops with a lot of spare time to act ‘in furtherance of TheCause©’.
      This process is socialism.
      Later, after the socialism process is complete, our initiating loud-mouth control-freaks are the temporary heads of TheNewOrder©.
      Inevitably, their gullible supporters are seen as potential trouble-makers, and are removed.
      The goal* of the loudmouth group is control.
      Their bunch of easily-convinced gullibles running around loose has the potential of somebody else convincing them they need to ‘rally in support of TheNextCause©’… and that rarely ends well for the first bunch of loudmouths.
      ‘communism’ is not a form of government, it is the process to put the loudmouths in charge.
      * The goal of governments resulting from communism/socialism/BOLCHEVICS is control, and maintaining this tends to require a significant amount of enslavement and annihilation.

      • There is another group of leftists involved at this point: the True Believers, who take it as an article of faith that after the Glorious Revolution (in whatever form) utterly destroys the current society (whichever it may be), Utopia and Egality can finally be achieved. When prior failures are pointed out, they double down, assuming not that the idea is flawed, but that the destroyed culture left too many lingering vestiges, which sabotaged the Glorious Revolution, and therefore This Time, the destruction must be even more widespread and complete. As the United States (and most of the modern world) has not actually had a successful GR (after which the True Believers are usually killed off), they have had generations for their cult to fester instead of being wiped out. As such, they have been able to infiltrate themselves ever higher in the cultural authority, attempting to crank that ratchet tighter and tighter, without lethal consequence from the power mongers, and have even replaced some of the power mongers as leaders of the cult in government and society. Obama. AOC. The True Believers are not completely in charge yet, not even in their own party, but they have tasted power, and were not purged for their sins. Believing themselves above any consequence (for nothing has happened to them yet), they now work to destroy more openly, in service of their god of Marx. The old guard, the Lenins, Castros, and Chavezs, the Kennedys and Clintons, are in their turn easily explained as allies of the moment and ultimately saboteurs and wreckers, for they would kill the true believers given the chance.
        The power structure of the Marxist left has been upended, due to their own failures.

  3. The press always knew the ivermectin story was a lie, but it was a lie they liked, and after all lying is what they do for a living. To paraphrase Judge Dredd – “They can’t tell a lie, they create the truth”.

    The Leftist wetware virus is disheartening. I know a lot of otherwise good people who have fallen prey to it.

    Now I want tacos…


  4. Ivermectin, not that I’d be using the horse deworming gun on myself any time soon, but geez, can the media morons get any more moronic? Likely.

    Pushing the Covid Not-a-vax made me suspicious straight away, they’ve only gotten more shrill. Nope.

    Guy’s wife gets him a new DeWalt cordless set, he comes up with the floating beach. Nicely done (and I’m assuming that’s his wife). Only thing missing is Wilson.

  5. “It has been claimed that left-wingers or liberals (US sense) tend to be more mentally ill than right-wingers or conservatives. This potential link was investigated using the General Social Survey. A search found 5 items measuring one’s own mental illness in different ways (e.g.”Do you have any emotional or mental disability?”). All of these items were associated with left-wing political ideology as measured by self-report. These results held up mostly in regressions that adjusted for age, sex, and race. For the variable with the most data, the difference in mental illness between “extremely liberal” and “extremely conservative” was 0.39 d. This finding is congruent with numerous findings based on related constructs.”

  6. Yes, Tuesdays and Tacos go together like chips and salsa!

    I wouldn’t want to be the receiving end of a tulip barrage.

    I have a couple of Open Source friends who maintain very mundane code. Things like Ethernet drivers, USB drivers, and the like. I also have a few who maintain extremely useful, but very specialized, code for things like satellite tracking, and VHF/UHF propagation/path loss and terrain shadowing. It’s a thankless job, like doing documentation, but nonetheless and important job.

    Only 85% of Congress desn’t know how the Internet works? I would have though it was in the high 90’s from all the other nonsense they spout.

    The Ivermectin meme caused several people I know on FakeBook to go completely ballistic, because….SCIENCE! They have about as much “science” knowledge as the people who insist that Vitamin C from oranges is far superior to Vitamin C from Costco. duh……it’s a chemical compound, people….

    “When you are truly comfortable with who you are, not everybody will like you… But you won’t care.” Ahhhhh….’tis true. aka, “The people that care don’t matter, and the people that matter don’t care”.

    Hope your week is going well, LL, and good to hear you’re well on-the-mend.

  7. Yes, utter psychopaths. And our “elected” rulers. How many are pushing 80? And since when was it OK to be governed by a gerontocracy. But of course we’re not, it’s the people behind the shills who need exposure to the light of day. Well, good luck.

    I like the way your skeleton warrior’s wearing a diadem or “radiate crown.” Classical. Nice.

    • gerontocracy. Great point. At 77 years, I routinely turn down assignments that, twenty years ago, I wouldn’t have hesitated to accept. I recognize I’m no longer the sharpest blade in the drawer. I believe I owe that to other folks who might be harmed, or at least inconvenienced, if I mess up.

      It bothers my self esteem not at all.

      • Well said. Totally agree with you, being the same age. Even though my brain tells me I am 21, my body, unfortunately, tells me I am not. Also agree with Ed Bonderenka’s comment above about us knowing they are lying etc.

  8. The floating beach, what an idea! Palm trees even!

    It looks 12’x12’… I wonder how many barrels will fit under that?

  9. Regarding Myanmar. They drove on the left side of the road until about 10 years ago when they switched but there cars are still brought used from Japan so they drive AND steer on the right side. It’s a weird situation.

    • I avoid Burma/Myanmar. That’s not the reason in specific. I know that you like to travel, but there are better places to spend your time.

      • Slightly longer than ten years, probably more like twelve or thirteen. The then ruling junta, the one previous to the current one and before the civilian governments in-between, did it over night. One evening the people went to bed, having driven on the left that day and, on the following morning, when they woke up, found they were now required to drive on the right. No forewarnings were given. They just decreed it and it was done. From memory they further upset the people by raising the price of petrol the same day. Very strange driving a right hand drive vehicle, which virtually all vehicles there were then, on the “wrong” side of the road.

      • Well the government is a bunch of bad people but that’s true of a lot of places. We literally had our Presidential election stolen last year. There are actual people working around the clock trying to make it appear as if the “President” is not suffering from dementia. Who would allow themselves to be a part of such a thing.

        I was there during the Thingyan festival and it’s pretty amazing. It’s fun getting sprayed with water when it’s 105F outside. Bagan is a sight to see. It’s Very much a pucker event to walk into the temples with fallen bricks that came down from way high up.

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