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Bullet Points:

* If no mentally disturbed person should have an AR-15, should a mentally ill president have an FBI?

* REP. Hank Johnson (D-GA) is the guy who had concerns that the island of Guam could capsize…

* On Monday night, the Emmy Awards were shown on NBC but only managed to receive 5.9 million viewers, according to Variety. This is an all-time low for the awards ceremony. Viewership plummeted by more than 25% from the 7.9 million viewers who watched on CBS in 2021.

* The Swedish Prime Minister resigned after conservatives won a majority in parliament. The likely new PM says “Make Sweden Great Again!” The EU is not amused.



At the Movies


From the Movie Description: The Woman King is the remarkable story of the Agojie, the all-female unit of lesbian warriors who protected the African Kingdom of Dahomey in the 1800s with skills and a fierceness, unlike anything the world has ever seen. The Woman King follows the emotionally epic journey of General Nanisca (Oscar®-winner Viola Davis) as she trains the next generation of recruits and readies them for battle against a white, imperialist enemy determined to destroy their way of life.

Wikipedia:The Kingdom of Dahomey was an important regional power that had an organized domestic economy built on conquest and slave labor”

“The growth of Dahomey coincided with the growth of the Atlantic slave trade, and it became known to Europeans as a major supplier of slaves.”

We’re celebrating slavers now as long as they’re black women. Very interesting.

I doubt that I’ll have the time to see it, but it’s posted here by way of advertisement. And you thought there was nothing to go and watch on the silver screen. My sense is that the Woman King herself could have benefited from soap.

The film below,  opening soon at a theater near you is going to be another must-see.

CUANDO SEA JOVEN – opens 9/23

70-year-old Malena gets a second chance at life when she magically turns into her 22-year-old self. Now, posing as “Maria” to hide her true identity, she becomes the lead singer of her grandson’s band and tries to recover her dream of singing, which she had to give up at some point.

It would be very woke if she seduced her grandson. I hope that’s not part of the plot.



  1. The EU – I remember when it was getting started, and there was some online bragging about how it was going to replace the US as the world’s power, and their currency was going to replace the dollar.
    Haven’t heard much of that lately.

  2. Must be nice to create “no competition”, which is the Dem’s goal. The hypocrisy of a direct Nazi-style threat attacks on citizens and colleagues is apparently just fine for them, but some woman exercising her 1A right to speak her mind over the last election and they sick their attack dogs using SW’s with zero probable cause.

    Getting old.

    “all-female unit of lesbian warriors”…So Jordan Peterson is correct, it’s not us males causing the angst-driven hate in the lesbo’s. This is good to know. Maybe if they had some men around they’d be less…umm…corked.

      • Viola has come a long way from Jesse Stone in her roles. Now she’s “all that” and will be lauded for her “portrayal”. Gag.

          • I want to be an actor…get paid beaucoup bucks to recite pre-written lines, have people hand you things, have a team of wardrobe and makeup artists do you over to look “just right” on screen, work out 4 hours a day with a paid trainer and nutritionist, and practice making faces in a mirror. The only prerequisite (for 99% of them) is to be mentally whacked and/or a weirdo.

            I might have trouble with that last bit.

          • Paul M – the real problem is that you have to hang around with other actors, celebrities, and Hollywood types. I understand that it’s impossible to wash the slime off.


  3. While the Dahomey Amazons did exist, and could be a formidable force, I somehow have my doubts about the historical accuracy of the film.

  4. I’ve always thought that in a better world, the Kingdom of Dahomey would have been neighbored by a polity called “Dembitchez” and maybe on the other side by “Datmuvvafuc”. And Rwanda should be balanced by D’Wayne. But, alas, I don’t make the rules. (Also, I denounce myself.)

    “We’re celebrating slavers now as long as they’re black women.”
    Of course. And we will lean that those Black women are really victims. Such is the psyche of those who we’ve allowed to make our popular culture: a curious mix of resentment, revolutionary zeal, and cheap, schmaltzy sentimentality. [1]

    I found the following on a UNESCO site, talking about Dahomey “woman warriors”.
    The reapers (Nyekplohento) were few in number but particularly feared. Their razor-sharp knives, which could slice a man in two with a single blow (Froy, 1890), inspired great terror. The weapon, which weighed some 10 kg, with a 45-cm blade and a large wooden handle, was held with both hands. (Bold for emphasis mine.)

    Maybe so? But I have a hard time believing in anyone wielding a 10 kg (22 lbs in real units) blade. I suppose a person could use a 20+ lb implement in a ceremonial or otherwise tightly controlled situation (e.g. execution of a bound prisoner) but as a melee weapon? Get outta here. What say you, Beans?

    • [1] “cheap, schmaltzy sentimentality”: Exhibit A
      This here apparently is the official Billy Joel video for his song Piano Man.
      Now I happen to think that Piano Man is not just a good tune, but a deep insight into the human condition. (Maybe I’m shallow, but I like it.) And then the video F’s it up by turning John the bartender into a fat joke. Did Joel not know what he had wrought? Was he tricked somehow by the video producer? Or was a vaudeville joke his intention all along, and the profoundity the accidental part? Who knows.

      Now John at the bar is a friend of mine
      He gets me my drinks for free
      And he’s quick with a joke, or to light up your smoke
      But there’s some place that he’d rather be
      He says, “Bill, I believe this is killing me”
      As a smile ran away from his face
      “Well, I’m sure that I could be a movie star
      If I could get out of this place”

        • Piano Man stands the test of time, still sounds as fresh today as when I first heard it.

          Right now I’m stuck on Gretchen Wilson’s unreal live performance of ‘Barracuda” with Alice in Chains at the 2007 Rock Honors, including Nancy Wilson, who shows the boys a thing or two (and they are virtuoso’s in their own right).

    • I have an older Cold Steel Moro Barong with wooden handle and sheath. The blade is 18″ long, 3 1/2″ belly, 1/4″ spine and distally tapers to a very sharp point. It can be wielded effectively with one hand to deliver slashes, chops and stabs. I reckon it weighs a bit under two pounds.
      A two-handed “knife” of similar size weighing ten times as much would be like swinging a small anvil. I wouldn’t try it.

      But I’m no amazon…

    • Everyone knows that people who write for the UNESCO site smoke crack and wouldn’t know a pocket knife from a claymore from a shillelagh. One hand with a 22 lbs blade. (I sneeze but it sounds like BULLSHIT)

      For reference – The typical period Medieval (two-handed) Broadsword had a double-edged blade with 2-3 inches (5 to 7.5 cm) width at the base, which tapered to a point. Depending on the user’s desire the sword ranged from 30 to 45 inches (76 to 114cm) in length with an average weight of 3 to 5 pounds (1 to 2 kg).

      • Melee weapons: mace, flail, tomahawk, bearded axe, boarding cutlass, katana, saber, Bowie knife (KaBar), arming sword, zweihander, pugio, seax, kukri, iklwa, various polearms to name but a few.
        Depending on the situation, I’d probably reach for the barong before the kukri.
        But before either, my 1911.

        • I split an awful lot of wood when I was a kid, and drove a lot of stakes. In my late teens and early twenties, when I was full grown and in peak condition, I could swing an 8 pound sledge all day, with little effort… as a tool Mike, who worked for my dad and eventually got his own Surveyor’s stamp was about 2 of me, and he preferred a 12 as a tool. I have heard of people, from reasonably reputable sources, who reputedly liked a 16 as a tool. They make even bigger sledges, but IDK why.

          There might sometime in the history of the world have been some giant, near superhuman warrior who could wield a 22 pound sword somewhat effectively in combat. Maybe.

          I would bet $1000 that there was never, and never will be a woman who could.

          I also really doubt that Dahomey had the technology to forge such a thing so that it wouldn’t immediately bend or break.

          Fucking Hollywikiwood.


          P.S. – I would suggest that for accuracy the Dahomian amazons (who were reputedly pretty tough, for what they were) should not be said to have “protected” Dahomey, but rather to have slightly delayed Dahomey’s inevitable conquest by France.

          • In the 1800s modern infantry was transitioning from flintlocks to percussion caps, and rifled muskets. By 1850, French army officer Claude-Etienne Minié had invented the Minié bullet and the old Napoleon guns were being replaced with more modern artillery, and mountain howitzers carried on mules rather than towed that could more rapidly fire canister, which was effective against massed formations of unarticulated Africans.

    • Well, most ‘female’ warriors historically fought with some sort of war spear, like the Japanese with the naginata. But 10kg? That’s a big no. Maybe ceremonial or an executioner’s weapon, but not in the battle line. 5kg sounds more better, but in reality most bastard or hand-and-a half swords for fighting run around 3kg-ish.

      You have to be, HAVE TO BE, able to make more than 2-3 swings before gassing out. Trust me on this. My SCA ‘spear’ (fiberglass shaft with a thrusting only tip) weighs around 5-6lbs (less than 3kg) ad when I was in shape, using it for an hour was quite the workout. Same using a glaive (sword onna stick, spears are daggers onna stick) which weighs around the same. Using that for an hour at a time is quite the workout.

      10kg? Bullscat.

      Now, seriously, please do an actual show on the real Amazons. Who were mounted horse archers because, shockingly, the horses at the time weren’t big and strong enough to hold men in armor at the time. They disappeared as horses were bred to be bigger and stronger.

      As to the photo? Soft leather ‘armor’ isn’t. It will help, if thick enough, to slow bruising, but to stop a cut or a good stonking hit with a club? About as effective as most sci-fi armor like what the ‘Klingons’ wear.

      Seriously, armor is supposed to stop weapons, let alone some Captain Kirk wannabe trying to sock the armor-wearer in the gut.

      Just please, Hollyweird, stop with the bullscat armor and weapons. There are literally whole museums full of real armor and weapons (and clothing and and and and.) Dammit, do some research for God’s sake.

        • Ponies (used before the stirrup) were a far cry from the Andalusians that were bred for war in the High Middle Ages. It doesn’t mean that they were not effective. Neither do you see four-wheel chariots in movies, more of a wagon fighting platform that protected archers who could get in closer to the action without being hacked to pieces. Multiple 4-wheel chariots could protect each other and moved in formation for that purpose. They were pulled by ponies, not large draft animals.

  5. Expecting accuracy from people who have never trained with weapons? Psssh One weapon I would have employed, firearms excluded, was a D Handle picket. Weight? Probably no more than 20 lbs. One platoon sergeant had us do bayonet drill with them. Way heavier than an M-14 with a bayonet. About 48″ long and the “D” handle was just over fist sized and made of 1″ steel.
    The official use was securing lines and we had dozens of them.

    • I expect that a D Handle picket (had not heard of them until now) would be difficult to swing like a hand spear. The momentum might be tough to check. However, I’ve never done it so I leave it to others.

      • Use it like a rifle with a bayonet. Long thrust, short thrust, horizontal butt stroke, vertical butt stroke. Modify the downward slash movement to a crushing blow to the head or upper body. Getting the footwork down is the hardest part, IMO. Same procedure with an entrenching tool.

        • You can pirouette like a dancer at the Bolshoi with an entrenching tool (sharpened), called a malaya pekhotnaya lopata-50cm OR with the GI version if that seems more fun.

    • 4′ long, two handed, sounds like an excellent close-fighting weapon. Especially if you hold the weapon not on the D-handle, but above it. That way one can use either the head of the tool or the handle of the tool to hit with.

      Like axe fighting. You use the butt of the handle to smash and poke and use the axe part to smash and cleave. Lots of short choppy motions and punches.

      Kind of like watching real medievalists doing half-swording using bastard swords (which means one hand on the hilt, the other on the blade and you do… bayonet drill motions with it.

      I actually taught ‘bayonet drills’ to some durr-hurr survivalists at a ‘MilitiaFest.’ No, I did not know it was a milia fest, thought I was going for a CCW class and a cook out. I’ve never done actual bayonet drill, but it’s not much different than using any other pole-arm, which I can do very well. The retired USMC DI liked how I could move (in a non-gay way). Really regretting they didn’t have pugil sticks there, would have been fun.

      • The only militiafest that I attended was the US Navy, where ammo and C-4 were free. I have to admit that the price was right. If I attend a civilian militiafest, can I pick up discount ammo (asking for a friend).

        • Dunno, but we were cautioned that at least one attendee was a Fedboi. Turns out it was more like 5 of the 25 people there. And two very suspicious crappy looking vans with very tinted windows that didn’t belong to any of the neighbors. This was in the 2000’s, so I can’t imagine how bad it’s gotten in these modern national socialist times.

          What I got from that day was I’d wait for all the gun-LARPers to have heart attacks or die of fright and then equip myself from their stocks. Seriously, we were doing basic squad maneuvers and me, the SCA guy, was the only one who knew to shout “incoming” when incoming was falling down around us. And the only one, though there were supposedly ex-service personnel there, that knew to hit the deck when said incoming was incoming.

          Luzers, luuuzers all.

          And they weren’t selling ammo back then. But it was funny to see the fat-copulations talking about their $2k-5k guns while buying the cheapest accessories and ammo.

          Me with an M-1 carbine or even better, an M-1 Garand, could have taken out most of them. Heck, could have taken most of them with a Krag or nice Springfield or some ex-Soviet garbage rod, let alone a decent bow and about 30 or so arrows.

          After leaving said meeting, my lovely wife turned to me and said, “We’re doing this alone, aren’t we?” Considering how many times we both got muzzle-swept by people with supposedly unloaded firearms, yeah, we’re sheltering in place and not relying on those idiots.

          Was very funny to read all about us in the next Souther Poverty Law Center publication. Weeee…. we were soooo scary….

          • Your 15 minutes of fame.

            I ended up on a Las Vegas Metro pole cam. I was accused of consorting with organized crime. I explained that I was there working and put in for overtime. (you can’t go too far in a government car, there is no deal like an out-of-town meal and if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing on overtime)

            Eventually, everybody calmed down once my chief explained that I was poaching in Vegas without telling them…sorry. (not sorry, the Metro guys were on the take and I later proved it)

  6. Now do a movie or mini-series about those heroic Muslims who enslaved whites, blacks and anything in between. How heroic that they’d sail up to Ireland and England to raid for captives.

    • Maybe they felt that the famous American “hanging chad” somehow applied to them and had racist overtones.

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