Bullet Points

* $5 billion was way too much to pay to secure America’s Southern Border against the invasion that is still underway. $50 billion is still nowhere near enough to secure Ukraine’s border… The crew in DC keeps up their war against America that the half-blood prince promoted.

* Disney’s wokeness – epoch times – as the vax wars continue. At this point there is no reason to buy Disney items, subscribe to their TV channels, or to do anything to prop up that diseased corporation. Of course, the choice is yours.

* In 2000, NASA published information on its Earth Observatory website about the Milankovitch Climate Theory, revealing that the planet is, in fact, changing due to extraneous factors that have absolutely nothing to do with human activity. But, again, this information has yet to go mainstream, some 19 years later, which is why deranged, climate-obsessed leftists have now begun to claim that we really only have 18 months left before the planet dies from an excess of carbon dioxide (CO2).


At the White Wolf Mine

There is a widow who is about 80 and she lives alone up on the mountain. MRSLL and I help her out.  She feeds housecats, which is to say that in a derivative sense, she feeds mountain lions. She’s allergic to cats so they don’t go into her house. A few weeks ago, her family visited and were witnesses to a screaming cat. They walked outside and a lion was carrying it away in its mouth. Yesterday,  I dropped off some food that she needed and while there, I saw a juvenile mountain lion (about the size of a german shepherd) stalking a housecat. I didn’t see the kill. She said that she had 13 cats in her yard at one point but it’s down to 3 now. I expect that the number will get down to zero before long.

I stopped feeding the bobcats when the lions ran them off. However, the predators are hard at work keeping the squirrel and rabbit population in check. I rarely see a squirrel these days. The foxes that live down the street are very active as well and I’d expect that unless they’re careful, the lions will get them too.


A little Woodcraft





SEAL Team 5 developed the Desert Patrol Vehicle (originally called the Fast Attack Vehicle). They were used in the Gulf War and they’re available for use today. We can argue the utility of a Rat Patrol today if you want to. In any event, there was a lot of experimentation in terms of weapons that could be mounted on them.

This was the largest – 30mm chain gun. The ammo load out was light, but a second vehicle was designated as the ammo carrier to supply the chain gun.



Swedish T-72 “Wittman.” Sweden was given eight T-72s from Eastern Germany after the collapse of the USSR. All of them except one were used as target practice. The T-72 on the picture is the one that was preserved.

They also tested the power of the T-72’s 125mm main gun, which promptly punched a hole front to back through an Strv 103, which spurred the Swedes to procure more Leopard 2s.


Justice Thomas

I’m trying to decide who the progs hate more, Justice Thomas or President Trump. There certainly is a lot of filth spewing from their mouths these days. The globalists in particular despise the notion of an armed American populace that is not going away.

(Thomas) As the price of their shelter, the two boys labored so intensively in maintaining the farm that Clarence once reminded his grandfather slavery had ended. “Not in my house,” Anderson answers. Without hard work, self-reliance was impossible, Anderson taught the boys, and only through self-reliance can men earn their freedom. That was to be his gift to them.

“He knew that to be truly free and participate fully in American life,” Thomas writes, “poor blacks had to have the tools to do for themselves.” Very few would argue that, absent this individual liberty, personal happiness is even possible.



  1. If someone would support my ammo bill I would enjoy having a Desert Patrol Vehicle as pictured.

    Just started reading Justice Thomas’s memoir, My Grandfather’s Son, interesting so far. We need more Americans like him.

    Milankovitch Climate Theory, heresy I say, heresy. Ignore any underlying facts and burn the idea at the stake. Quickly now before the world ends in rising oceans or something. Having said all that balderdash wouldn’t the repercussions of global cooling be a lot worse than the repercussions from the degree and a half of global warming that is causing all the stir?

  2. Rat Patrol vehicles have their uses. Being SOF gear, I would like to think that the users would have enough clue not to take them toe-to-toe with well-prepared Mech Infantry formations, or something.

    Chewing up a bivouac full of drunk and sleeping 3rd world troops at one AM, or ambushing log columns, and then running away seem like a better use.

    Generally speaking, the progs seem to hate everyone in the world, except their individual self. Other progs are generally seen as despicable useful idiots, AFAICT.


    • The Navy has been suffering from mission creep. I have no problem with these vehicles. I was around when they were rolled out and think that they can be adapted to Navy littoral missions. The question is when it’s a Navy/Marine Corps mission and when it becomes an Army mission.

  3. Seen over at Insty: today is the anniversary of sliced bread. Added info from there – Wickard(the same one who gave us Wickard v Filburn) at one point tried banning sliced bread.

  4. Justice Thomas: A great man with wisdom and clarity of thought. My dad taught us boys the same lesson. His admonition, “The world doesn’t owe you a damn thing, you need to get out there and work for it.” — usually right after saying “What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine.” Along the lines of “My life makes your life possible, and soon enough you’ll have to take responsibility on your own. In the meantime get out there and get the lawn mowed, you can play afterwards.”

    Harsh but necessary, which is lacking these days as parents want to be their kids friends.

  5. This is not an original thought. Political types love “problems” with no solutions. They can appear brave and daring but attacking the “problem” (gun control, climate change, etc.) to deflect attention from difficult problems that do have solutions (drugs, crime, mental health, the list goes on) they fail to solve or even address.

  6. How is the Widow Lady acquiring these cats? You’re pretty remote, right? It seems unlikely that she’s acquiring “walk-in” ferals, the way someone in the city or suburbs might. So what’s the source? Is she going “into town” to shelters to get the cats?

    It’s hard to think of anyone the progs hate more than Trump. Thomas is a problem for them, because a Black man who rejects their victimhood narratives is hard to categorize and deal with. Probably they will deny him agency by saying that he’s merely been manipulated into being a mouthpiece for evil conservative whites and that he doesn’t really mean what he is saying. (Which of course implies he doesn’t even understand what he is saying.)

    • People have been giving her “rescue cats” and she feeds them as outdoor cats. She said that she was spending $300/mo on cat food back before the lions thinned them out. The three remaining have a short life expectancy. I’m not sure where the “rescue cat” thing started but she did have a bobcat which she kept as an indoor mouser. It died recently. She was allergic to that cat too, but tolerated it because it was “more of a dog than a cat”.

      There is an eclectic mix of people who live here. More than half are hard-core hermits. I know the lady went door-to-door for the recent census. She said that at least half met her at the door with a handgun or a shotgun. This is how I classify the people who live here full time as opposed to those who own a vacation cabin:
      – Ranchers and Cowboys
      – Disappointed Hippies – the sixties didn’t work out for them.
      – Military veterans – mostly pilots and some sort of special forces including four old SEALs.
      – Retired police officers – usually point-of-the-spear types who just want to be left alone.
      – The functioning and self-sufficient mentally ill
      – Medical doctors who have gone hermit
      – A couple of whores, servicing the population (above)

      Keep in mind that the HARDCORE militia types in Prescott and the lower mountains view my area as sort of a no-go area. I got a kick out of it when I first heard that but I have heard it a lot. There are more than a few compounds.

      • Since I’ve been here nobody has just come up to my door for shits and giggles, uninvited, unless they’re delivering a package. It’s just not that kind of neighborhood. That said, I’ve worked hard to help people in the area here who are in need simply because it’s the Christian thing to do. I don’t live my life for it, but I do it all the same.

  7. One of my friends who lived (RIP, Thad) in CO lost a kitten to a coyote. Put it outside after a barfing incident, it was gone in a matter of minutes. He should have known better.
    Another buddy, in northern NM had a recycled racing Greyhound named Greta. She was a sweetheart, though a little high-strung. A bear got that one.

    I live in the city (for now.) My HouseCat stays indoors.

    • Campers post signs up here all the time. Fluffy the poodle got off its leash. Reward offered for recovery. If Fluffy survived one night it would be a minor miracle. When elk are killed on the road the meat is stripped to bone in a night or two.

  8. Re. The Desert Patrol Vehicle (I much prefer the Fast Attack Vehicle designation).
    I am a big fan of mobility with stand-off weapons capability against.armored fixed or relatively slow moving targets.
    E.g.: David and Goliath.
    During a Sunday School lesson last week on this in incident I pointed out that this was a classic case of a highly mobile stand-off weapon used against a relatively slow armored target that had no force projection capability (spears were not used as projectile weapons).
    I pointed out that a sling was accurate and powerful.
    The surgeons of the Roman Army had developed instruments to remove sling projectiles that were embedded in the bodies soldiers.
    As a kid I could knock the bark off of an oak tree all the way down to the sapwood with a sling. Sometimes the stones I was using split when thrown due to the force involved.

    On the way home from church I told wifmann that Goliath was dead-meat as soon as David showed up with his sling.

    This is a Gordian Knot problem…Rules? What rules?

    I hate the “think outside the box” admonition, (most people who say that have NO idea of how to implement that concept, or examples thereof), but just sayin’…this is that.

    I do not think my comments at church were well received. No arm of the Lord involved.

    • Slingers/Peltasts were light artillery of the ancient world. By the time of Christ, lead bullets were issued to be used in slings. They were more aerodynamic – like bullets – and heavy. There are a lot of them in museums and are found on battlefields a lot like Indian arrowheads and Civil War-era Minnie balls. The David and Goliath story – who was the real underdog? David closed the distance, Goliath apparently didn’t have a shield, feeling that heavy armor was enough. You can only wonder what Goliath thought when David started swinging the sling.

      The distance between David and Goliath was not recorded, but at 25 meters, Goliath was a dead man walking. If Goliath had a shield… maybe a different story. I’m sure that he had grieves on his shins to protect them.

      Bows of that era were not the compound bows that arrived later historically and could drive an arrowhead through light armor and padding (more common). Quality arrows were expensive and rocks were there for the taking.

      Likewise, the story of the fall of Jerico is likely fabricated. MANY forensic examinations were made of the city by hundreds of scholars and there is no indication that it ever fell. No arrowheads, no collapsed walls, no burned buildings in the ancient city. Maybe it was another city? In any event, it wasn’t the one that has been known as Jericho for 5,000 years.

      I am not an Exodus denier, but I suspect that it was primarily composed of Levites with a mixed bag of other elites. Their loss would be a serious matter of state to Egypt. Maybe 10-15,000 people? There is a body of evidence that suggests this.

      • It depends on WHICH Jericho they examined. There were (at least two known) cities of that name within close proximity to each other.
        And one of those cities did indeed have walls that fell outward. The physical cause of the collapse is debated.
        I would lay odds that the study you saw focused on the wrong one.
        As for the exodus from Egypt, well, archaeology has also been looking in the wrong places and times as well. Egypt as the “land of Ramses” is no more indicative of who ruled there during the Exodus than Illinois being the “land of Lincoln” is for who sleeps in their governor’s mansion today. Ramses, like Lincoln, was simply a well known name. During Ramses’ time, there is no evidence whatsoever of a large slave force escaping, nor of a massive military loss as would be expected from the pursuing force drowning in the ocean. And timelines do not match up at all. Four hundred years prior, however… A certain pharaoh (I forget the name) had a rather schizophrenic reign, the first portion being full of tales of his victories, conquests, and contractions, then a few years of no record, and finally ending his reign with mundane accountings of harvests and tax inventories. His massive, powerful, and storied armies simply vanish from the record, and there is question if it was even the same man from Part 1 to Part 2 of the record, or an imposter assuming the name. And also interestingly, moving the Exodus timeline back 4 centuries also makes other timelines match up more believable with the Biblical record.
        I’ll finish this up with a reminder that the “traditional Mount Sinai” was identified on a drawn map by Catherine of Russia, who claimed to see it in a vision, was not a Biblical scholar of any kind, and had never been there. Far to the south lies another hill, Jabal al-Lawz, in current Saudi Arabia, which has (assuming the Saud’s have not destroyed them) multiple evidences of altars, pillars, fires, and a camp site of a simply massive multitude of people and animals at its base up to its peak, including erosion from a split rock.
        I don’t have handy references to link here, and I need to go fix an air cooler, so I won’t be looking them up for now. Besides, it’s more fun to post assertions, and let folks look them up and decide for themselves, than to link canned sources with predetermined outcomes. Let those who agree convince themselves, rather than me browbeat anyone.

        • BTW, autocorrupt changed *something* to “contractions” in the above, but I don’t remember what it was. But that wasn’t the word I meant.

  9. I have seen a few of those types of rat pack vehicles parked in the back of the C-130 I was in charge of.

    Clarence Thomas’ grandfather was a “white supremacist”. All that hard work and individualism stuff just smacks of “white supremacy”.

    Them gators are not in my immediate area of Texas, though they may not be too far down the road. I did hear of them being sighted up in the Fort-Worth-Dallas area when I lived up there from 1987 to 2017.

  10. I hate spell check and auto correct, as do you, I am sure.
    I have to go back and proofread to see what those programs changed because they do not recognize words in sentences directed at anyone educated in public schools for the last several decades.

    • Could be worse. The full social justice spelchek (sic) would have turned “greaves” into “grievances”.

      (Grievances are pieces you can wear on your arms or legs. Portmanteau of vambraces and greaves.)

  11. If I remember correctly, the ‘Rat Patrol’ rigs were originally built by Chenowith out of San Diego. He built a LOT of Class One SCORE cars back in the day. Re the ‘cats’, hopefully the lady doesn’t try to feed the ‘big cats’…

    • Jim, she has a LOT of Cougars at her place. Bears too. The Forest Svs put a baited bear trap on her property & caught a bad bear last year at this time.

      • PS- there is a place close to me where bears congregate. Maybe 100 yards away, where my joint wellhouse has an overflow that puddles into a small pond where they splash. I avoid it because sows with cubs are dangerous and they don’t hurt anything.

      • Number of years ago folks across the way moved up from town, built a chicken coop, open top. After two weeks couldn’t figure out what happened to their chickens. If you build a buffet, they will come. Have a cinnamon bear stopping by the last three nights, fiddling with the bird feeders. Time to discourage him.

  12. I like the last infographic, but of course I’m in a Tzarist/Tzarina mode.

    Will our demented, teleprompting, corrupt, lying despot lead us into another Afghanistan in E Europe? So many billions down the drain, unless you’ve got your mouth at the cash spigot. Then you’re even richer than you already are.

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