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Former Sea Monster

I find it oddly satisfying that it’s dead.


Flying Cattle Car

Post Chinese Plague, the airlines need to come up with a plan to allow more distance between passengers. The way things are done now germs-me-out and I know that I’m not the only one. I realize that ticket price will go up but it’s a price worth paying not to be part of a herd.


A Scatterbrained, Progressive, Commie

But a pretty one

“It was always the women, and above all the young ones, who were the most bigoted adherents of the Party, the swallowers of slogans, the amateur spies and nosers−out of unorthodoxy.” – 1984


Retro Ducati

A lot of people like the whole retro look, and I like it well enough, but there is a lot to be said for elegance of the modern Ducatis.




Another Stimulus?

While Plan Pelosi is dead on arrival in the US Senate, there will likely be another stimulus that will go out. Part of me worries about all of this debt. Part of me worries about an economy that takes too long to jump start.

17 thoughts on “Randomness

  1. Some low life stole the fenders off of that Ducati. You would think that security there would be a little more up to snuff. Not to worry, though. I do believe I can scrounge up some Honda 305 fenders that should fit just right.

    1. My Ducati is intact. I rode from Blue Ridge, AZ to Mormon Lake, AZ, back to the Happy Jack Lodge, for a Diet Coke as I watched at least two dozen flat-landers in motor homes and fifth wheels, line up to sign in, go get a camping space immediately adjacent to another $250K rig. They’ll all play their music loud at night, they’ll all BBQ next to each other. Now that’s camping… Then I rode the She Devil back to the quiet and solitude of the White Wolf Mine.

      People come up here from Phoenix and as far away as Los Angeles to camp, partially microwaving Costco corn dogs and riding around in side-by-sides, kicking up dust for each other. I’m thankful that I’m far from all that BS.

    1. I wanted to surprise you. When I look at those fine boys that you and she produced, maybe it was worth it?

    1. No, that’s not the playbook. I expect that there will be one more cash give-away and the Republicans will bless it… and it will be followed by a letter from President Trump.

  2. Flying crammed into a sardine can is not for me. I miss the old days when you had leg room and were served an actual meal. I did get a bit of a break the last time we flew. The better half has a disability so we boarded first and took the seats at the front so I could at least stretch out.

    1. Yes, I recall the days of flying and getting a warm meal and having leg room. There is less profit in that.

      There was a time when I loved to fly but these days, I drive if it’s not too far. Even an overnight or two on the road is better to me. I can stop, stretch my legs, get a warm meal, hang out. It does take longer. But a 5 hour flight is a push because you have to get to the airport early, pass through the indignity of TSA, wait, board, taxi – sometimes wait more, fly, deplane, wait for luggage, board the shuttle to get a rental car, etc. Usually quicker to drive.

  3. I used to enjoy flying, but these days I dread it. Even with the “Pre-Pass” stuff it’s still takes much longer than it used to. “I Remember When”….I could park my car in the garage at O’Hare 45 minutes before my flight time, and I could get checked in, and be at the gate, with 10~15 minutes to spare.

    And I even had some decent food on the planes a few times. SAS and Lufthansa were always coming around with food, and even some of the U.S. airlines were generous, especially when there were weather delays involved.

    Nowadays? Sorry, your flight’s been canceled. Have a nice day.

    1. If the airlines don’t change how they do business, they’ll go out of business. Nobody wants to ride the germ express – post plague.

      Airlines used to kiss the ass of passengers and work to provide service. Now fat women throw peanuts and dry pretzels at you and give you a little cola over ice while you’re wedged in the middle seat with a child screaming next to you.

      Going forward I’ll simply change my life and how I live it. Stay in the states and hang out here, drive the car, etc. The airlines will have to earn business or they just won’t have it.

      1. I, too, remember the old days of commercial flying. The stewardesses were glad to see you. The food ranged from mediocre to very good, and the seats were built to accommodate a slightly larger than average man. You got dressed up; shirt and tie. They’d help you with your carry on luggage.

        Then deregulation hit, and the whole thing went down the tubes until it reached greyhound bus status.

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