Name the Mystery Aircraft

I’m giving you four pictures to ensure that you can get it right.

Obviously, it was used in an anti-shipping role (too).


Dog Ownership

Idaho wins by leaps and bounds in dog ownership. I wonder why that is? It’s true that a dog is the only love that money can buy. I don’t know how that plays in Idaho?

If Western Oregon becomes part of Idaho, you. know that will skew the numbers.


Cat Ownership

About half of households in Vermont own cats. The US average is 25% dogs, by comparison, are 38%.

What is the difference between a dog owner and a person that a cat owns? Or did I just make a Freudian slip?

And what do you say of a person who is pet-free? Or maybe just owns fish or something less interactive?

As for me, there is a bobcat (Mrs. Robert) and a fox (Foxi Loxi) that I enjoy. They are not allowed in the house, but they flit around as though they enjoy the property, harvesting squirrels, the odd unwary bird, and chipmunks. Some days I don’t see them. Some days when I’m out of town, they don’t see me.


Can you legally turn?


Retro Russian Navy (captioned photo)

Submarine Акула ‘Akula‘ photobombing the Armoured Cruiser Рюрик ‘Rurik‘.

Akula translated, means “shark”.


Camela is dumb as a post, but she was the right gender and had the correct skin tone to serve as Biden’s backup. Then Pelosi is standing by as #3.


Greek Colonies

Human populations, looking to fill a void, or to displace the less “civilized”?



Sound policy or racism?


  1. A lot of morons around here, I said a lot right, seem to think that right on red means just continue without stopping and will turn in front of you when you are through traffic with the right of way. Did I say morons?

    • Same here. I’ve seen traffic court video of judges letting people off in the belief that the law does not require stopping nor yielding.

      R.I. has become a flaming dumpster full of dead skunks.


  2. Argentina might want to re-think their position on South Africa, but otherwise, why not? I do wonder why Thailand and Malaysia are blue while the rest of SE Asia are not.

    “[Mrs Bobcat and the fox] are not allowed in the house, but they flit around as though they enjoy the property.”

    Talking about wild animals roaming the house puts me in mind of a patient a friend in Michigan once had. My friend was then a medical resident at the University of Michigan Medical School, doing weekend admissions for the VA hospital in Ann Arbor (AAVA). A “Grizzly Adams” guy in his 60’s walks in Saturday afternoon and reports that he’s probably okay now, but seeing as he had come a long way to get there, could he please see a doctor, if it’s not too much trouble? It turned out the story was that ol’ Griz lived in Michigan’s upper peninsula in a remote cabin with his wife. They never closed the door to the cabin unless it was below 40 deg F, and all manner of animals would wander in and out as they pleased. Griz and Mrs Griz liked it that way.

    So the day before appearing at the AAVA, Griz had exertional substernal chest pain. Having a coronary history, and not being a dummy, he figured he was having angina and decided to get himself to a hospital. Money being tight, he wanted to stay within the VA system. Now due to the huge distances between the UP and Ann Arbor, the western part of the UP normally goes to the Wisconsin VA system. But Griz had fond memories of the good care he had received previously at AAVA. (I would add editorially that avoiding the Tomah, WI VAMC is a smart thing to do.) He hops into his car and begins the 8+ hour drive to Ann Arbor. As he crossed the Mackinaw Bridge the pain came back, only now it was essentially at rest, and not exertional. Griz was having a heart attack. He did not pull into the nearest ER, but kept going. Around Mt Pleasant (about 2h north of Ann Arbor) Griz blacked out and rolled his car in the median, totaling it. By this time it was dark and apparently no one called it in. Griz came to and crawled out of the wreck, banged up but chest-pain free. So he hiked toward town and found a used car lot on the outskirts. Hung around until the place opened, then bought a car with cash, as he was carrying around a thousand bucks on him. Didn’t trust banks or cards.

    At AAVA, it being a Saturday and Griz being completely pain free and looking pretty good, all things considered (including no ECG signs of a heart attack, though he did have a touch of troponin elevation), he was admitted in anticipation of getting a heart catheterization on Monday. The cath showed several narrowings in the coronary arteries, but nothing hemodynamically significant that required intervention. So on Tuesday Griz got into his “new” beater car and drove home. That guy became a legend.

    • Tougher than nails by living the strenuous life and not waiting around for someone else to rescue him. Great story…it is legend.

      • If more Americans were like Griz, there would be sanity in the DC Beltway. Unfortunately, insanity reigns supreme.

  3. Late to the post. Martin got the bird so I don’t have to…LOL Definitely took some ‘cues’ from the JU-52 though… The reason pet ownership is lower in the SW is HEAT…

  4. Power is out here at the White Wolf Mine. I’m running the generator, but handling other problems on top of that commenting will be slow on my part.

    • Geez LL…commenting on our comments is low level at this point…do what you have to do. Prayers extended.

      Smelled “smoke” at 5:30 this morning. Later discovered a fire blew up yesterday East of Yampa (South of Steamboat Springs)…cause “unkown”, code for “human caused”. Always happens after a weekend of escapees setting up camp. Guess I’ll be on High Yellow Alert until late September.

        • It is, crossed into Wyoming a few hours ago. They have slurry bombers making runs. Looks like rain up here.

        • A high school classmate can see the fire from her deck. She says it is in the Lynx Pass area. Miles from Wyoming but there may be other fires going. She lives between Yampa and Toponas.

          • Was over in Centennial, the shop owner said that it had crossed into Wyoming…if not, great…smaller is better.

  5. Filled up MrsPaulM’s 4wd earlier, in Wyoming no less…$3.45 /gallon (gas)…was $1.50 less in December. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE PEOPLE IN CHARGE INTENTIONALLY CREATE THE PROBLEMS then offer a lot of nothing except more hollow rhetoric that’d fill the manure spreader ten times over. These mentally ill people are inept at solutions, mainly because they don’t want to…unlike PDJT who solved problems every single day and righted the heeled-over ship in short order. But we get it shoved down our throats with little recourse.

    Just listened to The Hologram and his reprobate AG expand the ATF (thought it was the BATF, but Doddering Joe must know better since he sits at the Resolute Desk). More Federal “programs” to eliminate State rights while “going after” crime and shootings and illegal purchases. Uh huh, that’ll work you moron…just like their “solutions” to homelessness or The War on Drugs. How about keeping criminals in prison instead of letting them walk you bonehead do-nothing. Next they’ll take good folks vehicles because some piece of human debris operated one during a crime.

    These people are worse than useless, they’re harmful to our way of life.

    With these anarchists in charge of the keys and launch codes the downhill slide is getting more serious every day…pushback will exponentially expand beyond the recent heated School Board meetings with the cowards exiting stage left to safe their sorry a$$es from “hurtful words”.

    Insidious bums.

    Rant over.

      • I don’t care if they turn on each other, keeps them busy. The problem comes when their insidious behavior is foisted onto the lives of the good producing people, who simply want to be left alone. Royally frosts my shorts. They can’t even manage our national forests properly, something the Natives used to do for hundreds of years. But these clowns state they know better, resulting in rampant forest fires never seen before. Morons of the tenth degree. Hate is not a strong enough word (not in my heart, mind you…but if I think about it too much I start to seethe.)

        • I’ve come to realize the “Forest Management Policies” have beenw ritten by ivory-tower beaurocrats and politicians that have never had a real job in their entire lives, let alone spent any time in a forest, or even a forested locale.

          And their “policies” on figthing the fires once they start (and they will) are even worse. Local firefighters who know the terrain getting bossed around by people from different states, for example. And rather than using local crews to help cut firebreaks, they bring in outside people who don’t know there area, and get lost trying to get to the fire.

          I’ve heard so many horror stories from local people who are *seriously* involved with local forestry, and who were completely shunned by “The Agencies”, even when they offered to work for FREE, that I’m way past the “Shake My Head” stage….

  6. Looks like some variant of the JU-52, aka “Iron Annie”, but I’m probably wrong.

    It seems like more people than indicated own dogs in this part of Colorado. Only ONE house out of the eight on our cul-du-sac is “dogless”, and most of the other houses in this mile squrae have dogs. And we have plenty of non-pet critters around here, too.

    The meme about the current occupant of the White House is spot-on.

  7. We always have cats, and sometimes also have dogs.

    If I lived alone though, I would be unlikely to have pets. They live such a short time, and the sorrow is great. Also, they tie you down in regards to travel.


  8. I saw both of the last remaining Sparvieros. On is in Vigna di Valle ItAF Museum near Rome, the other is in Trento’s Caproni Museum. Both are outstanding, and what trimotors should look like. Still, quite out of date by the time the USAAF arrived in theater.

  9. Oregon!
    We left turn on red in one situation — a two-way road onto a one-way road.
    Few vehicle operators know/understand this.
    Imagine the scoldings I receive as I start my left turns, the gasps of dismay, the pearl-clutchings.
    I do… and it warms my non-waiting heart.

  10. It is a great honour for me to have entered the first correct solution in this contest.
    Thank you very much for your good work!
    Your blog is among my top three “must read daily” websites.
    I have sent to your twitter account a photo of a SM79 in USAAF livery which was obviously captured by American forces.
    Kind regards, Martin

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