Blood Moon


Bullet Points

* A few antivirals available by prescription when given early that can help prevent/lessen viral illness: Valtrex, Tamiflu, Trogarzo, Lagevrio. Yet, the FDA is allowing Paxlovid, one of the least studied antivirals, to be given without an Rx. Pfizer must have a friend at the FDA…

* A Communist Chinese Loyalty Test (more here) Researchers in the eastern Chinese province of Anhui say they have developed a device that can determine loyalty to the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) using facial scans. A short video uploaded to the Weibo account of the Hefei Comprehensive National Science Center on June 30 said the project was an example of “artificial intelligence empowering party-building.”

* (Breitbart) The Brandon Regime touts its popularity but Breitbart suggests that is not the case.


The Russian Expeditionary Force arrives at Marseille, France. 1916

I wonder what the fate of the little boy was?


It is clear proof of demonic possession if there ever was one.


High crimes and misdemeanors – let the impeachment begin.


Trouble Down Under?


Time confounds man.

The central paradox of man is fourfold:

First, reason sees eternal truths; conscience whispers of eternal law; love bespeaks eternal beauty. These airy things are above our grasp, yet no stoic has the self-command nor quietist the resignation as never to yearn for them.

Second, foresight foretells mortality, which condemns all victories to vain oblivion. We make provision for our posterity, even as our forbears did for us. Each generation forges a link in the golden chain between parent and progeny, between tradition and growth.

Third, volition permits a man to see and decree between alternative forks the flow of time may bring, whereas beasts are governed by instinct. Volition allows us to volunteer to ignite the fire of current sacrifice that future blessings may demand.

Fourth, wisdom grants awareness of the flowing stream of time, of which the innocent beasts are blissfully unaware. Wisdom recalls things past and forewarns us of things to come, allowing us to learn, regret, fear, Nd hope.

The paradox is that all four blessings are also curses.  – J. Wright



President Brandon touts the economy and his American Rescue Plan that economists have blamed for making the U.S. core inflation rate significantly worse than comparable economies.

The Regime touts 8% inflation, but I can tell you of a certainty that my food bill and gasoline bill doubled. There are things locked in by contract like a mortgage or car payment that haven’t gone up but everything that can go up, has.


    • You know, Ed, math is racist, and when you start questioning ‘new math’ (non-racist math) that the regime uses, it’s very suspicious. Doubling the price of energy or more is a green new deal thing so the math isn’t the same as what you’re used to. I hope that clarifies it.

    • If I remember correctly, the costs of fuel and food were removed from the inflation calculators some time ago. They are too ‘volatile’ to allow ‘reliable’ measurements of the inflation rate.

    • By the same logic and reasoning that the most oppressed people in America are also those who have lived off of the public dole for generations, and increasingly not prosecuted for felonies that would have the rest of us jailed for decades. And I’m not even going to get into the wisdom of our criteria for what constitutes “greatest ally”.

  1. A 111 pilots died this past year? All had the kung flu vax because those that didn’t were forced out. When is the last time you saw a fat airline pilot? They have to stay in shape to pass their pilot’s physical.

    • They had to be vaxed down under in order to fly. I don’t think that a vax reaction has anything to do with your body mass index. Young men (typically lean) were the hardest hit.

  2. If they ever deploy that loyalty test facial scan around here, and if it works as advertised, I’ll likely be arrested.

  3. Ya know LL, presenting “Obvious Russian Misinformation” as fact – that our current “Most Popular President EVER” is really an old lech – is really unfair. In his state as a mental child he’s just playing doctor.

    In truth, it is reprehensible anyone would cover for this lifelong pedophile scumbag, especially Not-A-Doctor Jill and the feckless R’s, most of whom are protecting their own sorry rear-ends. I’m waiting for them to enact Marshal Law, directly after the The Puppet’s have Joe sign an illegal Abortion (sorry, “Woman’s Health”, aka “Zero Health for the Baby”) Executive Order.

    Lizzy C will get her head handed to her come November. About 5 people in Wyoming were paid to put signs out for her, the rest want her gone…to California. That’ll send the Swamp R’s in a tailspin…as it should be. Rats tend to flee when pressed.

    I’d seen that picture of Lightfoot. Yes, obvious Satan is running her life. Yet Chicagoan’s voted her in, and she wants a second term and will likely get it regardless of the disaster Chicago has become. Fine, you all can have the weekend war zone.

    Inflation is really about 16%, they changed the metric to spackle-over the economic dumpster fire they created on purpose. Interesting how quickly manufacturers downsized everything to deceive the masses — Oreo’s are 20% smaller in diameter and have 2mm less filling. Should be illegal.

    • Chicago Machine Politics, the dead vote democrat in Chicago so all she needs is the party nomination.

      Government numbers… anyone who pays attention knows that the government plays fast & loose with numbers. Unemployment and cost of living numbers have been a joke for years if you look around and do the math.

      • About 5 years ago MrsPaulM – who grew up in a Chicago suburb and we’ve been back every year up until 2019 – set up a b-day trip to view Frank Lloyd Wright architecture, including his studio. I’m decidedly not a city boy, but can adapt and manage when placed in an urban jungle. Stayed at The Drake one night, did our own exploring of downtown, then went out to Oak Park. It was great. Non issue.

        Today? I won’t even get on a plane let alone go into ANY city. The Evil has ruined all of them, especially Chicago, while explaining what a wonderful a job they are doing. Their approach is unsustainable.

        $25K in 1972 requires $135k today, with less purchasing power. But as above, we are supposed to believe it when The Potted Plant tells us everything is peachy keen.

        • I grew up in “Chicagoland”. Got to see many FLW houses, and had a friend whose parent’s owned one.

          Chicago used to be a beautiful, vibrant city. Now, like most Big Cities, it’s a cesspool of crime and corruption, and I have no desire to go there.

          Say what you will about Mayor Daley, but he kept the place clean and relatively safe. Certain areas were nogo zones back when I lived there, but they were well defined, and if you stayed out of them, you were fine.

          • Sad really, all that Sullivan architecture, then Wright’s influence being overshadowed by criminals. And Daley held an iron hand on things. At least The Seth Petersen Cottage and Taliesin are in The Dells, far from the crazies.

  4. loyalty using facial scans?
    What a tool for tyrants! Whoever reviews the scan will be the arbitrator with no recourse for the scanned. Of course, it is “settled science”. Obey, peasant.

  5. Yeah, Pfizer has lots of pfriends in the PFDA, and elsewhere in the Pfederal government. They get them with all those pfunds they hand out.

    I never knew that Lori Lightfoot once looked like a human.


  6. I am always struck by how badly current Lori Lightfoot’s clothes fit.
    What a pair: Squatty Beetlejuice and her wife Lurch (that woman has GOT to be related to Kerry).

    Re Pedo Pete: even in still, low-resolution photos, the body language is bad. Really bad. That girl is not even a human being to him. She’s a self-propelled Fleshlight (TM), only funner because you can terrify and torment her. I have zero religiosity, but those Pedo Pete pictures are way stronger proof of demonic forces than freakish, ugly Lightfoot.

  7. The CDC Head Quack Walensky pushing her rebrand Chicken Little Bravo Sierra today, using a new Omicron variant code:


    To which I say…

    Might just binge watch The Comic Genius Boys to shed some cynicism…then again, we’re all taco’s on this Tuesday…nuk, nuk.

    • That’s true and it’s all being swept under the rug in the name of wokeness. What’s a few pilots when I can drink a delicious Soylent shake?

  8. There’s another problem with Paxlovid (Nirmatrelvir-Ritonavir), which is drug-drug interactions.

    Many drugs are metabolized through the cytochrome P450 pathway. This is a family of enzymes, and interference with these pathways can either make a drug less effective, or supereffective. For example, warfarin is an anticoagulant (“blood thinner”) prescribed to reduce chances of thrombotic stroke in atrial fibrillation. (Warfarin is used for lots of stuff, that’s merely one example.) If warfarin is made less effective (“inhibited”) because of drug-drug interaction, then it doesn’t protect you. If it’s made supereffective (“potentiated”) then you can have life-threatening bleeding events. So the bottom line is: if you need to take warfarin and are doing so, then be very very careful about what other drugs (and foods even) you take.

    Paxlovid inhibits the CYP3A4 pathway, which is a subset of the cytochrome P450 family. Among the commonly used cardiovascular drugs that inhibited or potentiated by Paxlovid, you have:
    1. warfarin (coumadin)
    2. NOACs (“novel oral anti-coagulants”) apixaban, rivoroxaban, dabigatran
    3. anti-platelet agents that you often get after heart attack-and-stenting (clopidogrel, ticagrelor; AKA Plavix, Brilinta)
    4. certain statins (atorvastatin, simvastatin, lovastatin; AKA Lipitor, Zocor, I can’t remember the brand name because it’s hardly used

    Paxlovid also interferes with a bunch of other drugs (non-heart drugs). Now all that said, there are lots of drug-drug interactions (DDI) out there, so this is certainly not unique. But it is definitely one more thing to consider, and prescribers need to be damn sure they’ve taken the potential DDIs into account.

        • I was given paxlovid because I am over 60. I had a severe reaction with vomiting and diarrhea so bad that for over 7 days I could not keep any fluids in. I lost 14 lbs even after 2 ER trips for IVs. The ER docs said while my reaction was very bad, it was not uncommon and they are telling the docs not to prescribe it.
          My wife and daughter used ivermectin and had no ill reactions and recovered much quicker.

          • I’m over 60, had the plague twice over 2 years, and didn’t take anything in the way of meds. I was sick but I didn’t think that I was dying and that notion turned out to be true. I don’t trust the medical community when it comes to a POLITICAL illness. Are they acting in my best interest or are they following advice from the Faucis of this world? THAT is the question.

            If I’d died, you could have said, “I told him so”

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