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In Praise of Dramatic Overreaction

I might be a broken record. Whenever somebody comes to me with a problem, I have a stock response. Those of you who know me understand that I’m too old and wicked to change. “Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of the women!” I realize that it’s a cliche Hollywood line and yet, I internalized it in my younger years and made it my own. 

This is my response to
SiGraybeard’s blog yesterday. It
has nothing to do with this topic.

There is something to be said for dramatic and disproportional overreaction. President Trump has used that tactic too, but he hasn’t thanked me personally — yet.

Even so, overreaction must be moderated with the best you can deliver being meeted upon on deserving persons. Overreacting all of the time dilutes the value of the tactic.

This is not overreaction. Blowing up the Mosque too would be overreaction? Not really… terrorists maneuvering on your position? Engage. “Winchester on gun ammo, shoot Hellfires”. That’s not over reaction. Landing to take scalps is overreaction…according to some bleeding hearts.  30mm chain gun vs rag heads? Is it fair? A rusty knife would be better but a chain gun will do. North Koreans shoot off a missile aimed at Guam – retaliation that blows the Norks back into the stone age and glasses each military installation is reaction but it doesn’t count as DRAMATIC overreaction. We need to come up with grander gestures as a nation.

18 thoughts on “Reaction vs Overreaction

  1. Not wanting to be over dramatic myself, but I've just spent 15 minutes captivated by your embedded videos of people being shot whilst drinking a nice cup of coffee and shouting things like, "Boom!" and "Bossed that!" I'm clearly deranged and a little sociopathic which must be your fault. I'm going to look at some flufffy bunnies or something…

  2. When You Have a Hammer in Your Hand, Everything Looks Like a Nail.

    So, if you have a hammer, use it!

  3. I take full responsibility for everything — except your move from English tea to coffee. I've been trying to push you toward iced tea (pre-sweetened) for quite some time and has apparently not worked well. But it might make you want to fight/?/

  4. For every action there's an equal and opposite reaction. That bodes ill for the libs and their Mohammedan friends.

    Time to go fishing.

  5. Fishing cures the Deep State blues. So does going out to get a haircut and picking up a brisket burrito from Karen's (wonderfulness in a tortilla in Texas Hill Country).

  6. North Koreans shoot off a missile aimed at Guam – retaliation that blows the Norks back into the stone age and glasses each military installation is reaction You can't say "back into the stone age"; the country is still there; at least, most of it is. Aside from that, glassing the place is a proper response.

    A pig is chemical factory that turns plant matter into bacon, tenderloins, pulled pork and more. A cow is a chemical factory that turn grass or other plant matter into steaks, burgers and more. You can extend that for deer, or any other ruminant you might want.

  7. That's true. "Back to the stone age" would not apply to North Korea, the country without lights whose people are eaten from the inside out by parasites.

  8. As you should, master.

    Yes, that would make me vicious. Only feed me that if you want results. Bad ones. :)

  9. I vote we re-commission and modernize the Iowa class BB's. Last I heard, they had the range on the 16 inch guns out to 30 or so miles. Yeah, I know it's kinda old school, but so is the Colt Peacemaker. However, if you have ever watched somebody who knows how to use one, you know why they call it 'chained lightning and six claps of thunder'.

    A friend of my is of the opinion that the Colt is at times a preferable alternative to an attorney. Six-guns in the street at High Noon. You may not like the way it turns out, but by God, it's over.

  10. 23.4 miles, and it was a "Test Shot" done without proper authorization.

    Typical range was ~20 miles….

  11. DRJIM is part of the current (mothball) crew of the USS IOWA. However, I agree that it would be nice to see them back in service.

  12. LL,

    I don't know what I'm going to do with you…

    "Crush your enemies." leave it that, if they can be driven before you then they haven't been properly crushed. Spread before you, like peanut butter (better) The women wailing, the dead can't wail!

    Disproportional REACTION is not overreaction, it is (should be) bidness as usual

    North Koreans ARE already in the stone age.

    Regarding your response to SiGrayBeard, the ideal BLT has more B and less LT (But extra onion)

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