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(link) It’s a good piece on totalitarianism, the plague, lockdowns,  martial law, weaponizing the secret police against people who are concerned about the establishment of a fascist state.

“Once upon a time, there was a government so paranoid about its hold on power that it treated everyone and everything as a threat and a reason to expand its powers. Unfortunately, the citizens of this nation believed everything they were told by their government, and they suffered for it.”


War is a Racket


Identify the Tank

This is a photo of a prototype. They were not built because the course of the war changed and the nation that planned to use them changed priorities. Still, it was significant in its own way – fast for one thing. The four large road wheels are a clue.


Navigating — in the days of Fighting Sail

This is. a brass dip circle from the 1845 British Northwest Passage Expedition led by Sir John Franklin, found by Captain F. L. McClintock near Victory Point, King William Island, 1859.

The magnetic declination has a strong effect on the reading of the compass in the north. The needle does not point to the geographic north pole because of this deviation. The dip circle is like an upright compass. It is used to measure the inclination of the earth’s magnetic field to the horizon. The steeper the needle points downwards, the closer it is to the magnetic north pole.



Meteorites and Extinction Level Events

(link) The linked article was brought to my attention by Claudio,  and it is something that I have never considered. It’s worth reading in its entirety.

“For decades scientists have puzzled over why some meteorites cause mass extinctions, and others, even really big ones, don’t,” says University of Liverpool sedimentologist Chris Stevenson.

Based on this study, the effect of meteorite impact is more substantial not based on the size of the meteorite but on what it hits.

Most people agree that it’s a good thing that dinosaurs went extinct…  (captioned picture)


  1. Fiat M16/43, designed and built in a cooperative venture between Fiat and Ansaldo.
    The Italian nomenclature shows it to be a “Medium” tank of 16 metric tons, scheduled to be introduced in the year ’43.
    However, due to unforeseen circumstances in the larger scheme of things Italy saw no need for this ‘cruiser’ type of tank as all Italian activities in the desert of its former colony of Libya were cancelled.
    Therefore the “Carro Armato M Celere Sahariano” (fast Sahara medium tank) remained in the prototype stage with only four being built.
    It remains the subject of hypothetical speculation whether this tank would have proven effective against its intended opponents, the British tanks of the ‘Crusader’ series.

    Thank you for the challenge. Your numerous hints and clues pointed me in the right direction; and after that it was only a matter of patience and combination. Your challenge provided a welcome relief from the weird events here: is the military staging a coup in Burkina Faso; are the Russkis deploying to Mali; how stable is G5S … who knows? Life in West Africa is never boring.

    I am wishing you all the best, above all a speedy rehabilitation and many happy days with your loved ones.

    • Martin – nailed it.

      I’ve heard about the instability in West Africa and hope that you keep safe in the face of these situations.

      • don’t know about burkina faso but over 2k national guard moving into several east african countries, including somalia. dumb as a bag of rocks. 165 are in ukraine as trainers. the potato in chief probably doesn’t even know they are there. kabul part deux, coming right up. not to worry, they are florida conservatives, therefore expendable.

        • East Africa and West Africa are different initiatives. East Africa is the backup war in case peace breaks out in Ukraine. West Africa (a different dung heap) is not the site for a new American war at present.

          Even the French have given up on Mali. They’ve been there forever, French is the official lingua franca… More on Mali, the Russian Wagner Group, etc. on Wednesday.

  2. Waiting for The Hologram and his red-headed spin-master to attempt pinning their troop movement to Ukraine as President Trump’s fault, like they did with Afghanistan. Now they are openly leaving American’s to fend for themselves. How is this not dereliction of duty?

    Brass dip circle- Hi-tech for it’s time….no updates right in the middle of a finding, no spam (maybe an occasional dirt speck), no unwanted ads or vehicle warranty calls, no spying…any tracking was done at the users end.

    “Most people agree that it’s a good thing that dinosaurs went extinct…” True…unless you tick off Eir and she transports you to a parallel universe. (wink)

    • 47 Americans and green card holders were evacuated from Afghanistan last week under the Project Dynamo rubric, well outside of US approval/sanction. The evacuation continues at a dribble. The generals should have been cashiered for what they did, but they will be celebrated in the Obama/Soros circles, decorated for genius, and will be granted honored positions as talking heads on news stations or executive positions with bloated salaries, paid for by taxpayers once they retire.

      You don’t want to end up on the wrong side of Eir.

      • “cashiered”…read that as “castrated”.

        Thinking we need Eir to clean a little house, send them all to the dinosaur universe with no ship or Conex.

        • Ending up as dino-scat is not something that most people would look forward to. Raptors prefer to eat the guts of the victim while the victim is still alive if Jurassic Park (the film) is to be believed.

  3. Meteorites and Extinction Level Events
    A friend believes Gaia is alive. If true, she uses this mechanism to heal, much like we scab over a wound.

    • It would be nice if Soros, the Davos crew, and the rest were all in one basket at the same time. Too much to hope, yes.

  4. a)
    linked press-release:
    “It’s Not Actually Size That Determines How Deadly a Meteor Is”
    * While I hold no grudge against the non-communicative filler ‘actually’, I notice my reluctance to apply any level of trust in anything associated with any author using such childish nincompoopery.
    * Ditto ending a statement with ‘is’.
    * And initiating a statement with ‘it’ without establishing any foundation for whatever ‘it’ represents.
    Three strikes.
    re — nuke dc with soros/davos/chinesium biden
    If Vlad wanted them vaporized, they would be a greasy spot in the road.
    Accordingly, I must conclude they fill a temporary need.
    * Vlad is twelve steps ahead,
    *chinesium biden is unsure of any game,
    * soros is patiently waiting another turn to bury himself by choosing the perfectly worst action again.
    Evergrande chinesium ‘invest’ scam?
    Too many military-age-males chasing too little future growth equals a rare opportunity to vaporize a billion or so cannon-fodder.
    Only a fool fouls his nest… I anticipate troop transports into some sleepy back-water with poor/non-existent media.

    • Vlad had his own problems at home. Being center stage with the world spotlight on him being strong fixes some of those domestic concerns.

  5. So, Ground Zero Cafe is back in the bullseye? Works for me… Re the dip circle, compasses do ‘funny’ things up at/near the poles. Precession IS a thing, which is why we did grid nav up there.

    • I’d like them to consider sparing the oyster bar at the Old Ebbit Grill if they nuke DC. However, you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.

  6. Hey Martin, not sure where you are though hope you have training to fly and access to an aeroplane if events go badly. Or a boat if you are near a coast. We will need people like you and LL’s other readers to rebuild.

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