A Scenario

Burglar, held at bay at gunpoint: Aren’t you going to call the cops?

Armed homeowner: Why? No one else knows you’re here but me…


The West has heavier investments in hydroelectric Power.


Arkansas didn’t even score!

Prevalence in the world of marriages between cousins.


Hotchkiss 37mm M1916

The French called it the Canon d’Infanterie de 37 modèle 1916 TRP with the TRP standing for tir rapide, Puteaux (fast-firing, designed by the Atelier de Puteaux).

The  37mm M1916 was used by every US infantry regiment.  They deployed in batteries (4-6 guns) 37mm guns – or “one pounders” as the soldiers called them – as organic direct fire support. They were deadly accurate out to 1500-1600m, firing 25-30 rounds a minute in theory, 10 rounds per minute on average in field use. They were intended to take out enemy machine gun emplacements by out-ranging them.

A 37mm gun fitted with telescopic sight in firing position at the American Army Specialists School at Langres, 2 May 1918

American gunners manning a French 37 mm gun in firing position on parapet in second line trench near Diefmatten, 25 June 1918.

They were used by the French, Americans, Italians and Poles as trench guns and later mounted on armored cars.



The First Corsair

An O3U Corsair hangs off the edge of USS Lexington (CV-2) after a hard landing, 1933.


This Must Stop!

Most Popular States for people leaving California

What about New Mexico or Idaho, or Alabama? Arizona is too hot. They need to keep moving east.



    • That’s how it needs to be – when society breaks down and embraces pederasty and the victimization of children as a “choice”.

  1. And before that Hotchkiss had the revolving cannon.You could get a respectable rate of fire with one. John Milius featured one in the film The Rough Riders.
    The problem with refugees from California is that too often they bring their politics with them. That has largely ruined Colorado. I know a few here in Kansas. Luckily those ex-pats are rational. One, a Bakersfield native, described himself as having escaped from California.

    • I’m somewhat apologetic when I tell people where we moved from. I usually say we did a CALEXIT of our own, and that gets some smiles. Our in-laws and extended family who we met numerous times on trips here are rural folks, and they can see how much we appreciate Colorado, and how well we fit in. We were here two weeks, and hadn’t bought our home yet, and I turned to my wife one night and told her “I’m Home”. She was amazed that the clerks at the chain grocery she shops at remembered her name, and now she loves “small town life”. We even bought a pick-up truck, and she drives it!

      It’s a shame that in many American states the people in the Big Cities try to rule over things they have very little conception of, except in their own limited viewpoint. It’s like the map on the cover of “New Yorker” magazine, where the whole world stops at the Hudson river, or the people who question the need for farmers and ranchers when everything you could want is available from Kroger/Safeway/Ralph’s, etc.

      And then they get to vote on critical things like water rights, without the slightest clue as to how the world works.

      • I’m a wretched refugee from California as well, as you know. My politics have NEVER been their politics. In essence, I’m a small town guy who left that life and now I went back. Not to the same place. There is nothing for me where I went to high school. Memories, more bitter than sweet in many ways. But I learned to work there, and my values reflect it.

        • What has corrupted Colorado, IMO, are the trust funders. Never had to worry about food on the table, if they open a business it is more of a hobby, and they feel entitled. No respect for the locals, or what they have built.

          • I think that class of people tends to ruin everything that it touches. I’m convinced that a lot of the looters and rioters are trust fund babies, who float through life without a sail or a rudder.

  2. Maybe Arkansas is not on the Cousin Map because it’s a marriage map and not a cousin-sex map? Anyway, it seems that you’d get an interesting, if politically inconvenient, result if you overlaid a Predominant Religion map over the Cousin-Marriage map. Hmmmm.

    Speaking of politically inconvenient, one mustn’t generalize from the first photo. It’s just Harvey and Oprah, and some poor girl. It’s only those three individuals. They don’t symbolize anything at all. Not. One. Thing.

    It’s like the map on the cover of “New Yorker” magazine
    Indeed. But it’s only natural and proper, those people being so much natively smarter than us, on top of which they are also better educated, and obviously more moral and caring.

    • Oprah was simply trying to facilitate that young girl’s future, and who better to manage it than Harvey Weinstein, who had been responsible for so many Hollywood success stories.

  3. With all the incredible talent out there ever wonder how certain people succeed in show biz? Not anymore. Oprah a handler? Maybe. Unwittingly? Not on your life. They knew, they all knew.

    “…bury you in the hills, tell the sheriff a month later and he understands.” (Shooter)

    Thinking Basement Dweller Joe won’t make it to November…the Dem’s October surprise for themselves.

    • I don’t know who is progressive enough to check all of the boxes for the Donkeys. Pedo Joe has faded, and he was always the class idiot. They kept him around for comic relief.

  4. I wish I could prove that Oprah / Harvey / victim photo is real, it certainly demonstrates a truth.

    That little 37 looks like it would be a hell of a lot of fun.

    So far, looks like the two leading candidates (S. Dakota and Wyoming) for our (more delayed than I would like) flight from Rhode Island are still not being flooded with Marxist Moles, so that’s good.


  5. Please, not Idaho! We do see a lot of California plates up here. It gets bad, I may have to buy a small place next to you Mr. Larry and your White Wolf Mine… Do they allow living in your camper until one gets their hovel built?

    • You can more or less do what you want here. However if you hoisted a black lives matter flag over your trailer, I expect that some people would come by and suggest that you pack up your shit and find another place to settle. It’s not the race thing, it’s the terrorist thing. It would not be tolerated here.

      Idaho is the next Mecca.

      • You said a mouthful! Ya ought see what is been drug in. Within ten years Idaho will be as bad if not worse then CalOreWash with Nevada been thrown in as an appetizer.

        • No flags except an American Flag and maybe a Confederate Battle Flag… I am not a terrorist. I keep to myself, mind my own business and help others when asked. Quiet is my middle name…

        • The question “bad” begs the demographic of who is moving. The trust fund children may be scared off by the conservatives who are relocating.

  6. That Hotchkiss has quite the recoil buffer. I wonder how far the barrel recoils after firing? Earlier Hotchkiss 37mm guns the US Army had were carriage mounted.

    I’m not happy with the CALEXIT map. We’re in Texas for the foreseeable future. Some of the newcomers are disgruntled conservatives and fine. Too many are liberals and progs that don’t understand cause and effect, and are determined to “fix” things here. We intend to retire to Montana, but it’s becoming Californicated, too. In absolute numbers, it’s not getting as many Californians, but it only has something like 1.05 million now. It only had a bit over 850,000 when we left in 2000. In another 10 years, we might be forced to go to North Dakota. I was at Minot for part of my Air Force duty decades ago. Nice town on a lot of ways, but miserable climate most of the year. However, locals claimed it kept out the riff-raff. Gawd, we hate the flatlands, though. Maybe Wyoming or Utah near Flaming Gorge?

    • They carriage mounted them during WW1, but in the trench warfare scenario, they had to make them man-portable/crew portable and from all accounts, they worked well enough. A 37mm exploding round (or a few dozen of them) dissuaded German machine gunners who couldn’t deal with being outranged.

      Utah is bring Californicated too. I haven’t been there lately and I caught some really big fish in Flaming Gorge years ago, but that area has a lot of people now. The secret to my success was to find patent land in a big national forest. There is only so much land available for homes. It was a mine, or a cattle marshaling yard, or a logging camp when the national forest was declared. The downside is that I’m a long way from conveniences, fast food, tow trucks, etc.

    • South Dakota weather isn’t far too different from North Dakota, ND just got it a couple hours sooner… It hasn’t been keeping people out, a lot of Uhauls and moving company vans. I noticed a lot of Eastern plates and some California plates mixed in to wonder their politics.

  7. My Opinion:

    If Joe doesn’t Announce his VP by Tuesday, he isn’t going to.
    They go into the Democrat Convention, and Dr. Jill Biden makes a tearful concession speech. Joe is dropping out of the race, however due to unnamed medical condition, cannot be the Democrat Nominee. The Democrats have to pick another multicultural diverse Christian Heterosexual Cis-Male White Person with a long history of Democrat Party Political loyalty. Then, just like the Biden plan, they will pander to women and minorities with a VP pick, except the VP choice will be meaningless as usual.

    Maybe they will recycle John Kerry or Tim Kaine again, instead of running a blue s

    • John Kerry would be a good choice for them. He’s a smug elitist who has had his ass handed to him as often as Biden has.

  8. I live in RURAL Northern California.
    My shooting buddy called last week an asked to borrow my utility trailer.
    He was emptying his storage unit and had attempted to rent a U-Haul trailer for some bigger items.
    No rentals available in a fifty mile radius.
    If people are now leaving this part of California to this extent I cannot imagine what is happening in the cities.

    I remember back in the 70’s when several local families called it quits on California and went to Montana before Ted started buffalo ranching.

    I remember 1971 when I landed at Ft. Sill one of my buddy’s had a POV and while apartment hunting off post he said, “Let’s go to McDonald’s and grab lunch.”
    I said, “What’s McDonald’s?”
    He said, “I thought you were from California?”
    I said, “I am, but I have never heard of McDonald’s.”

    Like I said, “RURAL Northern California.”

    • The problem with Rural California (a lurker on this blog, SE, lives in rural CA) is that you have the same tax rates and the same hassles in that regard. No U-hauls, no Penske trucks, and you pay more if you’re leaving CA than if you’re moving to CA.

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